Carmella Gives Back To Kitties For Her Birthday


Carmella celebrated her birthday, but she didn’t want any gifts from fans. She had another present in mind that she wanted to give to others who happened to be some lucky kitties in Pittsburgh.

Carmella turned 29th by giving back to some kitties in need. She sent out a notice to fans to let them know that she wanted donations to be given to Steel City Adventure Cats instead of herself. After all, she’s untouchable.

I appreciate all of the love today!! For my birthday Iā€™m asking for donations to Steel City Adventure Cats. They are an animal rescue group in Pittsburgh where we adopted our cat from last week. Every dollar helps those little kitties!!

The Untouchable Carmella will certainly make a mark on SmackDown sooner or later, but she will wait for her perfect opportunity to do so. They certainly hyped her return for weeks, which was originally reported right here at Ringside News.

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