It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any
reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page
  • The parlay between The Pinnacle and Inner Circle
  • Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford
  • Penta El Zero M vs. Orange Cassidy
  • Tag Title Eliminator Match: Young Bucks vs. Matt & Mike Sydal
  • Nightmare Family (Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto)

Pyro blasts as JR introduces us to the show. Commentary runs down tonight’s card before Hangman Page makes his entrance. Brian Cage and Team Tazz attack him before he makes it to the ring. Tazz is on commentary. Dark Order run out to save Hangman Page, huge brawl between the factions on the stage. Cage powerbombs Page on the stage and throws Page into the ring. The ref checks on PAge in the corner and Page gives the go ahead to ring the bell.

Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page


Cage attacks Age in the corner. Page tried to fight back with some chops to no avail. Cage hits a belly to belly suplex. Cage with shoulders to the gut in the corner. Running uppercut, high knee into a German suplex gets a 2 count for Brain Cage. Page thrown out of the ring. Cage with a knee to the midsection before he throws Page into the barricade twice. Cage with a backdrop onto the ring apron.

Cage breaks the count and hits a bodyslam on the outside. Back in the ring, Cage gets a 2 count. Cage goes for a standing moonsault but Page gets the knees up. Cage hits a thrust kick and a huge superplex over the top rope. Cage goes for a suplex but Page hits knees to the head. Page throws Cage into the ring post. Page hits a huge moonsault from the top rope to the outside. Page goes for the buckshot lariat but Cage catches him with an F5. Cage with multiple powerbombs into a bucklebomb, 2 count. Cage then hits the drill claw for the victory.

Brain Cage wins.

Recap of Moxley and Kingston driving their truck into the Elites trailer. The Elite are in a limo, invite a camera man into the limo. Callis brags about all the gold they have. Omega says he feels giddy but a little pissed off. What happened to their trailer? They are used to numbnut people trying to take them down. Omega isn’t afraid, read my lips “I am not afraid.” A car horn sounds outside, they freak out, turns out Nakazawa hits the horn on the limo. Omega says Kingston will face Nakazawa.

Commercial Break.

The Sydals make their entrance for this Tag Team Eliminator match. The Young Bucks are out next, accompanied by Don Callis. Callis joins commentary.

Tag Title Eliminator Match: Young Bucks vs. Matt & Mike Sydal

Matt Jackson and Mike Sydal start the match. Lock up to start, Matt wrings the arm, Matt with a chop to the windpipe. Matt misses a moonsault but Mike Sydal doesnt. Nick Jackson tags in, Mike Sydal with a deep armdrag. Matt Sydal tags in, more armdrags to Nick. Mike Sydal tags in, drop toe hold into a dropkick, double dropkick to Matt Jackson. Matt with a blind tag and a superkick to Mike Sydal. Dropkick to Mike.

Picture in picture. Matt with right hands to Mike. Nick tags in, senton to Mike. right hand into a bodyslam. Nick with a kick on the apron. The Bucks with double team offence. Mike and Nick with a double clothesline. Matt Jackson does twin magic and replaces Nick, the ref doesn’t seem to notice. Matt Sydal tags in and runs wild with kicks, fisherman suplex to Matt for a 2 count. Matt Sydal with a jawbreaker, Matt and Mike Sydal hit a double meteora for a 2 count. Nick with a superkick, Matt Sydal hits a double huricanrana, Matt Sydal gets a crucifix pin for a 2 count, very close to a 3. Matt Sydal hits a huricanrana on Nick, Matt Sydal crashes from the top rope as Matt moves out of the way of another huricanrana. Matt hits a low blow on Mike Sydal, double superkick to Matt Sydal. BTE Trigger on Mike Sydal for the victory.

The Young Bucks win.

SCU come out to confront the Bucks. Kaz says there is a lot of change lately. SCU says they made a promise that the last them they lose as a tag team, they will end as a tag team. Daniels says he doesn’t see his friends in the ring, he sees entitled overdressed bitches. Instead of beating their ass, they will just take the tag titles and make this place better by take them out of it.

Commercial Break.

Jade Carghill video package. Orange Cassidy’s music plays to bring him out, accompanied by Trent?. Penta El Zero M is out next accompanied by his translator. Penta says they are going to beat Orange Cassidy to a pulp.

Penta El Zero M vs. Orange Cassidy

Orage goes to put his hands in his pockets, Penta stops him and shouts Zero Meido in his face. They go back and forth with that for a while. Penta makes a big deal of stripping off his glove, throws it to Alex. Orange takes off his sunglasses slowly, throws them to Trent?. Puts his hands in his pockets, kicks the shins of Penta, Penta misses a thrust kick, Orange with an armdrag with his hands still in his pockets. Penta hits a tiltawhirl backbreaker.

Penta with a kick to the hamstring. Orange takes Penta down with a snapmare and then poses with Penta, Penta bites his fingers. Penta catches Orange in a suicide dive, drops him on the apron. Picture in picture. Penta with a surfboard submission. Superkick to Orange. Penta chokes Orange in the ropes. Penta with a overhand chop in the corner, kick to the leg, Penta targeting the knees. More kicks to the legs from Penta. Penta with a enziguri. Orange turns the tables with a diving crossbody. Penta blocks a DDT, turns it into a brainbuster, 2 count.

Orange with strikes to Penta, Penta with a pumphandle slam for a 1 count. Penta goes for an armbreaker, Orange puts his hand in his pocket, Penta stomps on his arm and shoulder. Orange with a trust kick, Penta with a kick of his own, Orange goes for the Orange Punch, Penta hits a superkick, Penta hits the destroyer, Orange hits the beach break, Penta gets the shoulders up. Penta with kicks to the legs, stomps in the corner. Running thrust kicks to Orange. Orange hits the stundog millionaire, diving DDT from the top, tornado DDT for a 2 count. Alex gets a mic and says “Penta says if you thought what he said out Trent?s mom was bad then-” Orange drags him in the ring, Penta hits a shot to the midsection, Orange hits the Orange Punch with a microphone in his hand and get the 3 count.

Orange Cassidy wins.

Earlier today Tony Schiavone is backstage with Britt Baker. Baker says she said she was going to work her way up the rankings and she did. She is at the top of the profound logical ranking. Its time we remind everybody why she is the face of the division.

Tony is now in the ring, introduces the Pinnacle. The Pinnacles personal security come out first, followed by the group themselves. The crowd chants “Pineapple” at them. Tony then introduces the Inner Circle. The Inner Circles security detail enters on motorcycles, followed by Jericho’s team. Tony says he expects decorum. Explains the rules of Blood and Guts (War Games rules). Spears says they were lured into the match so they should get the man advantage. Spears asks when the last time Sammy wrestled a match. Says Jericho is leading him into deep waters and he will step on his head. Sammy gets the mic and says he doesn’t believe Spears, and why would he? He has been a failure ever since he got in AEW, and he was a failure where he used to work. He will fail again on May 5th. Smmy will fight everybody.

The Pinnacle gets the man advantage. Cash Wheeler says please don’t bring this version of Santana and Ortiz, don’t bring Jericho’s lapdogs because if they do they wont make it out. Dash says somebody career will be shortens in Blood and Guts, he isn’t afraid to die. Tells Santana and Ortiz to grab their children and then then Daddy isn’t coming home. MJF says thank you to Jericho, says he wants to here that from everybody, because without him there is no AEW. Says he made the best group in profession wrestling in the Inner Circle. However he cant imagine the pressure he must feel. You put the company on the line everytime you come out here. We can see it every week, you eyes are bloodshot and you look exhausted, you wont have to worry much longer, MJF will take the burden at Blood and Guts. When Blood and Guts is over he will once again says thank you. You spot is mine.

Jericho calls MJF a self righteous, self gratify prick. You can inherit a spot like he inherited Mommy and Daddy’s trust fund. You want a spot you have to earn it. At 25 he was already headline arenas in Japan and Germany. that’s how he earn his reputation that put him at the top of the game. The Inner Circle is a family, this has been part of AEW since day 1. MJF will not get in the middle of the Inner Circle against. “You will have to kill us to make us surrender.”

Eddie Kingston makes his entrance. Michael Nakazawa is already in the ring. Kingston says he isn’t doing the “sports entertainment crap”. Omega comes out and says Kingston doesn’t understand how this works. You not getting the champion, your getting Nak.

Nakazawa attacks Kingston from behind. Kingston quickly gets the advantage and beats him down easily. Kingston puts Nakazawa’s leg in a chair, tells Omega to get in the ring or he will breaks Naks ankle. Omega says Nak knew what he signed up for. Omega sends Culter out, Moxley attacks Omega from behind, locks a rear naked choke on Omega, Omega passes out. Kingston puts the chair on Omegas leg, tells Callis to give him a tag match or he wioll break Omegas leg. Callis, panicked, says he can make it work. Moxley says they want a tag match with Omega and Nakazawa. Kingston says he see them next week.

Sammy Guevara makes his entrance. He has flashcards. He will be the first man in the cage next week, the first man with the Pinnacle’s blood on his hands.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is with Tazz. Team Tazz is number one thanks to Brain Cage. Christian Cage enters, says enough games. Says he doesnt back up his talk much these days, he wishes he could come back but he cant do what Christian did. Christian doesn’t believe in win or lose, he believes in win or learn. Its just a mtter of time before Team Tazz learn they will be better off without Tazz.

Penelope Ford makes her way to the ring with Kip Sabian. Kris Statlander enters with Orange Cassidy.

Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford

Hot starts with strikes back and forth, Statlander with a powerslam and a military press. ford drags her out of the ring and hits a big forearm. Ford misses a double knees. Statlander with forearms. Ford with a big boot, hits a diving knee drop. Picture in picture. Ford dominates, kicks to the face in the middle of the ring. Rakes Statlander across the ropes. Ford kisses Kip. Slingshots Statlander into the ropes.

Back and forth strikes, Stalander with a back heel trip and an uppercut in the corner. Statlander hits a knee to the side of the head, a blue thunder bomb for a 2 count. Ford with a German suplex. ford hits a bulldog in the corner, neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ford misses and elbow, Statlander hits a Solar Eclipse for a 2 count. Ford with a roundhouse kick for a 2 count. Statlander catches Ford with a Big Bang piledriver for the victory. Orange blocks Kip from interfering.

Kris Statlander wins.

Video package for 10 of the Dark Order. 10 says Brodie Lee inspired him, got him his job and it would be an honour to win the TNT belt after Brodie had it.

The Nightmare Express tour bus pulls up in the parking lot and the Factory come out of it. They have stolen Cody’s bus. Billy Gunn, Dustin Rhodes and Lee Johnson enter and attack the factory. They brawl on the outside. Johnson with big right hands to QT.

Nightmare Family (Dustin Rhodes, Billy Gunn and Lee Johnson) vs. The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto)

Gunn and Comoroto start in the ring. Comoroto with a backbreaker, 1 count. Comoroto with a bearhug on the taped ribs. Gunn tries to fight out with forearms, tags in Rhodes, Rhodes with clotheslines, uppercut, Comoroto hits a back elbow on Dustin. Picture in picture. Solow tags in with strikes to Rhodes. Comoroto tags in and grinds his knee into Dustin in the corner. Backbreaker to Dustin, 2 count. Solow tags in, Dustin fights out with right hands, corkscrew kick from Solow, 2 count. QT tags in, right hands to Dustin.

Dustin with an uppercut QT hits a dropkick, 2 count. QT kicks Gunn on the apron, Dustin hits a powerslam. Johnson tags in, runs wild on Solow back elbow, neckbreaker. running chop in the corner, blue thunder bomb for a 2 count as Comoroto stops the count. QT gets dumped to the outside. Johnson with a crokscrew to the outside. Agogo with a big gut shot to Johnson and Gunn. QT tags in and steals the victory.

The Factory wins.

Comoroto attacks Dustin with a cowbell. They leave as the crowd chant “You still suck” to QT. The rest of Gunn Club run down to attack QT Marshall. The Factory come back out and attack the Gunn Club while QT runs away to Cody’s bus. QT opens the door and Cody appears and attacks him. they brawl by the side of the bus. QT gauges the eyes of Cody as they go to a recap of the match. QT is suddenly on top of the bus. Cody follows him and they brawl on the top of the bus. Cody locks in a figure four on QT, QT taps out.

Commentary runs down next weeks card. Kip Sabian is backstage, he walks into a room with MIro, Miro attacks him before he can say anything. Miro shouts nobody will stop him and she chokes Kip with a chain, throws him into the wall multiple times and slams Kips arm in the door. Miro says he forgives Kip as Kip screams in pain.

Commercial Break.

The Dark Order make their way to the ring for tonights main event. 10 will challenge Darby Allin for the TNT title. The Champion is out next accompanied by Sting.

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. 10

Lock up to start, 10 powers Darby to the ropes. They go face to face and then another lock up, 10 powers Darby to the corner. Darby gets a headlock, 10 hits a shoulder tackle. 10 with a delayed suplex, Darby fights out, tries to rips the mask, 10 hits a backbreaker. Darby with a right hand, 10 whips him hard into the corner. Darby escapes a powerbomb and attacks the knees of 10. 10 hits another shoulder block. Picture in picture. 10 with a delayed vertical suplex, 2 count. 10 hits chops in the corner.

10 with a belly to back suplex, gets a 2 count. Darby hits some chops to little effect, 10 hits a big clothesline in the corner. Darby hits some forearms before 10 hits a pump kick. Darby counters a gorilla press slam into a crossbody, 10 hits a spinebuster. 10 hits a one armed powerbomb and gets a 2 count. Darby hits a stunner and locks in an armbar, 10 gets to the ropes. 10 drives Darby into the barricade and then into the ring apron. 10 stares down Sting.

Darby stomps on the hand of 10 in the corner, Darby with a dive from the top onto 10. Ethan Page comes out of nowhere and drives Darby into the corner post. 10 with a slingshot German Suplex and gets a 2 count. Darby with elbows to the head, Darby tears the mask of 10, Darby catches a Coffin Drop and locks in a full nelson. Darby runs up the ropes and catches 10 in a pin combination and gets the victory.

Darby Allin wins.

10 shows respect to Darby and Darby holds up 10’s Brodie Lee wristband. Ethan Page distracts Darby and Sting and Scorpio Sky attacks them from behind. they both hot stomps on Sting, Sky locks in a heel hook on Sting, Page makes Darby watch. Lance Archer downs down to makes the save along with 10. sky and Page escape through the entrance tunnel as Dynamite ends.

Martin Dickinson

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