Drew McIntyre was supposed to win the WWE Title in front of a crowd of screaming fans at WrestleMania 36, but the pandemic took that away from him. Months prior to that moment inside an empty Performance Center, McIntyre did get a huge victory in front of Minute Maid Park.

Edge also made his return to WWE at that big Houston Royal Rumble event. There was a fear within McIntyre that he might have his big moment taken as fans drew themselves to the Rated R Superstar instead.

While talking to Notsam Wrestling, Drew McIntyre went over his big 2020 Royal Rumble win. He wanted that huge moment, but he was also afraid that Edge’s huge surprise return would cause fans to boo his win at the end of the match.

“There was a lot going on at that time, for sure… But the Rumble itself, finding out, one, I’m taking out Brock Lesnar, and the structure of the match, he’s going to be the absolute beast and that I’m going to be the one to take the beast down, was absolutely unbelievable. But to actually be winning it, on top of that? And then you find out that Edge is coming out towards the end as well. Oh… No negative thoughts crossed my mind until it was time for Edge.”

“I was in the corner with AJ Styles, he was choking me and I made sure I had a clear view of the entrance way… I heard the reaction and I went ‘Oh, I’m so happy for him! What a guy… Wait a minute?! The people might turn on me, we’ve seen this happen before!’ That’s what crossed my mind at that exact moment. He made his entrance and we got towards the end. It was Roman and Edge. And Roman did me a solid, by the way, being the one who took out Edge towards the end. I heard the boos and I said ‘Screw this, let’s just keep powering through’… That could have gone bad, but it went well.”

Ironically, Edge did win the Royal Rumble event the next year. That saw Edge go to WrestleMania where he did receive the biggest pop of the night against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns during night two’s main event match.

Drew McIntyre still looked like a hero at WrestleMania 36, but he had no fans to celebrate his big victory over Brock Lesnar. The next year saw him lose to Bobby Lashley in front of live fans which was a shocking way for WrestleMania 37’s first night to begin.

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