AEW raised a lot of eyebrows when they booked an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. Kenny Omega defended the AEW World Title against Jon Moxley in an incredibly violent match at AEW Revolution.

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AEW needed plenty of time to transform the ring into a death trap covered in barbed wire and explosives. They had plenty of time to setup during the cinematic street fight.

The ring was covered in barbed wire on three sides. Barbed wire covered boards around the ring were also triggered with explosives like landmines. It was an intense battle to even determine who took the first bump into the barbed wire.


Moxley ended up taking the first explosive trip into the barbed wire. That was only the first of many painful situations in this match for both men.

Other weapons were involved including a trash can and kendo stick. Moxley sold for Omega as he picked his challenger apart. Mox was a bloody mess as he took a bump through a barbed wire covered table in the corner.

Moxley then sent Omega face-first into the ropes and he took an explosion. Then Mox dropkicked Omega back into the ropes to cause another boom to ring out in Daily’s Place.

Omega later took a suplex through another barbed wire covered table propped up in the corner. Referee Bryce Remsburg had to dress in a hazmat suit with a facemask for his own protection from the blasts.

Moxley wrapped barbed wire around his arm and hit a lariat on Omega. Then The Cleaner returned fire with two snap dragon suplexes and a V-Trigger. This was a brutal match as neither man gave an inch.

Jon Moxley went for a Paradigm Shift, but Omega blocked it and shoved Moxley into the ropes, causing another explosion that blinded them both.

They teased a spot off the apron through the Triple Hell on the floor. Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift on Omega from the apron through the barbed wire covered boards as explosions shot up around them.

Omega hit two V Triggers and a One Winged Angel. Instead of kicking out, Moxley put his foot on the bottom rope and caused an explosion, blinding Omega. This gave Moxley a chance to grab a barbed wire covered baseball bat just as the Good Brothers ran to the ring where they took abuse.

Kenny Omega snuck up and nailed Omega with an exploding barbed wire bat for a two count. Then Omega hit a One Winged Angel through a chair and won the match.

The timer was just under five minutes from going off which would have caused every explosion around the ring detonate. Omega won the match just before that happened. It was a brutal and bloody match and the clock continued ticking even after the match was over.

The Good Brothers entered the situation again and beat Moxley down and handcuffed him in the ring. When the blasts went off, Eddie Kingston ran down to cover Moxley as the explosions around the ring went off.

The explosions were more like sparklers, but maybe Tony Khan only likes snakes and sparklers. It was still quite an offering for the company’s first exploding barbed wire deathmatch.

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