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Off the heels of Halloween Havoc, NXT has announced 4 big matches for tonight’s card. Let’s run down the announced matches for the show.

First up, Shotzi Blackheart will go against Toni Storm. This is the first time these two women have shared a ring on NXT television, so it will be interesting to see how these two women’s styles clash in tonight’s matchup.

Next, Kushida has once against set his eyes on Cameron Grimes, and Kushida looks to continue his winning streak tonight. Kushida is hot off of a victory over both Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream, whereas Grimes just lost his Haunted House of Terror match against Dexter Lumis at Halloween Havoc. Will Grimes be able to bounce back, or will Kushida keep his momentum?


Also on the card, Tommaso Ciampa looks to get his revenge on Velveteen Dream when they face off tonight. It is difficult to see which one of these men will be the face in this matchup, though Ciampa seems to have a legitimate reason for wanting to destroy Dream, and anyone that faces Dream seems to be getting the face treatment, so crowd reaction could be something interesting to keep an ear out for during this match.

Finally, Ember Moon will face against Dakota Kai. Like the previously mentioned match between Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa, this match was also announced towards the end of Halloween Havoc last week, but the history between these two goes back to Ember Moon’s return. Kai has seemed to have Moon in her sights ever since Moon came back at NXT TakeOver 31, and Moon will look to finally shake Kai tonight.

Many more questions linger in the background tonight following the events of Halloween Havoc: Who was the masked figure that helped Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae? How will Undisputed Era respond to Pat McAfee’s new faction? Hopefully we get some development in these storylines as well tonight, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM, EST!

Opening Segment

We see a recap of Johnny Gargano becoming NXT North American Champion, Rhea Ripley beating Raquel Gonzlez, and Io Shirai retaining her NXT Women’s Championship.

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai (w/Raquel Gonzalez)

Moon pushes Kai into a corner, then hits her with an armdrag takedown. Kai rolls through and slams Moon’s head into the mat. Moon gets control and bars Kai’s arm, but Kai pulls Moon down and gets her in a headlock.

Moon escapes the headlock and goes after the arm again, but Kai reverses and bars Moon’s left arm. Kai pulls Moon up into an armdrag, but Moon gets Kai in a scissorshead, taking her down. Kai rolls back and pins Moon for two.

Kai locks in a double underhook hold on Kai. Kai escapes and goes back after Moon’s left arm. Moon escapes, but Kai tosses her to the mat by her hair. Moon jumps up immediately and does the same to Kai.

They trade shoves, and Moon drops Kai with a leg sweep and a senton. Moon charges at Kai in the corner. Kai evades, getting to the apron. Moon goes to the adjacent apron, and Kai pulls Moon’s arm, sending her shoulder into the ring post.

Kai follows it up by driving her foot into Moon’s shoulder against the ring post. Back in the ring, Kai targets that same shoulder, tossing her into the corner shoulder first. Kai goes for an armbar on that same shoulder. Moon tries to roll through into a pinfall attempt, but Kai pushes Moon down. Moon gets back to a sitting position, but Kai takes Moon down, pinning her head down with her feet.

Moon fights to her feet and hits a single arm powerbomb on Kai. Moon kicks at Kai, then hits her with an enziguri. Moon runs the ropes, but Kai follows and hits her with a forearm to the face. Moon runs the ropes and hits a kick on Moon, but Kai returns with a kick to the head.

Moon runs the ropes and slides under the ring, Kai goes after her, but Moon does the same thing to her that Kai did to Moon previously, pulling her around to meet her face to face, then hitting her with a forearm smash to the face, then a kick to the head. Moon gets back in the ring and hits a suicide dive onto Kai. Moon gets back in the ring and goes for another, but Kai moves out of the way, sending Moon crashing into the barricade as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Moon hits Kai with spinebuster, covering Kai for two. Kai kicks Moon to the face, then runs at Moon, hitting a Yoshi Tonic, pinning Moon for two. Kai picks up Moon and goes for a Go to Kick, but Mon escapes. Kai catches Moon with a kick to the head anyway. Moon hits Kai with a codebreaker, pinning her for two.

Moon baits Kai, telling her that she will let Kai punch her in the face for free. Kai goes to punch her, but Moon escapes and locks Kai into a crossface. Kai and Moon trade crucifix pinfall attempts, and Kai captures Moon’s injured left arm in an armbar. Moon reaches the ropes, forcing a rope break.

Kai pounds away at Moon’s upper back, then stomps on her back. Kai picks up Moon and slaps her in the face. Moon was unphased, and she lays into Kai with chops and knees to the midsection. Moon hits a hiptoss on Moon, sending Kai into the corner. Moon tosses Kai onto the mat.

Raquel Gonzalez gets on the apron, distracting Moon and the ref. While Moon is distracted, Kai kicks Moon in the head, stunning her. Kai then picks Moon up into a fireman’s carry, then hits her with a Go to Kick, pinning her for three.

Winner: Dakota Kai

We get a look at Cameron Grimes backstage, and he is asked how he feels after last week’s Haunted House of Terrors match. He seems very spooked, but he said that he’s “over it.” A ref appears behind him to tell him that his match is next, and it scares Grimes so bad that he runs offscreen. We are told that Cameron Grimes vs. Kushida is next, after this commercial..

Back from commercial, and Shotzi Blackheart is asked about her upcoming match with Toni Storm. Shotzi says that William Regal let her pick an opponent for tonight after hosting Halloween Havoc, and she says that she picked Toni Storm because she knew that it would be a huge test for her.

Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes

Kushida tries to take down Grimes, but Grimes keeps running from him, retreating to the corner. Kushida goes for a single-leg takedown, then a roll up pinfall attempt for one. Grimes takes Kushida down and covers him for one. Kushida locks in a headlock and transitions into a pin for one.

Kushida bars Grimes’ arm, but Grimes reverses and gets a headlock in on Kushida, then twists at Kushida’s ear and stomps on his head. Kushida and Grimes run the ropes, and Kushida hits a hiptoss into an armbar on Grimes. Kushida goes back to Grimes; arms and furthers the submission, then breaks it and hits an armbreaker followed by a dropkick, pinning Grimes for two.

Grimes kicked Kushida in the face, and when Grimes gets back to his feet, he grounds Kushida with an armbar. Kushida takes Grimes down with an armdrag and goes for an armbar of his own. Grimes gets to his feet and punches Kushida in the lower back multiple times.

Grimes picks up Kushida and goes for a German suplex. Kushida rolls through and goes for a pin, but Grimes kicks out. Grimes picks up Kushida and hits him with snake eyes on the top rope. Grimes pins Kushida for two, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Kushida fights out of the corner, then Kushida hits a backspring elbow and an atomic drop, following by a dropkick and an overhead kick. Kushida tosses Grimes to the apron and then kicks Grimes off the apron. Griems gets back in the ring and Kushida hits him with a crossbody, pinning him for two.

Grimes rolls up Kushida for two. Grimes goes for a backslide, transitions into a powerbomb, and Grimes pins him. Kushida kicks out at two. Kushida stands in the corner trying to catch his break. Grimes sits Kushida on the top rope and Grimes gives chase. Kushida unbalances Grimes, and Grimes falls and is crotched on the top rope.

Kushida looks like he might go for the Hoverboard Lock, but Kushida instead just drives Grimes’ arm into the ground. Grimes goes for a roll up, but he accidentally knocked over the ref. Kushida catches Grimes in a Hoverboard Lock and Grimes taps out, but the referee is still knocked out outside of the ring.

Grimes and Kushida run the ropes, and Grimes hits his Spanish Fly crossbody move, pinning Kushida. The referee is still knocked out. A new referee comes out, and it is the same referee who was a zombie during the Haunted House of Terrors match last week. The referee runs down but Grimes is scared and he runs around the ring, running from the ref. Kushida catches Grimes in a Hoverboard Lock, and Grimes taps out.

Winner: Kushida

We get a video of Toni Storm talking about her return to NXT and the upcoming match with Shotzi Blackheart, and then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we see a video package from Io Shirai calling out Rhea Ripley.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain vs. Ever-Rise

Maverick and Dain go right after Martel and Parker. Dain tosses Maverick out of the ring and starts the match with Chase Parker. Dain tags Maverick in and throws him at Parker, then hits a senton on Parker. Dain tosses Maverick down onto Parker, and Maverick pins him for two.

Matt Martel tags in and punches away at Maverick. Parker tags in and hits a running knee to the head of Maverick, pinning him for two. Parker goes after a nerve in Maverick’s neck, putting pressure on it. Parker hits Maverick with an elbow to the back of the head, then he tosses Maverick face first into the corner.

Maverick fights back, nailing Parker with a punch, then getting a foot up when Parker runs at Maverick. Parker tries to block Maverick from making the tag, but Maverick sends Parker out of the ring. Instead of going for the pin, Maverick goes out of the ring and attacks Parker.

Meanwhile, we see footage from outside, showing Pat McAfee, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, and Pete Dunne entering the arena. They come down and attack Killain Dain and Pete Dunne, while Pat McAfee holds a camera and watches and Ever-Rise retreat up the ramp.

Winners: Drake Maverick and Killian Dain

After Pete Dunne takes out rake Maverick, he helps Burch and Lorcan hit an elevated DDT on Dain. McAfee gets on the apron and shoots the camera at himself, Burch, Lorcan, and Dunne, saying, “Smile if you are part of the greatest four man team in wrestling history.” All four men laugh taunt at the camera as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, McAfee, Dunne, Burch, and Lorcan are standing in the ring. McAfee is cutting a promo, saying that they run NXT, and they aren’t scumbags. McAfee says that they are kings of NXT, so they should pay tribute to the Undisputed Era. He says that tonight they will hang the Undisputed Era banner in the rafters to commemorate their reign in NXT.

McAfee runs down Undisputed Era some more, talking about how they were very dominant and very popular. McAfee calls out Pete Dunne, asking Dunne what happened with they needed another member in Undisputed Era, talking about how Roderick Strong turned on him, so he got revenge on O’Reilly.

McAfee continues to talk up Undisputed Era, talking about how NXT changed, to make Undisputed Era look amazing, but no one else mattered. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch say that they were overlooked and under-appreciated, but now they are NXT Tag Team Champions.

McAfee says that his run-in with Adam Cole is the thing that started the destruction of the Undisputed Era. He called on people that hated Undisputed Era and put a group together very easily. He says that it is now time for the start of a new reign.

McAfee, Lorcan, Burch, and Dunne get ready to raise the banner into the rafters, but they change their mind and decide to throw the banner into a trash can. Oney Lorcan grabs a trash can and brings it into the ring.

Burch gets out lighter fluid and a lighter. McAfee tosses the banner in the garbage can and Dunne pours lighter fluid into the can. Dunne lights his lighter and tosses it into the trash, starting a fire. McAfee says, “We’re the greatest, you suck. Cheers.” And all four of them leave the ring, walking to the back.

The camera follows them to the back, but before they can get into their car, Killian Dain appears and attacks everyone. They take out Dain, and he ends up laying in the way of the open door. Pete Dunne kicks to the door into Killian Dain’s face, busting his face open. McAfee, Burch, Lorcan, and Dunne drive off as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Johnny Gargano is home at his dinner table. He says how much he loves wheels and loves making history. The person in the Scream mask is sitting at the table with Gargano. Gargano tells that person that he will successfully defend his title next week against a worthy opponent.

Toni Storm vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi runs at the ring and shoves Toni Storm immediately. She seems to be having an issues iwith Toni Storm for some reason. Storm strikes away at Shotzi and kicks her to the mat. Shotzi goes for a move from the top rope, and Storm attacks her.

We hear from the commentary team that Shotzi was blaming Toni Storm for her tank going missing. Shotzi runs at Toni in the corner, but Storm moves out of the way. Storm runs at Shotzi in the corner, then pins her for two.

Toni picks Shotzi up and strikes her in the chest. Toni hits a suplex, pinning Shotzi for two. Storm picks up Shotzi gets Toni in an inside craddle, pinning her for two. Storm takes Shotzi down with a boot, then picks her up and hits an uppercut on Shotzi.

Shotzi retreats to the corner, and Storm hits a snapmare, pinning her for two. Storm locks in a headlock and transitions into a variation of a cranium crunch, then transitions into a pin for two.

Storm picks up Shotzi and gets another headlock. Shotzi gets to her feet, but Toni takes her down for another pinfall for two. Stom keeps the headlock in on Shotzi, but Shotzi gets to her feet again. Storm hits a double underhook suplex on Shotzi, pinning her for two again, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Shotzi hits an enziguri on Storm, then a reverse slingblade. She kicks Storm in the side of the head, then hits a senton onto Storm’s back. We are told that Killian Dain is on the way to the hospital following the attack from Pete Dunne.

Shotzi goes for an enziguri, but Storm dodges and hits a German suplex. Storm doesn’t release and Shotzi tries to reverse into a sliced bread, but Storm blocks and hits a German suplex, bridging into a pin for two. Storm goes for the Storm Driver, but Shotzi blocks and hits a side suplex, pinning Storm for a very near two count.

Shotzi runs the ropes and Storm hits her with a headbutt. Storm falls onto Shotzi, covering her for a two count. Storm goes to the top rope, but Shotzi gets up and stuns Storm, sending her to the apron. They trade blows and strikes, but Shotzi hits Toni with a kick to the head, then hits a modified DDT, sending Storm face-first into the ring apron.

Shotzi gets to her feet and gets in the ring at the referee’s 8 count. Before she can continue her match much more, Candice LeRae appears on the screen, saying that she “found” Shotzi’s tank in the middle of the road, but she will watch the tank for her. Toni takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Shotzi for the win.

Winner: Toni Storm

Candice reappears on the screen and gets in a truck with large wheels, and she runs over Shotzi’s tank, destroying it. The camera shoots back up and shows Candice in the truck, and the masked figure is in the backseat. Candice says, “We’re even,” and drives off. Shotzi is hysterically wailing in the ring. Storm tries to comfort her, but Shotzi pulls away and continues to cry as we go to commercial.

We see video of Legado del Fantasma showing up at the arena today. Jake Atlas pulls up and hits Raul Mendoza with a bat, then threatens to hit Joaquin Wilde with the bat as well, before getting back into his car and driving away.

We get a live session of Thatch-as-Thatch-can wrestling. Thatcher says that tonight’s lesson is on reversals. He shows how a guillotine choke works, and then shows how to reverse out of the hold. He keeps punishing his student with a top wrist lock.

HIs student seems very upset, but says that he is “good.” He tries to get his student to do the escape. He lures the student into an ankle lock. The student furiously taps, and Thatcher talks about how you have to bee prepared.

Austin Grey, Thatcher’s last student, comes out and attacks Thatcher. he hits Thatcher with a kick, sending him over the barricade into the audience, and he runs off.

Xia Li is backstage, asked about the letters that she has been getting from Boa. SHe says that they are letters from her family and they are personal, so she doesn’t wish to share them, but she just says that she needs to win. William Regal appears with a new letter, and Li says that she needs to challenge Raquel Gonzalez next week. Regal says that he will take care of it.

Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream will face off in the main event, right after this commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rhea Ripley cuts a promo saying that she is happy to accept Io’s challenge, and she has been wanting to challenge Io for the title since June.

Next week, Johnny Gargano will defend his NXT North American Championship against a mystery opponent. Also, Breezango will get a rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Dream goes for a cheap shot at the start of the match, but Ciampa dodged and the bell rings. Dream gets Ciampa in a headlock, but Ciampa reverses into a headlock of his own. Ciampa goes after Dream’s casted left arm, trying to tear the cast off.

Dream escapes to the ouside and slams his hands on the announce table, hurting his own hand. Ciampa chases Dream to the outside, and Dream pushes Ciampa into the fence on the outside. Ciampa picks up Dream and drops him midsection first onto the barricade, then kicks him in the head.

Dream runs away, but Ciampa chases, picking up Dram and dropping him on the announce table. Ciampa grabs Dream’s arm and slams it into the announce table. Ciampa sits on the apron and pats himself on the back, and the crowd cheers him on.

Ciampa gets back in the ring and Dram pushed Ciampa into the corner. Dream tries to toss Ciampa into the corner, but Ciampa reverses and tosses Dream hard into the corner, sending Dream over the top and tumbling to the outside.

Dream tries to retreat up the ramp, but Ciampa stops him and tosses him back in the ring, hitting a running knee. Ciampa goes for a Fairytale Ending, but Dream escapes. Ciampa goes after Dream’s injured arm again. Dream tries going to the top rope, but Ciampa pulls on Dream’s arm, sending him crashing to the mat. Dream rolls to the outside and Ciampa stomps away at Dream as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ciampa goes for a superplex on Dream. Dream fights Ciampa off, but Ciampa goes after Dream’s injured arm again. Velveteen Dream digs his cast into Ciampa’s face, getting him the upper hand. Dream hits a spinebuster on Ciampa, Dream mounts Ciampa and strikes away at Ciampa’s face.

Dream goes for a modified crossface, driving his cast into Ciampa’s orbital bone. Ciampa fights out, but Dream kicks Dream in the head. Dream hits an atomic drop on Ciampa, but Ciampa gets back to his feet and hits a series of clotheslines on Dream. Ciampa hits a running clothesline on Dream in the corner, then follows it up with a superplex. Ciampa pins Dream for two.

Dream gets to his feet, but Ciampa tosses him to the mat by his wrist. Dream rolls up Ciampa for two. Dream goes for a Dream Valley Driver, but Ciampa blocks. Dream sends Ciampa to the outside and hits a diving crossbody onto Ciampa to the outside.

Dream hits a suplex on Ciampa, dumping him to the outside. Ciampa crashed nasty on the back of his neck, and Dream topples over, hitting his head on the apron. Dream hits Ciampa with a superkick, then tosses a chair and a Ciampa back into the ring.

The ref moves to toss the chair out of the ring, and Dream looks to take advantage of the distraction and hit Ciampa with his cast from the top rope. Ciampa catches Dream with a leaping knee, leading to a Widow’s Bell, and then a Fairytale Ending, pinning Dream for three.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa stands in the ring and revels in the applause of the crowd as NXT goes off the air.

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