NXT was brought to the USA Network to compete with AEW Dynamite. WWE might like to spin a different narrative, but the timing is too obvious to ignore. Things might have changed for WWE’s view of their black and gold brand since then.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s current view of NXT, and how it might have played into them getting snubbed at Survivor Series.

“I think the COVID thing plays into it, but last year I think there was a mentality of ‘beat AEW,’ and this year I almost think it’s like — even though they did a good number this week — you know they’ve got hammered so much that it’s just one of those things where you just don’t acknowledge the fight anymore and you don’t try to put all your resources into fighting because then it becomes one of those things where ‘we sent Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins there and we sent Charlotte Flair there for a couple of months and we did this and that and look at what happened.”

“It’s kinda like our goal now is to keep that 200-250,000 people away from them so they look better and that’s what it is. You know just to keep them below a certain level and that’s what [NXT’s] role is.”


WWE does push big NXT events every so often, but they don’t get nearly the attention from the main roster that they did a year ago. AEW continued through the pandemic and their numbers remained consistent as well. NXT’s absence from Survivor Series is quite noticeable, especially after the brand received such a focus during last year’s event.

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Felix Upton

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