AEW didn’t start on September 1st, 2018 at All In, but it proved the idea that a non-WWE pro wrestling company could draw over 10,000 fans to a venue. This was a great day, or a terrible one depending on who you ask.

One fan tweeted out that All In and the start of AEW was a dark day for pro wrestling. He called AEW “an abomination.” This provoked Cody Rhodes into replying.

I mean this day bettered the wrestling economy and QOL standards for an entire industry, so no matter which way you shake it…a great day in our history. (Not unlike the days Dream had those 3 initials on your mask white hot and fans got better wrestling and the boys got rich)

The same fan fired back a tweet at Cody Rhodes to say “we’ll see what the long term economic impact is. Certainly good for the Bucks SoCal friends but the industry overall? Remains to be seen.”


Rhodes responded by reiterating that AEW raised standards in pro wrestling contracts. He also stated that it’s the best time to be a fan because of that positive change.

It’s already been seen. Every company has had to up their financial commitment, duration, and QOL elements in their contracts. Wrestlers and their families like to eat and expand their target audience from 1 promoter to millions of fans. It’s the best time to be a fan.

This fan tweeted out that he “touched a nerve with the Crowned Prince himself.” Then he stood by his statement that AEW is “bad for wrestling overall.” Cody Rhodes replied once again.

We have grown tenfold in global penetration, social Nielsen’s, we received an extension from our partner in the space. don’t mistake somebody’s entertainment podcast for facts. Everything I’m saying is documented. The sky is blue, that shouldn’t offend you. Watch & you’ll love it

This fan shot back another reply while tagging Jim Cornette. He said that The American Nightmare was throwing shade at Corney. Rhodes has yet to respond again.

AEW accomplished a lot since opening their doors. Some fans don’t love what they have done, but the company will continue into 2021 regardless of dissenting opinions.

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