Mr. T is a WWE Hall of Famer and was involved with some important early angles for the company. He doesn’t come around WWE much anymore, but he is still involved with the company in a financial sense.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Mr. T revealed that he is still doing things with WWE. They put out action figures for him and other merchandise. He never wanted to be a Hollywood celebrity, but he does love wrestling. Mr. T also isn’t ruling out a guest appearance down the line as well.

“I still got stuff going on with WWE. I got Mr. T dolls and stuff like that. They selling the goods and stuff like that. What I tell people is I never considered myself a Hollywood celebrity. I don’t act. I react. I’m just a tough guy that has the opportunity to play some roles in Hollywood. I’m not any different. I was never a guy that made the guest appearances in wrestling.

“That’s who I am. I love wrestling. In high school, I played football. I liked the tough sports. I like man-to-man stuff. Throwing the guy, flipping the guy, running through and driving. I wasn’t a wussy when it came to that. I can take a punch. I can give it, and that’s what it’s about. Maybe I was more of wrestler than an actor, more tough guy than I was an actor so that’s the part I like. That’s why I will still go to wrestling matches, still go to boxing matches.


“That’s what I love. I can make a guest appearance here and there. Right now, I got some toys and dolls with wrestling. I still watch on TV. I might appear somewhere here and there. Never know what Vince has in mind because he’s always thinking of something, but my job is to be ready when they call, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been training, getting ready. So when they call me, I’ll be ready.”

Many fans remember how much Mr. T loves his mama after his WWE Hall of Fame speech, one that needed to be cut short by Kane so he could induct his daddy, Paul Bearer. Mr. T is still around and just as entertaining as ever. We can never count out a return to WWE for an appearance because nobody knows what Vince McMahon could have up his sleeves.

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Felix Upton

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