It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite “Beach Break” will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite “Beach Break” is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston in a Lumberjack Match
  • The wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contenders to AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks for a title shot at Revolution
  • AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley, PAC and Rey Fenix

Dynamite starts with the opening package. Jungle boy makes his entrance with Jurassic Express. Recap of Jungle Boys match with Dax Harwood. Commentary team go through the rest of the participants in the Battle Royal as they stand ringside. All of the Inner Circle make their entrance next. The Acclaimed rap their way to the ring, upstaging the Inner Circle. Young Bucks enter next, recap of them winning last years Battle Royal. If Young Bucks win tonight they choose their opponents.

Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contenders to AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks for a title shot at Revolution

Young Bucks jump off the stage to start the match. Young Bucks run wild with double superkicks. Chaos as every team attack each other. Isiah Cassidy jumps off the top rope into the sea of people. Martin tries to eliminate Quen. Martin gets eliminated. Reyonds with pump kick, but gets eliminated by Hager.

Silver eliminate Hager Santana and Matt Jacksons fight in the middle of the rings. Matt gets back body dropped onto the stage, that that an elimination? Luchasaurus runs wild. Huge slam onto Bowens. Chokeslam from Luchasaurus. Greyson with the pele kick, tries to eliminate Luchasaurus but fails and Luchasaurus chokeslams him to the outside but gets eliminated by Dark Order. MJF eliminates Greyson and Uno. Silly String blocked Martin, one of Private Party eliminated.

Silver poses in the middle of the ring, gets eliminated by Santana and Ortiz. They both get eliminated by Nick Jackson. Good Brothers come through the crowd to watch. Good Brothers eliminate Private Party, MJF eliminates Nick Jackson. Jericho and MJF do the Young Bucks pose. Inner Circle strategize in the corner. Final six face off. MJF tries to eliminate Jungle Boy but he hangs on. All three Inner Circle members trie to push him out but he still hangs on. Wardlow on the Outside. MJF finally eliminates Jungle Boys, faces of with Sammy, Max Caster attacks both of them. Sammy superkicks Caster. MJF gets thrown out by Caster. Sammy, Jericho and Martin are the final three. Inner Circle double team him. Martin hits double DDT, Martin throws out Sammy but he skins the cat, Jericho inadvertently eliminates Sammy. Jericho with the Judas Effect to eliminate Martin.

MJF and Jericho Wins.

Inner Circle celebrates in the ring, they will face Young Bucks at Revolution. Commentary runs down the card for tonight. Up next is Darby Allin and Sting. A “special look” at Jade Carhill plays, showcasing her physique.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone introduces Darby Allin. Tony introduces Sting. Tazz interupts before they can say anything, says they arent allowed inside the building becasue they are being punished for attacking people last week. Says they’ll be watching next week when Darby defends the TNT title next week against Janela. Stracks says he doesn’t think Sting is still the Icon. Says Darby will need luck next week.

Sting says he’ll be there next week to make sures it is just a one on one match, says he wont let Team Tazz get involved. Sting says Starks need to take a closer look if he doesn’t see the Icon anymore.

Video package of Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa. Britt Baker enters. Thunder Rosa runs down and attacks Rebel.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa gets the early advantage. Chops in the corner. Chops in another corner. Baker takes control, gets wristlock,, Rosa fights outs, elbows in the corner, Rosa rolls out and hits a jumping dropkick. Cannon ball in the corner, gets a two count. Aggressive punches from Rosa. More chops in the corner. Misses a splash. Bakers ties her up in the ropes, wraps arms around the corner post. Rosa falls to the outside.

Picture in picture. Baker with a stomp to the face. Crowd chant “Thunder”. Bakers taunts to the crowd. Rosa slams Baker into the ring apron. Throws Baker into the guardrail. Rosa goes after the arm. Slams arm into the ring post. Bakers with elbow strikes to the chest. Rosa thrown back into the ring, two count. Baker with a cravat, then knees to the face. Stomps the the face, Rosa fights back momentarily but gets hit with a DDT. Bakers with a stomp on the entrance ramp. Rosa hits a death valley driver on the ramp, Rebel screams into the camera.

Rosa hits splash in the corner, then a big dropkick. Two count. Rosa with a spinning move but Bakers rolls up up for a two count, Bakes hits a slingblade, two count. Baker is back in control. Kicks from Rosa, goes for fire thunder driver but Baker reverse into an air raid crash, two count. Rebel give Baker the glove, has trouble because of the injured arm. Baker goes for the lock jaw but Rosa gets to the bottom rope. Baker hits the curb stomp. Two count from a crucifix, Rosa reverse, Baker reverse, back and forth, Rosa with a back body slam, then a death valley driver, near fall, Rosa in shock.

Rosa goes for arm submission, Rebel rips off turnbuckle to distract referee, Bakers gets a rollup to a near fall. Baker is in the corner, Baker sent face first into the exposes trunbuckle, she’s knocked out, Baker gets the lock jaw for the win.

Britt Baker Wins.

Footage from last week. Tony interviews Page and Matt Hardy. Matt says they would have good chemistry. Page says he knows Matt has an ulterior motive and doesn’t trust him. Matt convinces Page to teams with him to avenge Chaos Prject ruining Brodie Lee Jr’s birthday party.

Hangman Page makes his entrance. Matt Hardy enters next. Long wait for Chaos Project… They finally enter.

Hangman Page and Matt Hardy vs Chaos Project

Luther tries to get under Page’s skin. Matt and Serpentico start, Matt gets the advantage. Matt attacks Serpentico in the corner. Tags in Page, chops in the corner, clothesline, suplex. tags in Hardy, elbow drp from the second rope, Serpentico ges a headlock but Matt reverse into a side effect. Luther tags in and gets the advantage on Matt. Tags in Serpentico, Luther slams Serpentico onto Matt. Luther tags back in, body slam to Matt. tags in Serpentico, misses a Swanton, Page tags in, he runs wild. Dive to the outside on Luther, spinebuster to Serpentico. Serpentico fights back before getting hit with an elbow. Luther misses a cannon ball.

Page hits the buckshot lariat but Matt Hardy tags in quickly to get the win.

Page and Hardy win.

Video package for the Woman’s Championship tournament. Matches will take place in the US and Japan. The wedding is up next.

Commercial Break.

Marvez is backstage with Jericho and MJF, Jericho has a box they celebrate winnin the Battle Royal. Sammy says only Jericho and MJF are number one contenders, and says why are they always the collateral damage, Jerichos runs after him. MJF says its time he has a conversation with the rest of the Inner Circle. Wardlow closes the door.

Tony Schivone interviews Kip Sabian backstage. He congratulates him. Miro says Chuck has never had a girlfriend. Vickie comes to say its time. They all go off. James Mitchell is in the ring. Kip, Miro, Chuck and Vickie Guerero enter the ring. Shakes hands with James Mitchell. Wedding march chimes as Penelope Ford enters in a wedding dress. Jerry Lynn walks her down the aisle.

Mitchell starts the proceedings. Mitchell says the vows are sacred and Kip says his vows. Kips says this was meant to be. Says he will cherish Ford forever, says she is hot inside and out. Penelope says she loves Kip so much, says he has the biggest- Kip interrupts. Mitchell says its time for the rings. Kip says “I do”, Penelope says “I do”, they put the rings on each others hand. Miro says not to ask if anybody objects. Mitchell pronounces them man and wife and they may kiss. They make out.

Miro does a toast. asks Charles to get champagne. says he knows how it feels to be married, says he is the wedding present. Asks about the big present in the ring. Miro says if for Charles. Miro attacks the present but its empty. He asks Charles to clean it up. Miro says “what is love?” Crowd sings “what is love.” Miro stops them, they get cake. Miro is handcuffed to the corner by the foot. Charles attacks Kips and Ford falls into the cake. Kip accidentally hits Miro, ford jumps on Charles, Kip attacks him. Orange Cassidy is in the cake. Cassidy hits a slam on Kip. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy ruin the wedding and celebrate. Miro and Ford look on.

The crew take down the wedding set while Ford and Miro are still in the ring. Miro shouts at people at ringside. Ford cries.

Shaq, on the Inside the NBA show, says he’ll beat up Cody and he will wrestle Cody. Demonstrates the “Black Tornado” move. The tag match will happen on March 3rd on Dynamite.

Kingston makes his entrance. Followed by Archer.

Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston in a Lumberjack Match

Archer attacks first. Gets trips by the lumberjacks led by Butcher and Blade. They both attack Archer. face lumberjacks argue with the heels. Kingston gets the advantage. Kingston attacks the lumberjacks. Lumberjacks fight back. Archer hits a big dive onto all of them.

Picture in picture. Kingston gains the advantage. Chokes Archer with his shirt. Elbow to the chest. One count. Throws Archer to the outside to get attacks by the lumberjacks. Kingston dominates Archer, wrenching the ear. right hand to the ear. Kingston bites the rope to get leverage, chops, then throws Archer outside again to get attacked. Archer throw back into the ring, slams Kingston with a full nelson slam. Archer hits a suplex. Archer gets a two count.The Bunny gets into the ring and jumps on Archer back, Archer goes for the Blackout but Kingston attacks him before he can hit it.

Kingston directs the lumberjacks to attack but Jake Roberts attacks, Kingston hits the exploder suplex. Blade brings a table into the ring. Bronsons spears him throw the table. Bear Country even the odds. Archer hits a right hand and then hits the uranagi, for a two count. Clubbing lariat from Archer, hits the black out for the three.

Archer Wins.

FTR say get suspended like they are in middle school. Tully says everybody is scared of them. Goes through all of the reasons they have been cheated. Says all they want is a tag title match. Dax says they arent bad men, but then brings out a Stunt who they have kidnapped.

Commercial break.

Janela says he and Darby have a long history. Janela says the stakes have never been higher. Commentary run down next weeks card.

Omega and the Good Brothers makes their entrance with Don Callis.

Commercial Break.

Callis joins commentary. Fenix and Pac enter through the crowd, Moxley comes out next also through the crowd. They make their way to the ring.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley, PAC and Rey Fenix

Anderson and Pac start. Punches back and forth, shoulder block from Anderson, Pac hits huracanrana. Anderson tags in Gallows. Pac tags Moxley. Moxley circles Gallows, Gallows gets upper hand, Moxley goes for a sunset flip but Gallows sits out. Moxley hits elbow drop and goes for the pin for a one count. Anderson tags in, Pac tags in, him and Fenix hit standing moonsaults. Omega stops Pac from a top rope move. Anderson gets the advantage, tags in Omega. Quick tags from Omega, Anderson and Gallows, Omega and Pac go back and forth, snap suplex from Pac, tags in Moxley, clotheslines from Moxley, Moxley hits huge slam for a two count. Moxley hits dive to the outside on the Good Borthers, Omega throws Moxley into the guardrail.

Picture in picture. Moxley gets dominated on the outside. Gallows throws him back into the ring. Omega and Gallows mock Moxley in the corner. Stomps from Omega. Anderson tags in. Omega mocks Moxley in the ropes. Gallows tags in. Big body shots from Gallows. Gallows goes for powerbomb but Moxleys reverse into figure four. Anderson tags in, good brother double team Moxely, goes for Magic Killer but Moxley fights out. Hot tag to Fenix, Fenix runs wild, big kicks from Fenix, huge diving reverse headbutt from Fenix, thrust kick, Pac hits shotgun dripkick.

Death Triangle hit double moonsaults to the outside. Fenix hits cutter on Omega for a two count. Chops back and forth, Fenix gets caught in ropes and Omega hits snap dragon suplex. Gallows hits big boot for a two count. Pac gets the blind tag, Pac takes down Gallows, one count. Gallows hits superkick on Pac. Omega, Gallows and Anderson team up on Pac in the corner. Triple suplex. Moxley interrupts pinfall. Pac kicks out. Omega hits V Trigger, goes for One Winged Angel. Moxley and Fenix attack Omega. Pac hits suplex for a two count.

Pac tags Moxley. Moxley gets sleeper, Moxley and Omega slugfest, V Trigger from Omega, huge clothesline in return. Fenix hits hook kick, huge suicide dive from Fenix. Omega hits the Paradigm Shift, Pac hits the 450. Anderson tags in gets hit with Gun Stun, Fenix hits moonsault press for a two count. Fenix gets hit with a spinebuster. Good Brothers hit Magic Killer for the win.

Omega and Good Brothers Win.

They all attack Fenix and Moxley. Archer makes the save, clears the ring of the Good Brothers. Attacks the Good Brothers on the outside. Moxley and Omega still in the ring. Moxley gets attacked by KENTA! KENTA hits the GTS on Moxley. Omega smiles as KENTA leaves the ring.

Shows ends as Omega celebrates.

Martin Dickinson

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