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Following the final TakeOver of the year, we will see the fallout from WarGames and hear from the NXT Champion Finn Balor. Only two segments have been announced for tonight’s edition of NXT, but let’s run down the card for tonight.

First up, NXT will kick off with words from the NXT Champion Finn Balor. The last time Balor tried to address the NXT Universe, he was cut off by Pat McAfee and company. Tonight, hopefully we will hear about the future of the current NXT Champion. However, following the doomsday video during WarGames, the lurking threat of Karrion Kross must be on everyone’s mind.

Also tonight, Tommaso Ciampa will take on Cameron Grimes. Ciampa is a man on a mission, and his brutual match with Timothy Thatcher at WarGames seemed like it was just the beginning. Tonight, Ciampa looks to continue his run of dominance against Grimes.


While nothing has been confirmed for either Undisputed Era or the new NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano, one must wonder what is next for both. After dispatching Pat McAfee and his group during WarGames, can Undisputed Era finally be done with them? Who will be Gargano’s next opponent for his championship?

Tonight looks to be an exciting episode as we build to New Year’s Evil, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

A recap of WarGames.

Finn Balor comes out and cuts a promo directly to the camera. He says that he’s back, and he calls out anyone that wants to fight him. Pete Dunne’s music hits, and Dunne comes out.

Dunne says that he and Balor are cut from the same cloth and he starts saying how he wants to take on Balor. O’Reilly comes out and inserts himself into the conversation. He says that, while he and Dunne went to war, Undisputed Era came out on top.

O’Reilly says that he took Balor to the limit, but Damian Priest comes out. Before Priest can say anything, Dunne cuts him off, and O’Reilly, Priest, and Dunne have an argument. Balor starts to walk away and says that it is Regal’s decision to say who he will defend his title against.

As Balor starts to walk to the back, Karrion Kross’ music hits. Scarlett comes out, and Balor says that he has a message for Kross: “When he’s ready, Finn’s ready.”

Priest calls out Scarlett and asks where Kross is. He says that he will fight Kross when Kross comes back. Scarlett laughs and walks to the back and we go to commercial.

Dunne is walking to the back and is interviewed about his confrontation with Balor. Suddenly, Killian Dain jumps him from behind for the attack perpetrated by Dunne. Drake Maverick and others separate them.

Jake Atlas vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Scott and Atlas wrap up. Scott takes him down, but Atlas get back to his feet . Atlas escapes and rolls up Scott. Scott kicks out and goes for an armbar, but Atlas escapes and rolls to the outside. Scott gets to the apron and kicks Atlas with a PK, then rolls Atlas back into the ring.

Atlas hits Scott with an uppercut and a hurricanrana, but Scott takes Atlas down. Scott goes for a rolling flatliner, but Atlas evades. Atlas rolls away out of the corner, and Scott catches him with a flatliner.

Scott chops at Atlas, knocking him down. Atlas hits Scott with a superkick and a spinning knee strike. Atlas hit Scott with a clothesline and a modified falcon arrow, pinning Scott for two.

Atlas and Scott trade blows. Scott gets Atlas in a firemans carry and hits with a death valley driver into a House Call. Scott picks up Atlas, but Atlas rolls up Scott. Scott rolls through and gets an armbar on Atlas. Atlas transitions to a pinfall attempt, but Scott kicks out.

Scott goes for a German suplex, but Atlas fights out. Scott goes for a crucifix pin, but Atlas rolls onto his back and catches Scott for a three count.

Winner: Jake Atlas

Scott is clearly upset after the match, and he walks to the back with a scowl on his face.

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo in the back. He says that no one is safe and it is time that he lets the past die in the past. He calls out Cameron Grimes, saying that Grimes “is the squeakiest wheel in the shed, and it’s time that I change that.” He says that Grimes is either confident or insecure, but he’ll find out which is true, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we head straight into a triple threat tag team match.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Imperium vs. Ever-Rise

Gibson and Aichner get in the ring, but Ever-Rise try to escape. Barthel and Drake toss one of the members of Ever-Rise in to the ring and take him down. Barthel and Gibson fight in the ring, and Barthel takes Gibson down with a suplex and a pinfall attempt for two.

Matt Marthel tries to take out Barthel, but Gibson breaks it up and tags in Drake before taking out both members of Ever-Rise on the apron. Barthel and Drake brawl in Drake’s corner, and Drake tags in Gibson, who then hits a dive onto Marthel on the outside.

Gibson tosses Barthel back in the ring and tags in James Drake. Drake covers Barthel for two. Barthel picks up Drake and hits a back suplex. Both men are down and Marthel comes in and stomps away at Drake and Marthel.

Chase Parker tags in and they take out Barthel, pinning him for two. Marthel tags back in and they take down James Drake, pinning him for two. Drake and Barthel work together to take out Marthel, and Fabian Aichner and Zack Gibson tag in.

Aichner gets a waste lock in on Gibson tags in Drake. Chase Parker and Matt Martel take out Drake and toss Aichner out of the ring. They cover Drake for two. Aichner comes in and takes out Drake with a slam and a mooonsault, pinning Drake for two.

Barthel tags in Aichner, and Barthel takes out Gibson outside of the ring. They hit the European Bomb on Drake, and Matt Martel and Chase Parker run in, tossing Imperium out of the ring, pinning Drake for two. Drake fights to his feet and gets Chase Parker up in a hold, while Gibson runs in. They hit Parker with Ticket to Mayhem, pinning him for three.

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans

Wade Barrett tells us that we will take a look at the casualties of WarGames right after this commercial.

Back from commercial, we hear from both women and men that participated in WarGames matches. We learn that Bobby Fish had to go to the hospital after the match and Dakota Kai says that she “won’t be seen for a while.” We also learn that Candice LeRae’s arm was indeed broken during the match as well.

Toni Storm is interviewed backstage about why she turned on Ember Moon. Storm says that Moon was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she made the right choice in turning since her team won. She says that she is only focused on the title.

Io Shirai comes out and confronts Storm, saying that now that WarGames is over, he title is her only prioirity. Io says, “Toni, I don’t have a problem with you. I just don’t like you.” Io attacks Toni and they brawl from backstage into the ring.

In the ring, Io hits a shote palm strike on Toni, then hits a meteora in the corner. Io sets up Toni for a moonsault, but Toni rolls out of the ring. Before she can retreat up the ramp, Ember Moon attacks Toni from behind, tossing her into the steel steps and then tossing Toni back in the ring. Io hits her moonsault on Toni, and Ember retreats up the ramp.

Tommaso Ciampa and Cameron Grimes are both shown backstage, getting ready for their match, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cameron Grimes is making his entrance.

Cameron Grimes vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Grimes and Ciampa lock up, and Ciampa takes him down with a headlock. Grimes tries to roll Ciampa into a pin, but Ciampa keeps his leverage, then drives his knee into Grimes’ arm and shoulder. Grimes rolls and picks Ciampa’s foot.

Timothy Thatcher comes down with a chair, and he sits at the bottom of the ramp, watching Ciampa and Grimes. Grimes pushes Ciampa into the corner, then Grimes chops at Ciampa and whips him into the corner.

Ciampa whips Grimes into the ropes and hits Grimes with an elbow. Grimes rolls out of the ring and runs away, hiding behind Thatcher. Grimes tries to take advantage of the distraction and attack Ciampa, but Ciampa blocks and strikes Grimes, tossing him back in the ring, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Grimes has Ciampa in a headlock, then clubs away at Ciampa’s upper back. Ciampa gets to his feet and fights out of the hold. Grimes tries to hit Ciampa in the midsection with his knee, and Ciampa rolls up Grimes for two.

Ciampa kicks Grimes in the midsection, then takes Grimes down with a series of clothesline and a leaping clothesline. Grimes runs at Ciampa in the corner and hits a running knee in Grimes’ face, covering him for two.

Ciampa picks up Grimes and chops him in the chest. Ciampa goes for Fairytale Ending, but Grimes escapes and hits Ciampa in the throat. Ciampa goes for Willow’s Bell, but Grimes rolls up Ciampa for two. Grimes and Ciampa hit each other with flying crossbodies, but Grimes falls onto Ciampa for a pin. Ciampa kicks out at two.

Grimes goes for a German suplex, but Ciampa blocks. Grimes goes for a scoop slam, but Ciampa escapes. Grimes goes to the middle rope, but Ciampa knocks him off the top, sending him crashing to the ground outside. A student of Thatcher’s runs the the apron and distracts Ciampa.

Ciampa catches the student and goes for Willow’s Bell, but Grimes jumps Ciampa. Ciampa instead hits Willow’s Bell on Grimes, then pins him for three.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Thatcher stare each other down as Ciampa takes a seat on the apron and Thatcher gets out of his chair. Ciampa slowly walks to Thatcher. He talks smack to Thatcher as Ciampa walks up the ramp. Thatcher says that he didn’t have anything to do with his student running into the match, and Ciampa doesn’t believe him, but he walks to the back.

Cameron Grimes confronts Thatcher on the outside, and Thatcher tries to walk away. Grimes stops him and Thatcher twists at Grimes leg, sending him the ground, holding his leg. Thatcher walks to the back.

Raquel Gonzalez is interviewed backstage about their WarGames win. Gonzalez says that, while they won, it came at the cost of Dakota Kai’s injury. Gonzalez says that she will make Ember Moon pay tonight.

Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Austin Theory, and Indi Hartwell are shown backstage on their way to the ring. We are set to hear from them after a commercial break.

Back from commercial and we get a pre-taped video package of Boa and Xi Li going through intense and painful training at the hands of the old man from weeks ago. Li is shown punching her hands bloody and Boa is repeatedly struck with a kendo stick.

Back in the arena, Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Austin Theory, and Indi Hartwell come out. Gargano grabs a mic and hands one to Candice as well. Gargano says that he said he would show people the way, and now they are looking at the present and the future of NXT.

Candice says that Sunday they dominated. Gargano mentions that Candice broke her arm and he has stitches in his mouth. The audience’s boos are starting to overpower Gargano’s voice, but Gargano says that he goes a gift for Candice.

Indi brings in an object covered with a cloth into the ring. Johnny takes off the clothe and it is a trophy with a doll’s head on top. The doll’s head is made to look like Shotzi Blackheart.

Gargano says that Damian Priest and Leon Ruff want to take on Gargano and Theory in a match next week, and he says that he is fine with that.

Damian Priest comes out. He congratulates Gargano on winning and says that he is going to beat up Theory. Priest starts walking down the to the ring, and Karrion Kross suddenly attacks Priest from behind.

Kross beats up Priest and powerbombs him off the stage at the top of the ramp, sending him through a table. Kross walks through the backstage area and into a waiting car with Scarlett in the passenger seat. Kross gets in the driver’s seat and drives off as we go to commercial.

Backstage, Tyler Rust is about to be interviewed about attacking Tommaso Ciampa, but Malcolm Bivens interrupts her and asks for Rust to come and talk to him. Rust agrees, and they walk away.

Pete Dunne is already in the ring, ready for his match.

Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dain

Dain has a wild look in his eyes, and he makes a beeline for the ring. Dain runs after Dunne and they brawl into the corner. Dain tosses Dunne around the ring. Dunne goes for a kick, but Dain catches it and tackles Dunne into the corner.

The referee has to pull Dain back, and Dunne gets a cheap shot in on Dain. Dain returns to with a pump kick to the face. Dain kicks Dunne again, sending Dunne to the outside. Dain goes outside and kicks Dunne in the face again.

Dain slams Dunne’s neck and face into the apron. Dunne gets to the outside and tries to push Dain face first into the steel steps. Dain blocks and grabs Dunne, pushing him into the ringpost. Dain goes for a headbutt, but Dunne moves.

Dunne goes after Dain’s head, tossing him back into the ring and stomping his head into the apron. Dunne also stomps on Dain’s head in the ring, then kicks away at his head and face. Dain hulks up and gets to his feet, hitting a belly to belly suplex.

Dain punches away at Dunne’s midsetion, but Dunne dodges and hits a German suplex on Dain. Dunne follows it up by stomping on Dain’s hands. Dain rolls to the apron, gets to his feet, and stares at Dunne, saying, “That all you got?” as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Dunne is in control. Dunne locks in a sleeper on Dain. Dain fights to his feet and Dunne jumps on Dain’s back. Dain lays out on his back and lands on Dunne, making Dunne release the hold. Dain charges and Dunne, then tosses him corner to corner and following it up with punches to Dunne’s head.

Dain runs at Dunne, but Dunne low-bridges Dain, sending him out of the ring. Dain quickly recovers, hitting a ura nage, a senton, and a powerbomb onto Dunne, pinning him for two.

Dain gets Dunne in an electric chair position, and Dunne goes for a triangle choke. Dain hits another power bomb onto Dunne and both men are down. Dain gets to his feet and hits a dropkick on Dunne. Dain goes for a cannonball senton onto Dunne in the corner, but Dunne dodges.

Dunne lays into Dain with kicks to the body of Dain. Dunne goes to the top rope, but Dain gives chase, hitting a fisherman’s superplex. Dain covers Dunne for two. Dain picks up Dunne, but Dunne hits an enziguri on Dain. Dunne goes to snap Dain’s fingers, but Dain hits a clothesline on Dunne, turning him inside out.

Dain picks up Dunne, hitting him with a fireman’s carry slam and a senton, but as Dain goes for a Vader Bomb, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out. Drake Maverick comes down and fights them off with a chair.

Maverick turns his back on them and they comes back. Dain escapes the ring and fights off Burch and Lorcan. As Dain goes to get back in the ring, Dunne catches Dain with a huge kick to the head, then the Bitter End, pinning Dain for three.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Leon Ruff is interviewed backstage about what happened to Priest, and Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory come out and say that there is no way that Priest will be ready for their tag team match next week. Gargano says that Leon Ruff will take them on two-on-one and walks off. Suddenly, Kushida walks up and offers to be Ruff’s partner next week, and Ruff seems to accept the offer as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Raquel Gonzalez is coming out for her match.

Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon

Moon is able to use her speed to evade Gonzalez, but her kicks aren’t strong enough to affect her. Moon runs to the ropes and goes for a leaping Codebreaker, but Gonzalez catches her and tosses her to the mat.

Gonzalez grabs moon by the neck and chokes her against the ropes before hitting her with an elbow in the corner and tossing Moon around the ring. Gonzalez whips Moon hard into a corner and slams into her.

Gonzalez goes for a hip toss, but Moon blocks with a kick. Gonzalez takes Moon down anyway and hits her with a series of elbow drops, pinning Moon for two. Gonzlez goes for a running pump kick, but Moon dodges. Moon strikes away at Gonzalez, then hits her with a series of dropkicks.

Gonzalez eventually drops to her knees and Moon hits her with a flatliner. Gonzalez gets to the apron and Moon runs at Gonzalez’s midsection, sending her crashing to the floor outside, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Gonzalez has a submission hold locked on Moon. Moon escapes and tries to roll Gonzalez up, but Gonzalez blocks. Moon runs the ropes, but Gonzalez catches her with a boot, then pins her for two.

Gonzalez locks in an armbar on Moon. Moon kicks Gonzalez away, then catches her with her feet and sends her into the middle rope in the corner. Moon goes to the middle rope and hits a leaps to the floor, hitting a tornado suplex.

Gonzalez runs at Moon, but Moon fights back with kicks. Moon hits an enziguri, sending Gonzalez into the corner. Moon geos for a bulldog out of the corner, but Gonzalez blocks. Moon hits a spinning DDT on Gonzalez, pinning her for two.

Moon hits Gonzalez to the outside, then hits a dive onto Gonzalez, sending her into the announce table. Moon tries to climb some of the metal poles around the ring, but Gonzalez pulls Moon off and tosses her face first into the ringpost. Gonzalez pins Moon for two.

Moon gets to the corner, but Gonzalez runs at her and geos for a shoulder tackle. Moon dodges and Gonzalez goes into the ringpost. Moon kicks Gonzalez in the head and pins her for two. Moon goes to the top rope and goes for an Eclipse. Gonzalez catches Moon and hits her with a clothesline.

Gonzalez goes for her single arm powerbomb, but Moon escapes and rolls up Gonzalez for two. Gonzalez again goes for a single arm powerbomb and hits it, pinning Moon for two.

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

Toni Storm comes down to the ring and stares at a downed Moon. She stands over Moon and picks her up by the hair. Rhea Ripley’s music hits and she comes down to the ring. She drags Moon out of the ring, away from Storm, then gets on the apron.

Ripley stares at Storm, but Gonzalez steps up and stares her down. Ripley gets in the ring and they size each other up. The circle each other and Raquel leaves the ring and backs up but continues to stare Ripley down as NXT goes off the air.

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