Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE RAW, just one night removed from WWE SummerSlam.

Last night Drew McIntyre bested Randy Orton in a great match, but it’s unclear if the feud is over. WWE is hosting another PPV this coming Sunday (Payback), so it needs to get some matches booked and the WWE Champion should be top priority.

Tonight’s RAW is pretty stacked however, as Aleister Black returns to The KO Show, Dolph Ziggler battles Ivar in RAW Underground, and the limitless Keith Lee makes his debut. And, as always, we can expect Retribution to make an appearance of some kind.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s WWE RAW. Let us know what you’re excited to see and enjoy the show!



The WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, makes his way to the ring as the announcers reveal that Asuka and Sasha Banks will battle for the RAW Women’s Championship in a Lumberjack Match.

McIntyre welcomes us to the ThunderDome, then asks for a thumb-up from all the fans on the screens. The fans oblige and McIntyre says that’s cool, as was his win over Randy Orton last night. He says he won because he’s hungrier than Randy, works harder, and pushes forward when the chips are down.

Drew admits Randy is the best right now, but last night he was that much better. Drew says Randy won the greatest wrestling match ever, and Randy claimed he was the best wrestler in the world, so what does that make him? Considering he won with a wrestling move? He says if Randy wants to step in the ring with him again, that’s fine, because he didn’t get a chance to send Randy to Claymore country.

As McIntyre is leaving, Orton attacks him from behind on the stage. Orton punches Drew, then throws him into the LED wall. Drew fires back and they fight through backstage into Gorilla, where Orton rakes his eyes, then hits a Punt! Officials push Randy away and try to help Drew to his feet, but then Orton comes back and hits a second Punt! We go to commercial with officals checking on Drew, who looks out of it.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and McIntyre is still struggling to get to his feet with the help of producers. He shrugs them off and says he’s fine but he can barely stand.

Sarah Schreiber stops Nia Jax backstage and asks her why she’s here, seeing as she was suspended. Nia says she’s been reinstated because she apologised to Pat Buck. She screams at Sarah, who runs off. Shayna Baszler walks up and says everyone is waiting for the moment when Nia says something to get herself suspended again. Nia says Baszler should be focusing on a match with Bayley but Shayna calls her “Haystacks Calhoun”, then says that’s not fair because Haystacks was decent looking. Nia says that’s rich coming from an Addam’s Family reject. Shayna welcomes her back and walks off.

Shayna Baszler Vs. Bayley W/Sasha Banks

Before the match gets underway Nia Jax walks onto the stage and shares at Shayna as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and the match official starts with a lock-up and Shayna takes Bayley’s arm – Nia Jax is still watching on. Bayley runs at Baszler but gets grabbed and taken down to the mat. Baszler twists Bayley’s arm and stands on her head. Baszler snaps her arm and Bayley rolls out of the ring.

Bayley eventually gets back inside and takes a headlock. Baszler shoots her off and drops her with stiff forearms, then hits a running knee in the corner. Baszler takes Bayley down with a triangle choke but Sasha jumps on the apron to cause a distraction. Bayley capitalizes and beats Shayna into the corner.

Bayley hits a suplex for a two-count. Bayley lands a running clothesline but Baszler comes back with some stiff leg kicks. Bayley suckers Baszler out of the ring, so Nia Jax comes down and attacks Shayna.

Winner Via Disqualification: Shayna Baszler

Jax sends Baszler into the ring and beats her down. Bayley and Banks cheer her on so Nia stops and stares at them, then Baszler joins her and they chase the Role Models up the ramp.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage, affixing a tie to his tank top, and looking for Aleister Black’s room. He finds the room, knocks, and asks if he’s coming but Black doesn’t respond.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens comes to the ring for The Kevin Owens Show and introduces his guest for tonight, the returning Aleister Black!

Black comes down to the ring with his eye bandaged – his eye was punctured by Murphy at the behest of Seth Rollins. Black doesn’t climb the steps, but rolls inside the ring. Owens thanks him and says everyone has been concerned about him. Black asks them to just show the footage.

Owens says he knows what Black is feeling because Seth and Murphy got under his skin as well. It’s what Seth loves to do. But like he told Ric Flair a few weeks ago, he’s done terrible things but he’s trying to take a different path. Black falls off his chair and Owens gets up to check on him, asking for medical help, but Black elbows him, then hits Black Mass!

Bayley and Sasha are arguing backstage and Charly comes up and says they narrowly escaped. Bayley says they didn’t escape they avoided drama. Banks says she has bigger things to worry about and Bayley says once Sasha is Two Belts Banks again they will focus on Payback.

*Commercial Break*

WWE 24/7 Championship

Fatal 4-Way

(C) Shelton Benjamin Vs. Akira Tozawa Vs. R-Truth Vs. Cedric Alexander

The match starts and Benjamin storms Akira in the corner, then slams him down. Truth attempts to cover Tozawa but Shelton kicks him off. Alexander dropkicks Shelton and powders him with right hands, then hits a headscissors into the turnbuckles. Cedric looks for a springboard but Benjamin knees him in mid-air and Alexander crashes at ringside.

Truth attacks Benjamin and looks for the spin kick but Benjamin beats him down. Tozawa runs off the back of Truth onto Shelton, who lifts him and powerbombs him over the ropes onto his ninja buddies. Akira gets put back on the apron and Truth throws Shelton over the ropes, where the ninja’s hold him. Tozawa rolls-up Truth and wins!

Winner and New WWE 24/7 Champion: Akira Tozawa

Randy Orton is walking backstage and Sarah Schreiber asks if he wants to say anything about earlier tonight and he says yes, then walks off.

*Commercial Break*

The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, comes to the ring. Orton says that, for the longest time, he has done what he wanted, when he wanted, to who he wanted. But last night that wasn’t the case. He promised everyone he would RKO Drew, kick him in the head, and take his title, but he didn’t.

He says you can call him a lot of things but the one thing he is, is a man of his word. He promised to end the careers once and for all of Edge, Christian, The Big Show, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair, and he did just that. Earlier tonight Drew came out here, and the opportunity presented itself, so he took that opportunity…twice. Why? Because Drew offered a rematch out of pity. Who the hell does he think he is? He’s Randy Orton. The Legend Killer. The greatest wrestler…but Orton is interrupted.

Keith Lee comes to the ring and stands face-to-face with Randy. Lee says he seems perplexed, so he introduces himself and says he is here to offer him the luxury of basking in his glory. He says Randy has been called many things, but so has he. And since the limitless one is here on RAW, and since Randy is looking for a fight, he’d like to step up. If Randy is willing to accept the challenge, right now. Orton asks what his name was again, then says “maybe later”, and leaves.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Angel Garza and Demi from The Bachelor. She says the evidence is out there, so is Zelina willing to admit she poisoned Montez Ford? Vega says that footage proved nothing. Garza says she was caught but everyone has done bad things. Vega says he’s not helping and storms off. Garza asks Demi what she’s doing tonight, then turns to Charly and says both of them can come watch his match.

*Commercial Break*

Montez Ford W/Angelo Dawkins Vs. Angel Garza W/Andrade & Demi Burnett

The match gets underway with Garza taking a headlock but Ford shoots him off and hits a dropkick. Ford gets thrown to the apron but fires back with an enziguiri. Ford goes up top and jumps at Garza, who drops him with a mid-air dropkick.

Garza rips his pants off and beats Ford against the ropes. Ford gets put in the tree of woe and kicked. Garza drops Ford and he rolls to the apron. Ivar walks down and hands a leg of ham to Demi, who leaves with him. Garza is furious and distracted, allowing Ford to kick him in the chest. Ford goes up top and hits a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Montez Ford

Nia Jax approaches Shayna Baszler backstage and says she isn’t thrilled about teaming with her at Payback, but the more she thinks about it the more she thinks they can actually win. And she wants to win. Baszler says if she helps her with that, she needs to get off her back. Jax pokes her hard in the chest, so Baszler slaps her hard.

Ruby, Liv, and Bianca Belair are walking towards the ring, they’re teaming up against The IIconics and Zelina Vega, next!

*Commercial Break*

Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, & Bianca Belair Vs. The IIconics & Zelina Vega

We start the match with Billie and Liv, who lock-up and Kay drills her with a knee. Peyton tags in but Liv lands some kicks and whips her to the corner for a hip attack. Ruby tags in and elbows Peyton down, so Kay comes in and takes the fight to Ruby.

The IIconics double-team Ruby and isolate her from her corner, then tag Zelina and she puts Riott in the corner for a running knee. Bianca tags in and drags Zelina by the hair, then hits a few shoulder tackles. Belair knocks Peyton and Royce off the apron, before countering a headscissors and slamming Vega.

Belair hits a Glam Slam, followed by a handspring moonsault but Peyton and Billie break the pin attempt. Ruby and Liv run in and hit dropkicks to both of them. Belair dodges Vega and hits the K.O.D for the win!

Winners: Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, & Bianca Belair

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander are backstage doing a little arm wrestling, but Mark Henry comes up and says he needs the platform, unless they want to go with him. They both say no and he takes it with him. MVP comes up and asks Cedric why he’s back here having fun and not pissed that he lost the 24/7 Championship. Ricochet tells him to leave and MVP says he didn’t ask him, the man who abandoned Cedric last week. MVP says he’s wasting his prime years with a guy who calls himself the “one and only”.

*Commercial Break*

Hall of Famer, Mark Henry is in the ring and he says we’re just six days away from Payback. Tonight we want to find out who is stronger, Bobby Lashley or Apollo Crews? And who better to find out than the world’s strongest man? With that said, Henry introduces Lashley and Crews.

Henry says he has already told both of their buddies not to come out here because they want a fair competition. Lashley says that’s fine because he doesn’t need any help. He’s going to slam Apollo’s hand down, then beat him up. But not too much because he needs to beat him up again on Sunday. Apollo says Bobby saw what he did to MVP last night, and the same will happen on Sunday, but first he’s going to beat him in an arm wrestle.

They start to grip each other’s hands but Lashley pulls away and takes his jacket off. Crews stamps on Lashley’s foot and slams his hand down! Henry announces Crews as the winner but Lashley flips out and knocks the podium over. Apollo dodges an incoming Lashley, knocks him out of the ring, then dives over the ropes onto MVP and Benjamin who’re running down the ramp. Crews retreats with his title.

We see highlights of Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio. Seth won that match but tonight Dominik teams with his father to face Seth and Murphy. Charly interviews the Mysterio family backstage. Rey says he is proud of his son; he faced one of he most dangerous Superstars in WWE and he gave him hell. Dominik says he was terrified before his match last night, but he knew he’d have his family in his corner and that gave him courage. Rey says that’s what Seth doesn’t understand, but one day Seth will know what he put his family through. Rey says Dominik is the real future of Monday Night RAW.

*Commercial Break*

Lana and Natalya are in the ring and Lana says they’re inducting someone into the Hall of Fame. Lana says Natalya is an amazing wrestler, amazing woman, etc., but Nattie cuts her off and says she’s going to get a huge celebration because she’s the B.O.A.T, but tonight is about Mickie James.

Lana says Mickie has been riding their coattails and Natalya says that’s why tonight they’re retiring the chick with the kick. So here’s a video package of Mickie’s career, and they show a blank screen. James comes running down and Natalya says they’re just trying to make her relevant. James takes them both out with Mick Kicks and leaves smiling.

We see Shane McMahon entering RAW Underground and The Hurt Business appear, Lashley is furious and he wants to fight. Shane says he came to the right place. Up next, Randy Orton will give Keith Lee his debut match on Monday Night RAW!

*Commercial Break*

We’re live in RAW Underground, which has a less brown look, and Lashley chokes a guy out. Dolph Ziggler steps up and Ziggler shoots for a leg and gets Bobby down. Ziggler grabs the neck but Bobby slams him down and kicks his back. Ziggler kicks Bobby and jumps on his back with a sleeper. Lashley tries to roll through but Ziggler holds on. Lashley Shrugs him off and tackles Dolph off the mat into a bunch of guys. Shelton and MVP send a random guy onto the mat and Bobby headkicks him. Lashley asks who’s next but nobody steps up.

Randy Orton Vs. Keith Lee

This huge match gets underway and they lock-up, with Lee forcing Orton to the corner and holding him there. Orton takes a headlock, Lee shoots him off and leapfrogs him, then hits a shoulder. Orton stares at Lee before getting up and hitting a few European uppercuts.

Orton swings a punch but Lee grabs his fist and bends his wrist, then hits a standing overhead belly-to-belly. Orton rolls outside and Lee goes after. Lee looks to lawn-dart Randy into the ring post but Orton slides off and shoves him into the post by the shoulder. Orton gets him in the ring and stomps Lee’s limbs, then takes a headlock.

Keith stands up with Orton on his back and slams him into the buckles. Lee builds a head of steam and splashes Orton, hits the ropes and connects with a crossbody. Lee hits Orton with a pounce and he flies out of the ring. Lee gets him back inside but Orton kicks him coming through the ropes and hits a draping DDT.Randy gets down and starts pounding the mat, but Drew McIntyre pulls him out and attacks him!

Winner Via Disqualification: Randy Orton

Drew slams Randy into the barricade, then the timekeeper’s area. Randy manages to flee and Drew is left stumbling around ringside, still woozy from the two Punts.

*Commercial Break*

We see a lengthy replay of the main event of SummerSlam, including Roman Reigns’ shocking return and new attitude. This Sunday Roman, Braun, and Bray will battle in a No Holds Barred Match for the Universal Championship.

Drew McIntyre is walking backstage and Charly stops him. He says he’s happy for Keith but he doesn’t need him fighting his battles. Caruso says Drew was kicked twice, and asks how he’s feeling. Drew says he feels like crap, that Randy tried to end his career. He looks at the camera and addresses Randy…but Orton attacks him from behind. Orton hits a third Punt and officials run up to make him back off.

*Commercial Break*

*Commercial Break*

Charly Caruso is outside the trainer’s room and she says the doctor’s are concerned Drew has a fractured skull, which could be career-ending and life-threatening.

RAW Women’s Championship

Lumberjack Match

(C) Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks

The title match gets underway and Banks tries to roll Asuka up but she kicks out and throws her out of the ring. Ruby Riott stands up to Sasha but gets shoved into the barricade. Asuka hip attacks Sasha off the apron but he heels stop the babyfaces from attacking Sasha.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Sasha takes Asuka out of the ring, where Bayley hits her. Banks puts Asuka back inside and scores a two-count. Banks runs at Asuka in the corner but eats a knee, then Asuka hits a jumping DDT for a near-fall.

Asuka counters a kick into an ankle lock. Sasha rolls through and sends Asuka out of the ring. Banks gets on the apron and jumps off but hits Ruby and Liv, while Asuka jumps on the apron and hits a running knee to Sasha. Asuka walks down Bayley, who throws every heel woman in her way and she takes them out one-by-one.

Banks attacks Asuka from behind and sends her into the ring for a frog splash and a near-fall. Bayley tries to grab a chair and bring it into the ring but Shayna stops her. In the distraction, Asuka grabs Banks and applies the Asuka Lock and Sasha taps!

Winner: Asuka

We see Drew McIntyre being put into an ambulance backstage and it drives off. Charly says that, due to the severity of Drew’s injury, he’s being taken to a local medical facility. Keith Lee is nearby and he says there is a large part of him thinks he should have told him not to interfere tonight. Fortunately, he knows Drew is one of the toughest men he’s ever met and he’ll be OK, but Randy Orton…he can’t say the same.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back in RAW Underground and Lashley is battling Cedric Alexander. Lashley slams him down and locks in an armbar, where he smashes Cedric with hammer fists. MVP and Benjamin have to pull him off but Erik and Ivar run up and start brawling. The Hurt Business beat them down and are left standing tall to end the Underground for this week.

At Payback on Sunday, we will get Randy Orton Vs. Keith Lee!

Rey and Dominik Mysterio come out first but they attack Seth Rollins and Murphy during their entrance. Rey sends Rollins into the barricade. Murphy sends Dominik into the barricade, and Rollins tosses Rey over the commentary table. Rollins and Murphy double-team Dominik and put him in the ring.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

The match kicks-off with Dominik and Murphy, and Dom hits a jawbreaker followed by an arm-drag. Dominik hits another arm-drag, but Murphy blocks a third, only for Dominik to dropkick him out of the ring.

Dominik sets up for a dive, but Rollins grabs his feet. Dominik hits a baseball slide on him and sends Murphy out of the ring as well. Rey then sends Rollins into the barricade.

Rey gets Seth back in the ring and they double-team him. Dom trips him onto the middle rope for the 619 but Murphy pulls him from the ring. Dominik jumps off the top rope onto Seth and Murphy, then slides back inside and hugs his dad.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Seth is in control of Rey, stomping him around the ring. Rey hits a bulldog after kicking Murphy off the apron and looks to make a tag but Murphy stops him. Rey hits an enziguiri and tags Dominik, who comes in hot with clotheslines to Murphy. Dominik hits a springboard crossbody for a two-count.

Murphy whips him to the corner but Dominik hits two elbows, then hurricanrana’s Murphy into the buckles. Dominik hits a springboard around-the-world DDT for a two-count thanks to Seth. Dominik goes out after Murphy and gets him inside, but gets distracted by Seth, allowing Murphy to attack his leg from behind.

Rollins tags in and looks for a Buckle Bomb but Dominik jumps off and tags his father. Rey hits a seated senton to Seth and hurricanrana’s him onto the middle rope. Murphy tags in and Seth rolls to the floor, but Rey gets Murphy on the middle rope, then he and Dominik hit stereo 619’s!

Dominik goes up top but the lights start flashing. Dom is distracted and Seth shoves him off the ropes onto the mat. Retribution storm the ring and beat Rey and Dominik, while Rollins and Murphy high-tail it along with the announcers.

No Contest

Dominik gets thrown across the ring and he rolls outside, meanwhile Rey is thrown out belly-first. Dominik is tossed into the barricade and stomped down, and Rey is thrown like a lawn-dart into the ring post. Rollins and Murphy are still watching from the stage as Retribution climb on the apron and pose.

And that’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news and results. Until then, stay safe.

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