Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for AEW Dynamite, just one week away from Full Gear.

Tonight’s show will see the AEW World Title tournament continue, with the two semi-final matches. Those matches are Kenny Omega Vs. Penta El Zero, and Hangman Page Vs. Wardlow, with the two winners battling next week to determine the number one contender.

There will also be two title matches taking place tonight as the new NWA Women’s Champion, Serena Deeb, faces Leyla Hirsch, and Orange Cassidy faces Cody in a lumberjack match for the TNT Championship. Will we see any titles change hands ahead of Full Gear?

Elsewhere, The Inner Circle will host a town hall to decide if MJF will join the group, Eddie Kingston battles Matt Sydal as a warm-up for Full Gear, and Excalibur will interview FTR and The Young Bucks. And that’s all we know about tonight’s show. Let us know what you’re excited to see and follow along for live updates. Enjoy the show!



This week’s Dynamite opens and we’re heading straight into the World Title Tournament semi-finals!

Wardlow and MJF are interviewed backstage and MJF doesn’t let him speak. MJF says he is super proud of Wardlow but if the big man wins the tournament and becomes the AEW World Champion, then the title defaults to him because of Wardlow’s contract. Wardlow looks annoyed but agrees. Sammy Guevara appears and says he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure MJF doesn’t get in The Inner Circle. MJF tells Sammy he appreciated his beatdown of Matt Hardy but he has some advice for his promos… “don’t.” MJF says Sammy looks like he sells Adderall to middle-schoolers and asks if he’s mad. Guevara says he’s just thinking of all the ways he’s going to beat MJF. Wardlow makes his entrance.

Adam “Hangman” Page Vs. Wardlow

The bell rings and Hangman hits a shotgun dropkick, then unloads on Wardlow but the big man quickly turns the tables and shoudlers Page in the corner. Page avoids Wardlow rushing at him and moves to the apron but Wardlow knocks him to the floor. Wardlow tackles Hangman through the guard rail at ringside! Hangman slowly gets back into the ring and Wardlow continues the assault. Wardlow hits Hangman with a release suplex, then stomps him down.

Page fires back with a chop and manages to tangle Wardlow in the ropes with an armbar. Wardlow fires back and goes up top for a splash but Hangman rolls out of the way. Page knocks Wardlow out of the ring and goes up top for a moonsault to the floor. Page gets Wardlow back inside and hits a standing shooting star for a two-count. Page goes to the apron and looks for the Buckshot but Wardlow turns him inside out with a clothesline.

Wardlow lifts Hangman and hits the F10 but Page rolls out of the ring. Wardlow lifts Page and takes him to the top rope. Page elbows Wardlow to free himself and hits an avalanche fallaway slam. Page goes to the apron and hits a Buckshot Lariat, then another and scores the win.

Winner: Adam Page

We get a short promo from Jon Moxley while he’s training, in which he said he’s spent a year making the AEW World Title what it is today; the biggest prize in the business. He also says that Eddie Kingston better be ready for Full Gear, because he is.

*Commercial Break*

Eddie Kingston is in the ring and he complains about the show going to commercial during his entrance. He says Moxley isn’t here tonight but he is, and he’s going to put on a show against the joke of the battle royal, Matt Sydal. He reminds us that he was never eliminated and that he hopes Moxley is watching.

Eddie Kingston Vs. Matt Sydal

The bell rings and Kingston offers a lock-up but walks away. They do lock-up and struggle for control. Kingston lands some elbows but Sydal hits a rolling kick that drops Kingston. Sydal hits a running dropkick to the corner for a one-count. Sydal lands a few kicks and jumps but Kingston catches him and slams him.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Kingston is still in control, kicking and chopping Sydal. The high-flyer fires back with a sweep and a standing moonsault. Eddie lands some big chops to the chest but Sydal hits a leaping knee and an enziguiri for a near-fall. Kingston goes to the top rope but Sydal jumps for a frankensteiner, then hits a meteora for a near-fall.

Sydal attepts a roll-up but Kingston kicks out and catches him with a spinning backfist. Kingston pulls his straps down and applies the same bulldog choke that Moxley used recently, and Sydal quickly taps out but Kingston won’t release the hold.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

The Butcher, Blade, and Bunny come into the ring and they make Sydal say “I quit” before Kingston releases the choke.

Exaclibur interviews FTR and The Young Bucks in split screens, and he starts by asking Matt how his ankle is. Matt says his ankle is fine and a “baby injury” won’t keep him from this match. Excalibur asks why FTR would attempt to jeopardise this match; Dax says this is a dream match but they don’t care about that. Above dream matches is being Champions. And whoever walks out as the Champions at Full Gear will cement themselves at the best tag team in the world.

Matt says he and Nick think of themselves as good people and sometimes good people do bad things. He doesn’t regret their actions of late because they’ve been missing a spark. But the moment FTR showed-up and started trying to destroy their livelihood, it sparked something in them. FTR leave the interview because Excalibur wasn’t asking them questions. Nick Jackson says they’ve thought of a stipulation and he isn’t even sure if he likes it. Matt says they’ve succeeded by themselves with nobody’s help. If they don’t win at Full Gear, they will never challenge for them again.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for the Town Hall with the Inner Circle, hosted by Dasha Fuentes and Tony Schiavone. The Inner Circle is out first, followed by MJF, and it’s set up so that other wrestlers and such can ask them questions. Luchasauras asks the first question, and asks MJF how he can contribute to the financials of the Inner Circle, to which MJF shows the group’s earnings and how his joining would benefit greatly.

Reba then gets a little excited about talking to Y2J until Baker shuts her up. Baker says MJF isn’t a nice guy and might be trying to trick him. Jericho says he’s aware of MJF’s past and says he’s a friend, but he’s not privy to the Inner Circle’s private business yet. He’s not as dumb as Cody, and if MJF tries to trick them they will knock his teeth out. MJF says he would never turn on them. He’s in the business for the same reason as them; the green and the gold.

Peter Avalon gets a question and just asks to join the Inner Circle. To which they look to consider it, then just laugh at him. The next question is from a special guest…Eric Bischoff! Bischoff asks MJF what he can do for the Inner Circle, and MJF replies “Friendship”. Bischoff follows up by asking MJF what the Inner Circle can do for him, to which MJF says he’s the total package, but his one weakness is that he’s not the best team player. He says that joining Inner Circle will teach him how to be a better teammate.

Bischoff says he’s worked with Jericho and he’s a primadonna but Jericho cuts him off. Jericho starts ranting but Schiavone tells Jericho to shut up and that Bischoff has the floor. Bischoff tells MJF that he has the same primadonna characteristics and asks him what will happen if he joins Inner Circle and he and Jericho butt heads. MJF avoids the question and says this is a witch hunt. Jericho asks him to answer explain why he deserves a spot but instead MJF lists all the things he’s done recently for Jericho, including giving him the “best segment of his career last week”, and the “best segment in the history of professional wrestling”. MJF asks Jericho “what haven’t I done?” Jericho replies “you haven’t beat me”.

Jericho challenges him to a match at Full Gear, and if MJF can win, then he’s in. MJF says that it’s the biggest opportunity of his life and that he’ll do anything to win. Santana and Ortiz run down MJF and tell him that just because Jericho is entertaining this whole thing doesn’t mean that he’ll ever fit in with the Inner Circle. Ortiz gets angry and says he doesn’t want MJF in the group, and neither does Sammy or Santana. So he and Sammy demand a match next week against MJF and Wardlow, and he won’t get anywhere near the Inner Circle.

Taz cuts a promo with his boys backstage and he says people want to know why they want Will Hobbs in their group. Taz says they care about money and Hobbs is fast, strong, and smart, everything he wants in his group. So time is running out.

*Commercial Break*

TNT Championship

Lumberjack Match

(C) Cody Vs. Orange Cassidy

The match begins and they both look for their signatures moves right away, and both avoid them. Cassidy feigns putting his hands in his pockets but instead takes Cody down with a headlock. Cody fights up and hip-tosses OC into the turnbuckles. Cassidy then whips Cody to the corner and a Dark Order distraction allows Cassidy to get a backslide for a one-count. Cody hits a stalling front suplex, then starts beating Cassidy down with elbows and arm wrenches.

Cassidy counters with a suplex and Cody rolls outside where he’s between the babyface and heel lumberjacks. Cody slides in as Cassidy slides out, then Chuck and Trent hug him. Cassidy gets on the apron and Cody dragon screws his leg over the ropes. Cody forearms OC and he falls off the apron, into the arms of Best Friends. OC then gets inside and knocks Cody out.

Cody jumps on the apron but Cassidy hits him and he falls into the arms of Best Friends…who drop him on the ground. Cody shoves Trent And Chuck, then gets back inside but Trent punches Cody. Cassidy knocks Cody out the heel side but he jumps back in and OC hits a tornado DDT. Cassidy goes up top and hits a senton but Cody gets his knees up, and Cody then clotheslines him out of the ring. Both men land on the floor and Best Friends lift Cody, while Dustin and QT Marshall lift OC and both men are put back inside.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and all the lumberjacks are brawling on the floor. Cody hits Cassidy with a superplex off the top onto every lumberjack waiting for them on the floor. Back inside, Cody hits the springboard cutter for a near-fall. Cassidy lands some weak chops and Cody grabs his arm, then Cassidy hits a kick but Cody fires back with a lariat. Cody lifts Cassidy but gets caught with a Stunner.

OC heads-up and hits a diving DDT. Cassidy hits Peach Break but Cody kicks out. OC goes to the corner and gets ready but a Dark Order goon gets on the apron and distracts the referee. John Silver comes in and hits OC with a pump kick, then Cody hits OC with CrossRhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody

All hell breaks loose after the bell with all the lumberjacks beating on each other. Cody high-tails it and we see Darby Allin watching in the stands. He’ll face Cody at Full Gear.

*Commercial Break*

Best Friends are walking backstage and get stopped by Kip Sabian and Miro. They say they mean no harm and have Halloween candy. Sabian hands Trent a present, then Penelope Ford walks up dressed like Orange Cassidy and asks them “trick or treat?” Miro and Sabian then beat them through a door into a locker room. Miro throws Trent into a wall and tells him he will never forgive him. Sabian opens the present and it’s “Alan”, his arcade cabinet control panel.

NWA Women’s Champion

(C) Serena Deeb Vs. Leyla Hirsch

They lock-up right away and struggle for control but let go. Another lock-up and Deeb takes the back but Hirsch takes a front facelock. Deeb turns the tables and Hirsch wriggles free so they can lock-up again. Deeb hits a shoulder tackle, then looks for another but Leyla connects with a clothesline.

Hirsch clotheslines Deeb in the corner, then hits running knees and a rope-assisted dropkick for a two-count. Hirsch runs into the buckles by accident and Deeb grabs her with a choke from the apron, then snaps her down on the ropes. Deeb quickly gets inside for a roll-up and a near-fall. Hisch looks for an armbar but Deeb breaks free, only for Hirsch to throw her shoulder-first into the ring post.

*Commercial Break*

We return to find Hirsh rallies on Deeb, connecting with a flurry of offense and a German suplex. Leyla walks over Deeb and climbs to the top rope for a moonsault but Deeb rolls out of the way. Serena quickly grabs Hirsch and hits a swinging neckbreaker, then a normal neckbreaker before applying a modified single leg Boston crab for the win!

Winner: Serena Deeb

Hikaru Shida is interviewed backstage and she says if Nyla wants her, she can have her at Full Gear.

Shawn Spears W/Tully Blanchard Vs. VSK

Spears makes to lock-up but instead hits the C4 for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After the match there’s a guy dressed as a bull at ringside making fun of Spears, so Shawn grabs him into the ring. The person is actually Scorpio and he hits Spears with the TKO.

The announcers run down the entire card for AEW Full Gear, which takes place on November 7th.

*Commercial Break*

Kenny Omega Vs. Penta El Zero W/Rey Fenix

The second semi-final gets underway and Kenny doesn’t take his shirt off, implying he isn’t taking it seriously. Omega takes a headlock but Penta shoots him off and drops down and Kenny stands on his back and mocks him. Kenny lifts his shirt to reveal the AAA Mega Championship, which he beat Rey Fenix for. He lays the title down and tells Penta to chop him, which he does.

Omega chops him back but Penta takes his glove off and throws it but Omega catches it and slaps him with it. Omega beats Penta down and stomps him and beats him with the glove, then throws it at Fenix at ringside. Omega rolls over Penta but then eats a punch to the chest and Penta kicks his leg in the corner. Penta hits a backbreaker and Omega rolls outside, so Zero hits a tope and both men are down.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Omega catches an incoming Penta with a hurricanrana that sends him outside. Omega gets down on one knee and pumps himself up to hit an idle Penta with a tope on the floor. Omega takes a minute to shake the barricade, allowing Penta to dive off the top rope onto him. Penta puts Kenny inside and goes up top. Kenny avoids a dive and gets caught with a pump kick. Penta hits a springboard slingblade for a near-fall.

Kenny goes up top but Penta kicks his feet out and hangs him in the tree of woe. Penta hits a double stomp for a two-count, then talks trash to Omega. Kenny hits a snap dragon suplex and fires himself up. Omega and Penta trade shots until Omega hits a knee, powerbomb, then a V-Trigger and scores a near-fall. Omega hits another V-Trigger, then another in the corner, then puts him on the top rope.

They struggle for control up top but Penta knocks him off and onto the ramp. Penta hits a diving Canadian Destroyer on the ramp, and gets Kenny back inside. He hits the package piledriver but Omega kicks out. Kenny counters a pumphandle slam but gets hit with an enziguiri. V-Trigger number four and Omega looks for the One-Winged Angel but Penta escapes and snaps his arm. Omega fights back and hits a knee, followed by the One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

The finals are set. Kenny Omega will face Hangman Page at Full Gear to determine the number one contender to the AEW World Title.

That’s it for this week’s AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and I’ll see you back here next week for the final show before Full Gear. Until then, stay safe!

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