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Start time for WWE RAW is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s episode is the last show for the red brand before the 2021 Royal Rumble. That means tonight Goldberg and Drew McIntyre will come face-to-face ahead of their Championship showdown on Sunday. Chances are the two will come to blows as WWE needs to drum-up excitement for this one.

Alexa Bliss, still entranced by The Fiend, will be facing Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship tonight also. Bliss has been embroiled in a feud with Randy Orton for the past few weeks but now she gets a chance to dethrone the Empress and bring some gold back to the Firefly Fun House. Meanwhile Asuka’s tag partner, Charlotte, will be in action against Shayna Baszler.

In what could be a really fun match, Riddle will face The Hurt Business in a Gauntlet Match. Should Riddle beat the other members, he gets a United States Title shot against Bobby Lashley. Riddle has been getting trounced by Lashled in one-on-one matches as of late, so it’s hard to see how he could beat all four men in a row.

Anyways, that’s the preview for tonight’s WWE RAW. We have a few big matches scheduled for the show, and a big showdown ahead of the Rumble. We want to hear your predictions for both tonight’s show and the Rumble, so sound off below and enjoy the show!


This week’s RAW opens with the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre coming to the ring with sword in hand.

McIntyre says it feels real good to be back on RAW after the last few weeks. He thanks the fans for the get-well wishes and it meant the world to him. Drew says he got lucky with his COVID symptoms and he was back training after just a few days, and he wants to dedicate his match against Goldberg to the victims.

Speaking of Goldberg, he can’t take him lightly. He’s been watching the man rise from nothing to the top of WCW where he was unbeaten in nearly 200 matches. He beat Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship, then came to WWE and beat the likes of Triple H and The Rock. He might have disappeared for a long time but the last thing a heavyweight loses is his power, so he knows he has the knockout power. But that isn’t going to happen on Sunday.

Drew says he’s getting fired-up and he wants to start tonight off right. The Miz and John Morrison interrupt and slowly walk towards the ring. Miz compares Goldberg and Drew to Kong Vs. Godzilla, and say it would be a real shame if one of them got injured in that match and he cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase. Morrison announces Miz as the new WWE Champion but then Goldberg’s music hits and he comes down to the ring.

Goldberg stands in McIntyre’s face and says “you, me, Sunday. You’re next.” They stare at each other but Miz and Morrison stand on the apron and start taunting them, so Drew and Goldberg pull them into the ring. Goldberg hits Miz with a Spear, then McIntyre takes out Morrison with a Claymore and they go back to a staredown.

Still to come, Asuka faces Alexa Bliss with the RAW Women’s Championship. Up next, Charlotte Flair battles Shayna Baszler!

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Charlotte Flair is interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage and asks how she feels about being pulled in so many directions. Charlotte says she rises to the occasion and tonight she faces Shayna Baszler who calls herself a queen but it’s another thing to be a queen. She’s the Women’s Tag Team Champion, she’s in the Rumble, and her dad is making a fool of himself with Lacey Evans. But it’s one thing to be with a Flair, and another thing to wear the weight of the name.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Shayna Baszler W/Nia Jax

The match gets underway and they lock-up, with Charlotte forcing Baszler to the corner and attacking her leg. Flair gets distracted and runs across the ring to baseball slide Nia. Baszler grabs Flair with the Kirifuda Clutch but Flair shrugs her off and drops her with a big boot. Flair applies the Figure Four but Nia runs in and breaks the hold.

Winner Via Disqualification: Charlotte Flair

As soon as the match ends, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke run down and start brawling with the Tag Champions. Out comes Lacey Evans to fight with Charlotte and we head to a break mid-action.

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Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, & Charlotte Flair Vs. Lacey Evans, Nia Jax, & Shayna Baszler

The match begins with Mandy and Lacey and they lock-up. They battle for control and Rose takes Evans down with a headlock and keeps her grounded until Lacey takes a headscissors. Rose breaks free and tags Dana who hits a suplex for a two-count. Charlotte and Baszler get tags and Flair hits a kick followed by a fallaway slam.

Mandy gets a tag and she hits a boot to the face of Baszler before tagging Dana. Brooke quickly tags Flair and she gets tossed to the apron. Baszler tries to shoulder her but Charlotte dodges her and kicks her. Charlotte pulls Baszler to the floor and goes after her. Baszler gets the better of Flair and puts her back in the ring but the referee counts Baszler out before she gets back in. It looked look a total mistake.

Winners Via Count-Out: Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, & Charlotte Flair

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We’re back live and this match was restarted during the break by Adam Pearce because, as we know, it was a botched finish. Lacey Evans is beating down Dana Brooke in the ring. Baszler tags in and hits a snapmare and a knee to the back for a two-count. Baszler props Brooke’s elbow on the mat and stamps on it before tagging Nia.

Jax takes a sleeper hold but Brooke quickly elbows her way out. Brooke attempts a sunset flip but Nia sits down only for Brooke to roll out of the way and tag Rose. Mandy comes in hot with clotheslines to the legal Lacey Evans, then runs her into the corner and unloads with rights and lefts. Rose hits a leaping knee for a near-fall but Baszler broke the pinfall. Charlotte runs in and Spears Baszler but Jax drops Flair.

Jax drags Evans over and tags herself in, meanwhile Charlotte chases Evans around ringside after getting slapped. Dana Brooke avoids Nia in the corner and hits a rolling neckbreaker for a near-fall. Jax throws Dana across the ring, then lifts her up for a powerbomb/chokeslam, then a running leg drop for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, & Lacey Evans

We see a couple of videos of Retribution backstage and outside, cutting promos about how Kofi Kingston stole Ali’s spot that led to KofiMania. They make their way to the ring for a match after the break.

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Xavier Woods Vs Slapjack W/Retribution

The bell rings and Woods dropkicks Slapjack into the buckles right away. Woods whips him hard into the opposite corner, then hits a backdrop. Woods gets tossed to the apron and Slapjack hits him with right hands, then a bulldog from the apron to the ring. Slapjack continues the assault but Woods starts firing back with chops to the chest. Woods hits a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Retribution start surrounding the ring to try and cause a distraction. Slapjack attempts the roll-up Woods but he rolls through and hits a Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Woods tries to high-tail it after the bell but gets dropped at ringside by T-Bar. They bring him back into the ring and T-Bar and Mace hit a double chokeslam. Ali grabs a chair and makes to hit Woods but stops and, instead, sits on the chair. Ali gets a microphone and says Woods talks a lot about being King of the Ring but he looks a lot like a peasant. As a real king, he’s going to show mercy. He wants Woods to deliver a message to Kofi; he will be taking his place in the Royal Rumble.

Riddle is walking backstage but R-Truth stops him. Truth tells Riddle about him getting a surprise party where he’s getting 24 carrots. Riddle loves it and tells Truth they’re both winners because they’re both Capricorns, then they both make goat noises.

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The Hurt Business are in the ring for a new episode of The V.I.P Lounge. MVP says he is excited for the Royal Rumble and the after-party is going to be lit. Lashley says they look good with all the gold they’re holding but the beauty of it is: they’ve only just begun. Shelton says their individual accomplishments are…Cedric Alexander interrupts him and says they owe everything to MVP. Lashley agrees and they hand MVP a black box as a gift. Inside a shining gold necklace with diamonds that reads ‘THB’.

MVP loves it and puts it on, saying he’s at a loss for words. Alexander says he’s happy because he worked with the designer but Shelton cuts him off and says he worked with the designer. R-Truth comes out and stands on the ramp, saying he knows it’s weird that he’s late for his own party. MVP says he wasn’t invited. Truth says he heard them say they were planning a party for his birthday last week but they say he’s wrong. Truth says that necklace was supposed to mean ‘Truth Happy Birthday’, and asks where the 24 gold carrots are.

Lashley tells Truth he’s sorry and he did get him a gift. He just has to get into the ring to get it. Before Truth gets into the ring, jobbers run down and try to steal Truth’s 24/7 Championship. Lashley, Cedric and MVP leave the ring to fight with the jobbers. Riddle slides into the ring from behind MVP and drops him with a Final Flash knee, then high-tails it over the barricade. Later tonight, Riddle will face The Hurt Business in a Gauntlet Match to try and get a shot at Lashley’s United States Championship.

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R-Truth is backstage with Adam Pearce, asking if he can join the upcoming Money In The Bank ladder match but Pearce looks confused. AJ Styles and Omos walk-up and argue with them and Pearce storms off, leaving Truth to joke about their star signs.

We see a replay of earlier tonight when Goldberg and McIntyre attacked Miz and Morrison. We then see a promo video for their match at the Royal Rumble, which takes place this Sunday.

Sheamus comes out for a match against John Morrison after the break.

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Sheamus Vs. John Morrison W/The Miz

The bell rings and Sheamus forces Morrison to the ropes until the referee calls for a break. Morrison ducks the lock-up and takes the back. Morrison tries to ground Sheamus but the Irishman climbs to his feet and hits the ropes. Morrison scores a roll-up but Sheamus kicks out and attempts one of his own to no avail. Morrison elbows Sheamus in the corner, then delivers a barrage of forearms and kicks. Sheamus counters an Irish whip but gets kicked in the face.

Sheamus catches Morrison with a back body drop and kicks him in the back a few times. Sheamus hits an Irish curse backbreaker and goes up top but Morrison catches him with a dropkick to the knee. Morrison knocks Sheamus against the ropes, then clobbers him with a running knee and Sheamus falls to the floor. Morrison goes after Sheamus and kicks him on the floor, then gets him back in the ring. John hits a dragon screw to the leg, then wraps it around his own knee and twists it.

Sheamus delivers repeated calf’s to the face of Morrison to break free but the damage is done. Sheamus hits a running axe handle, then a clothesline in the corner and toss him across the ring. Morrison hits a chop block but Sheamus comes back with a backbreaker. Morrison rolls outside and tries to cheat but Sheamus stops him and hits White Noise for the win!

Winner: Sheamus

The Miz gets riled-up and tells Sheamus if he wants to get ready for the Rumble he should face both him and Morrison right now. Sheamus agrees and we head to the break.

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2-On-1 Handicap

The Miz & John Morrison Vs. Sheamus

It’s a tornado handicap match and both heels jump on Sheamus and try to beat him down. Sheamus knocks Morrison out of the ring but Miz kicks his knee and takes him down for a two-count. Morrison comes back in and hits a standing shooting star press for a two-count. They continue to beat on Sheamus but he starts firing back with clubs to the gut, only for Morrison to kick him. Sheamus is clotheslined over the ropes and John hits a spinning tope onto Sheamus. They toss Sheamus into the steps and barricade, then back into the ring.

The assault continues but Sheamus starts coming back and tosses Morrison up and over the ropes to the floor. Sheamus hits Miz with the Ten Beats of the Bodhrán before Morrison cuts him off. Morrison then gets caught in some vicious Ten Beats of the Bodhrán. Sheamus goes to the top rope and takes out Miz and Morrison with a diving clothesline on the floor. Sheamus gets Miz back in the ring and signals for the end. Morrison grabs the leg. Sheamus fights back and hits Morrison with a Brogue Kick. Miz then grabs Sheamus and hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winners: The Miz & John Morrison

Ric Flair is helping Lacey Evans practice wrestling moves in the locker room when Charlotte Flair walks in. Evans runs off and Ric says just because Charlotte is a big star doesn’t mean there’s not a place for him in the dressing room. He’s got to be himself. Charlotte says he has to be the guy that spends all his money on everyone but his family. This isn’t cute. Ric is going from legend to old man. She has no problem saying that to his face. She’s not the bad guy. Ric angrily stares back at her. Charlotte backs up, and Evans punches her from behind. Ric goes to check on her, but Evans pulls him away and they leave.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Styles W/Omos Vs. R-Truth

AJ Styles attacks R-Truth, but R-Truth manages to send him over the top rope and we’re told Truth is practicing for the Rumble. AJ is angry and drop top hiolds Truth onto the bottom rope, where R-Truth is intimidated by Omos. R-Truth avoids the Phenomenal Forearm and hits a back suplex powerbomb like his boyhood hero, John Cena. R-Truth follows up with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle for a near fall. Styles quickly taps him out with the Calf Crusher.

Winner: AJ Styles

Still to come, Riddle Vs. The Hurt Business and Alexa Bliss Vs. Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

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We see a replay of Randy Orton’s mask promo from last week.

Alexa Bliss is in the Playground, swinging, and she wants to talk about Asuka. Last week Asuka confronted her and made the mistake of mentioning his name. We see footage of her beating Asuka last week. Asuka says “he” taught her that move. She talks to an imaginary friend on the swing beside her, then says tonight she has the chance to win a new toy. And just like last week, she doesn’t feel like playing nice. Alexa sings ‘Ring Around The Roses’, then says “let me in”, in Wyatt’s voice.

Riddle makes his way to the ring for his gauntlet match, which could earn him a title shot against Bobby Lashley.

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Gauntlet Match

Riddle Vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and Riddle looks for the Final Flash knee right away but Benjamin dodges it. Riddle backs him into the corner but Benjamin breaks free. Benjamin attempts a German suplex but Riddle lands on his feet and kicks him. Benjamin then blocks a kick and hits a spinebuster for a two-count. Benjamin lays Riddle across the top rope and knees him. Benjamin hits a scoop slam for a two-count. Riddle fights up from a headlock and delivers forearms to the jaw but Benjamin catches him with a big kitchen sink for a two-count.

Shelton continues the assault and hits a running knee of his own but Riddle kicks out at one. Benjamin grabs Riddle but the MMA star takes a guillotine. Shelton slowly gets to his feet and turns it into a suplex attempt, only for Riddle to knee him. Cedric causes a distraction, preventing the referee from counting the pin for Benjamin. Benjamin is angry at Cedric and MVP berates him. Riddle meanwhile rolls Shelton up for the pinfall!

Shelton Benjamin Eliminated

Riddle Vs. MVP

The bell rings and Riddle grabs a distracted MVP in a rolling heel hook and he taps right away!

MVP Eliminated

*Commercial Break*

Riddle Vs. Cedric Alexander

The finale of the Gauntlet Match is underway when we return from the break. Riddle drills Cedric with forearms but Alexander catches him with a kitchen sink and a gutbuster for a two-count. Cedric holds the Bro down with an arm submission but Riddle easily gets up and forces Cedric to the corner. Riddle hits the ropes but gets caught with a huge leaping kick for another two-count.

Cedric gets cocky and MVP tells him to focus, so he applies an abdominal stretch. Riddle gets to the ropes but Cedric chokes him against them. Riddle elbows free from a bearhug and lifts Cedric but gets caught with a DDT for a near-fall. Riddle blocks a kick and hits one of his own, then kips up and hits a forearm in the corner. Riddle with an exploder suplex, but misses a P.K and attempts a Broton but Cedric gets the knees up.

Alexander catches Riddle with a brainbuster for a near-fall. MVP berates Cedric for not finishing the match. Alexander heads up top and jumps at Riddle but nobody’s home. Riddle hits a flying triangle but Cedric lifts him up and slams him. Riddle goes right back to it and they exchange pin attempts until Riddle scores the 123!

Winner: Riddle

Bobby Lashley runs down and attacks Riddle on the ramp after the match. Lashley applies The Hurt Lock and tortures Riddle for upwards of thirty seconds before throwing him into the barricade. MVP taunts Riddle and they leave him lying.

Still to come, an injury update on Edge’s health. The Rated-R Superstar hasn’t been seen since June last year!

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Edge is sitting in a dark WWE ring. He says 2020 has taught us that nobody can sleep on tomorrow. If you have a dream you have to fight for it every day. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and sometimes you find yourself in a dark place and dust yourself off and walk forward. Ten years ago, after WrestleMania, he went to bed the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. On top of the world. Less than a week later he had to forfeit that title. Give up his career. The only thing he ever wanted to do.

Edge laughs and says he remembers when he told his wife he wanted to be a wrestler, and she said “so go do it.” Simple words, but the words that lit the fuel in him. The same fuel he used to get back. Then, at Backlash, Randy Orton tore his tricep. Another reminder that it can be taken away in an instant. But you can’t live in that mindset, you have to fight. He knows what his mom would say, “just go do it.” So with that in mind, Edge is entering this year’s Royal Rumble!

He knows it won’t be like last year, the stakes are higher. His window is getting smaller and he needs to win the Rumble, main event WrestleMania, and take back what he never lost. So on Sunday he will fight with every fibre of his being to make his dream come true. Again. He has to try because a world without dreamers and fighters is a less magical place. As Henry Ford said, “if you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Well Edge thinks he can.

Asuka is walking backstage with her two belts. She’ll be defending one of them against Alexa Bliss in the main event!

*Commercial Break*

RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Asuka Vs. Alexa Bliss

The main event gets underway and Asuka starts out aggressive, taking the fight to Bliss and forcing her to the corner. Asuka takes her down and applies an armlock but Alexa smiles. Asuka kicks the arm and applies more pressure but Bliss continues to grin and fights back. Asuka hits Alexa in the corner but Bliss dropkicks her out of the ring. Asuka stands up and suddenly Alexa is on a rocking horse with creepy music playing.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Asuka is peppering Alexa with kicks in the corner. The referee forces her back, then Asuka attempts an Irish whip but it’s reversed. Bliss dodges a dropkick and jumps on Asuka with double knees, then again for a two-count. Alexa kicks Asuka in the corner, then hits a snapmare and holds Asuka down with a rear chinlock. Asuka looks playfully frustrated when Asuka kicks out of a pin attempt.

Alexa goes to a sleeper and smiles ear-to-ear. Asuka fights up and elbows Alexa off, then hits a superkick to create some distance. Asuka dodges a running Bliss and hits a shoulder tackle, then a pop-up knee. Asuka follows-up with a hip attack in the corner, then a German suplex and a sliding knee for a near-fall. Asuka beats Alexa in the corner but the lights flicker and Alexa’s old music plays. Suddenly Alexa is in her old gear and looks terrified, like she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Alexa looks all around, almost crying. Asuka runs at her but Alexa sidesteps and Asuka hits the buckles. Alexa walks over to the corner and grabs the ropes but the lights go out again. A lullaby plays and when the lights return Alexa is in a different outfit with black make-up, kinda punk. Asuka runs and swings punches and kicks but Alexa pushes them away. Asuka hits a knee and Bliss doesn’t fall. Asuka grabs her in the Asuka Lock but Bliss overpowers her and applies the Mandible Claw. Suddenly a burnt Randy Orton appears behind Alexa and hits her with an RKO!

No Contest

That’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought of the show below! Remember we have NXT on Wednesday and SmackDown on Friday, then it’s the Royal Rumble on Sunday. So it’s an action-packed week and we want to know what you’re expecting to happen. Until next time, stay safe!

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