Ryback is all about “Feed Me More,” but you can leave the meat off his plate. He’s vegan now, and has kept that diet up for the past seven weeks. Now he’s seeing some big results.

The Big Guy posted a selfie on social media to show off his ripped physique. He weights in at 292 pounds now, and he boasted that his energy is incredibly high as well. He’s still waiting on lab results to come back, but switching to a vegan diet seems to have done wonders for him

7 weeks Vegan and bodyweight is 292 lbs. I just keep seeing improvements and energy increasing even more. Conditioning is at a very high level cardio wise and don’t have any intentions of eating animal or dairy products. Lab work completed yesterday, so will see where we are at

Ryback could be gearing up for an in-ring return. It would really help his situation if WWE would stop hanging onto his name, but that situation seems to be on-going.


He didn’t specify if going vegan is a long-term change, but it certainly seems to be helping him achieve some impressive results.

H Jenkins

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