Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for WWE SmackDown on FS1, and this marks the final stop on the route to WWE TLC.

Tonight’s SmackDown will play host to the first-ever Sami Awards, where Sami Zayn gives out what he feels to be the real awards opposed to the Slammy’s. This could be a fun segment, as is every one featuring Zayn, but me thinks Big E may make an appearance to potentially set-up a showdown on Sunday.

The Street Profits will defend the SmackDown Tag team Titles against Roode and Ziggler tonight, possibly confirming this match won’t feature on the TLC PPV. One match that will be happening however is Sasha Banks Vs, Carmella, and tonight Mella will be hosting a champagne toast to celebrate her certain win at the PPV. Once again, it’s hard to see this segment going down with some interference.

Beyond that, Bianca Belair faces Bayley and we’re going to see some form of confrontation between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens ahead of their huge TLC showdown. So this has the potential to be a pretty fun episode of SmackDown, and we’ll have the results right here as they happen. Enjoy the show!



This week’s SmackDown opens with a look back at last week, when Kevin Owens confronted Roman Reigns and got destroyed for it. Owens makes his way to the ring, which is surrounded with tables, ladders, and chairs.

Owens paces back and forth and immediately calls out Roman. The Tribal Chief doesn’t respond and Owens says that’s OK, he has a lot to say. He said he heard Roman’s message loud and clear last week and he had a talk with his family this week. He told his family not to watch this Sunday but not because he doesn’t want them to see what Roman does to him, but because he doesn’t want them to look at him differently after what he does. Owens says a few weeks ago Roman said he cares how his sons see him, but his kids already know their dad is a hypocrite. He uses his family members as pawns and that’s pathetic. KO says he knows Roman knows he’s not the head of the table, he’s a coward.

Paul Heyman appears on the Titantron and says Owens should know by now Roman comes out on his own time. Heyman says he was wrong about Owens, he thought he was a masochist and that’s fine because Roman is a sadist. But KO isn’t a masochist, he’s a martyr. He’s willing to do anything to take the title and that makes him dangerous, and he’ll have to be eliminated, eradicated. Owens cuts him off and says he can’t listen to another word, he’s going to go find Roman. Owens jumps out of the ring and heads towards the back.

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Owens is walking backstage and Adam Pearce is trying to talk some sense into him. Owens ignores him and goes to Roman’s door but that’s when the Big Dog’s music hits and he walks out to the ring with Heyman. Owens is left watching a TV screen and shaking his head in anger.

Roman says he doesn’t want to hurt Owens or his family, but he’s running around telling the world he’s a bad guy. He’s not, he’s just doing what he has to do to be the guy. Reigns says Owens doesn’t get it, it’s above his pay-grade. He wants to show KO he’s a good guy, so he’s going to give him the opportunity to acknowledge him as Owens’ Tribal Chief but Owens has already walked away from the TV. If he doesn’t, he will end him. Tonight.

Owens marches down to the ring but Jey Uso attacks him from behind. The two of them scrap on the floor until Roman comes out and rip helps Jey beat KO down. They continue beating on Owens until a bunch of officials and referees run down and push them away. Roman stares them down, then lifts Owens and slams him into the barricade. Heyman hands Roman his title and they leave.

After the break, the SmackDown Tag Team Titles are on the line!

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We return to replays of what just happened, then Jey is backstage telling Roman Owens understands now. Roman says he doesn’t. He says he knows men like KO and they never learn, so he tells Jey to go end him.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships

(C) The Street Profits Vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

We start proceedings with Roode and Dawkins but an instant distraction from Ziggler allows Roode to attack Angelo against the ropes. Dolph tags in but Dawkins hits them both and tags Ford so they can hit dropkicks. Ford stomps Ziggler and hits a back suplex, kips-up and lands a moonsault. Roode jumps on the apron and Ford knocks him off before going up top. Ziggler attacks Ford, knocking him to the apron but Ford kicks Ziggler back and climbs back up, only for Roode to shove him off the top rope into the barricade!

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Back live and Ziggler pins Ford with a fisherman suplex for a near-fall. Ziggler whips him chest-first into the buckles, then tags Roode and they hit a double-team splash/kitchen sink/Russian leg sweep for a two-count. Roode drops knees to the back of Ford’s neck on the mat, then puts him in the corner and tags Dolph. Ford makes some wild swings for Dolph but eats a dropkick to the gut for his troubles.

Roode tags in and hits a gutwrench suplex for a two-count, then tags Dolph again. Ford fights out of a submission but gets kicked down and Roode tags in again. Ford tosses Ziggler up and over the ropes, then dodges Roode who hits the buckles hard. Ford makes a tag to Dawkins, who comes in hot with spinning back elbows, a flapjack, and an overhead belly-to-belly.

Dawkins hits both men with spinning splashes in the corners, then a spinning double-arm neckbreaker to Roode for a near-fall. Dawkins looks for a spinebuster but Roode counters. Ziggler tags in and Roode throws him up for a super Fame-Asser and a near-fall. Dawkins blocks a superkick and hits the Annointment and tags Ford. Montez hits From The Heavens but crawls to the tag and Roode breaks it up. Roode rolls-up Ford for a two-count, holding the tights, but Ford reverses the roll-up and holds the tights to win!

Winners: The Street Profits

Ziggler and Roode are furious with the referee and demonstrate what happened. They corner him and berate him but he starts shouting at them, telling them they’ll get suspended if they don’t back off.

Later tonight, Carmella will offer a toast to Sasha Banks, and Bianca Belair will face Bayley. Kevin Owens is limping around backstage with Adam Pearce and a referee trying to talk some sense into him. Jey Uso attacks him from behind with a chair and screams at him to stay down. Uso hits him again, then drops the chair. Jey leaves and KO stumbles to his feet.

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Bianca Belair is backstage with Kayla Braxton. Belair says Bayley is not a role model. A role model is someone you aspire to be, not beat. Bayley is the measuring stick on SmackDown but she always has something to say, so tonight the EST of WWE will S.H.I.N.E.

The Riott Squad Vs. Billie Kay & Tamina

Tamina starts with Liv and they lock-up. Tamina forces Liv to the corner, then throws her across the ring! Tamina kicks and chokes Morgan in the corner, then runs at her but nobody’s home. Tag made to Ruby and they hit a double-team kick to Tamina. Ruby looks for the Riott Kick but Tamina shoots her off and hits a clothesline. Kay cheers her partner on from the apron.

Tamina continues assaulting Riott, and backing her into their corner. Tamina hits a Samoan drop and Billie tags herself in for a two-count thanks to Liv. Billie argues with the referee and tells Morgan to stay on the apron. Ruby counters a body slam and tags Morgan. They both knock Tamina off the apron with a dropkick, then hit a double-team reverse S.T.O and meteora to Billie for the win.

Winners: The Riott Squad

Carmella is shown backstage, choosing her poison for the champagne toast to Sasha Banks, and that happens next!

*Commercial Break*

Carmella’s lackey is in the ring with champagne, and out she comes after replays of her beating of Sasha Banks last week. Carmella sings “’Tis the season to drink bubbly”, then laughs. She says she’s had her little man out here tasting so she can choose the perfect champagne for tonight’s big celebration. Some say it’s too early to be celebrating, but that’s why they’re sitting at home on a gross futon and she’s where she is. She says her champagne costs more than our phone numbers and she’s better than everyone.

Carmella says Banks has a lot of attributes on paper; she’s fast, smart and wily. But she’s not as good as her and she’s drowning as Champion. She lashed out last week when she knew she was getting beat, and that’s how she knows she’s already won the match on Sunday night. Banks’ whole identity is built around being the best, which is why she has to prove she’s better than her. But she’ll be so angry she’ll get herself disqualified again. Carmella asks who Sasha is if she’s not The Boss?

Carmella asks for a drink and the guy gives it to her. She doesn’t like it, saying it tastes cheap and frantic, kinda like Sasha Banks. The Boss’ music hits and Carmella sends her lackey out to meet her on the ramp…but Sasha comes in from behind. Banks stops to try the champagne, then tosses it at Carmella and attacks her. Banks applies the Bank Statement but Carmella’s lackey pulls her off. Carmella then smashes another bottle of champagne across Sasha’s back!

Kevin Owens is in the doctor’s office when Jey Uso runs in and attacks him. They brawl until Jey slams him into the wall, then lifts and smashes KO through a table! Uso yells at Owens to stay down.

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Otis W/Chad Gable Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura W/Cesaro

The match gets underway and Nakamura takes the back of Otis but the big man counters with a wristlock. Nakamura turns the tables but Otis lifts Nakamura and throws him off. Otis hits a running headbutt for a two-count. Nakamura rolls to the apron and kicks Otis, then drags him under the rope and hits a running knee, which Cesaro applauds.

Nakamura peppers Otis with stiff knees, a stomp to the face, then kicks to the chest and back. Otis gets fired-up and hits a running splash, then a flapjack. Otis looks to do the Caterpillar but Gable jumps on the apron and tells him to stop, that he should do a suplex instead. Nakamura takes the chance and rolls Otis up for a near-fall. Otis hits an overhead suplex, then a Vader Bomb for the win!

Winner: Otis

Sami Zayn is backstage, wearing a purple suit with sleeked hair. He gets mad at a lackey because he hasn’t polished the statues. Sami storms off and Big E walks-up, looking like Bob Backlund, and laughs maniacally.

We see a video of “2020” coming to the ring to confront Drew McIntyre. We then see a montage of Superstars beating the crap out of 2020 but it keeps getting back up. Then 2021 appears and beats it up. Happy New Year from WWE.

*Commercial Break*

Sami Zayn is on the stage to present the first-ever Sami Awards. He welcomes us and says in recent years the Slammy’s have taken a dive. Nobody takes them seriously because they serve to highlight the corporate favourites, and that’s not what the Sami Awards are. Before we begin however, he wants to take a look at the year that’s been, and we see a video of Zayn highlights.

Zayn says it’s been an incredible year and our first award is for ‘Comeback of the Year’, which includes Edge and Roman Reigns, among others…but the winner is Sami Zayn! Zayn is taken aback by the win. Next up is the Sami for ‘Match of the Year’, and this one goes to Sami Zayn Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Jeff Hardy in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship! Sami is amazed. The final award of the night is for ‘Superstar of the Year’, and this one goes to…Big E?!

Big E comes out, cheering and pumping his fist. He takes the award and thanks his mother, as well as a football team but Sami shoves him. Big E then clubs Zayn in the gut before throwing him the entire way down the ramp! Big E goes back to the podium and thanks everyone for his history win…then break the trophy.

Kayla Braxton interviews Bayley backstage and tells her that Bianca Belair called her a measuring stick. Bayley says she’s flattered but she isn’t going to take it easy on her. Bayley says Belair’s biggest achievement to date is running track in college, but so what? So did she, and she was captain of her high school basketball team but she doesn’t brag about it. Tonight she puts the EST on the MAT.

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Bianca Belair Vs. Bayley

The bell rings and they lock-up. Belair attempt a body slam but Bayley counters with a roll-up, only for Belair to handspring over her. Belair taunts her but Bayley grabs her arm and wraps it in the ropes until the referee counts to four. Bianca is annoyed and hits a shoulder tackle, then flips over Bayley again. Bayley goes to the apron and hangs-up Bianca before mocking her. Belair swipes her feet and Bayley lands on the apron, so Bianca drags her inside for a two-count.

Bianca jumps over Bayley in the corner and flips to the opposite, then slaps her butt to taunt Bayley. Bianca jumps over Bayley and drops her, then tries to handspring over her but Bayley grabs her arm and slams her down. Bayley drags her under the bottom rope and slams the arm into the apron before taking her outside and tossing her into the barricade.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Bayley is beating Bianca on the floor. She shouts at Michael Cole but Belair then slams Bayley into the steps and the role model barely makes it inside before the ten count. Both women drop each other with right hands. They get up and Belair forces Bayley to the corner with right hands, then drills her with repeated shoulders. Belair hits a vertical suplex with a few squats for good measure, then rakes the arm and hits an arm-drag.

Belair hits a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. Bayley gets caught with two backbreakers for another near-fall. Bianca goes up top and Bayley intercepts her, drags Belair halfway off the ropes and does some squats, but Bianca jumps off and suplexes her. Bayley runs at her but gets flapjacked into the turnbuckles. Belair hits a spinebuster for a near-fall. Bayley rolls-up Belair and uses the ropes for leverage but the referee sees it. Belair rolls-up Bayley for two, then deadlifts her up but Bayley rakes the eyes and hits the Rose Plant for the win!

Winner: Bayley

We get a rundown for the TLC PPV, which includes the recently announced Firefly Inferno Match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring, flanked by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. He’ll make his final address to Kevin Owens ahead of TLC.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Roman is in the ring with his tribe. He says he’s been trying hard to understand why if someone had the opportunity to be in the main event of a PPV, in a Championship match with Roman Reigns, why would you blow it? You’re on the island of relevancy, a place where you can get huge pay-days and your kids’ kids will remember it for years to come.

Kevin Owens music hits and he comes stumbling out to the ring. Jey Uso jumps out of the ring and runs at him but Owens grabs a chair and hits him twice. Owens gets into the ring and starts brawling with Roman. Owens is about to hit the Stunner when Uso re-appears and superkicks him. Roman hits a Spear, then batters Owens with a chair while Jey throws more chairs and two tables into the ring.

Jey sets-up the table while Roman continues to berate and beat Owens with the chair. Roman lifts Owens and throws him at Jey, who hits an awkward spinebuster through the table. Roman then instructs Jey to use the second table. Reigns shouts at Owens, then lifts him up and hits a Samoan drop through the table. Reigns tells Jey to get more weapons, and while Uso does that Roman slams Owens with the broken table pieces in the ring.

Jey slides a table and a ladder inside, along with chairs. Roman uses all the weapons in the ring to bury Kevin Owens. They beat the rubble on top of Owens with chairs, then Roman and Jey leave with Heyman. Kayla Braxton stops Roman in the back but they see Kevin Owens rising from the grave in the ring. Owens sits on a chair and tells Roman that nothing they can do will keep him down. At TLC he’s going to take the Universal Championship or die trying.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Tell us what you thought of the show and I’ll see you back here on Sunday night for the TLC PPV. Until then we’ll have more wrestling news than you can shake a stick at, so stay tuned and stay safe!

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