T-Bar Says He Doesn’t Care About Match Results


Retribution don’t have the best record on paper, but that doesn’t matter to T-Bar. The Retribution member still has it out for Bobby Lashley.

T-Bar and Lashley were counted out of their elimination tag team match. This kept them both looking strong and unpinned. It seems that T-Bar might be after Lashley and his US Title as well.

All Mighty my ass. You like to Fight @fightbobby? Good. Because I don’t care about match results or paper championships. I’m going to make it my Business to Hurt you.

Retribution had a lot of momentum comin into the WWE main roster, but they haven’t done much with them since. There is always time to turn things around as there was no definite winner in their elimination tag team match this week on RAW.

Bobby Lashley has Sami Zayn scheduled for Survivor Series, but WWE has changed their plans before after announcing a match for Survivor Series.

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