Brodie Lee’s passing hit so many in the pro wrestling industry very hard. His wife said he died of lung ailment that was not COVID-19. Those are all the answers anyone needs, because the fact is a great man passed away.

Bruce Mitchell of the PW Torch wrote an article about Brodie Lee’s passing that was not well received. He questioned the manner in which Brodie Lee died.

In an excerpt from the article, titled “Why The Questions Surrounding Brodie Lee’s Death Are Important,” Mitchell stated that a man Brodie Lee’s size should not have died so quickly.

“I’m not a doctor, but I’ve never heard of an athlete the size and in the shape Brodie Lee was in to be able to excel in his last two matches suddenly developing a lung condition that serious that quickly.”


Chris Hero spoke out against this article. He did not appreciate anyone questioning how Brodie Lee died. Hero also said that it was written by someone who only knew a fraction of the story.

Bruce. I hope one day you look back on yourself with extreme disappointment & gross embarrassment.

You don’t know a fraction of what you ‘think’ you know & your speculation is heartless. Do better.

Brodie Lee’s passing was tragic, and it sent many people into mourning. AEW’s New Year’s Bash will likely include a huge tribute to Lee, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the same kind of attention on WWE programming. The pro wrestling world lost a great man, and it’s not our place to question how it happened.

Felix Upton

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