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The biggest party of the summer is here again and there is a slew of matches to look forward to within the ThunderDome. The two main matches tonight will see WWE Champion Drew McInyre defend against The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, and The Fiend challenge the Universal Champion Braun Strowman. These are two highly intense rivalries, with Strowman seemingly turning heel in the wake of his Swamp Fight last month, and Orton on the run of his career. Could we see two title changes?!

Both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship’s will be on the line as Asuka challenges both Sasha Banks and Bayley in separate matches. The Empress of Tomorrow will face Bayley first for the SmackDown title, and she could very well leave The Golden Role Models with only the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

One of the biggest matches tonight will see the son of a WWE legend get his debut. Dominik Mysterio will challenge Seth Rollins in a Street Fight in a bid to honour his family’s legacy, but the Messiah looks to shut him down for good. Can Dominik live up to the lofty expectations? Or will he be another Cain Velasquez?


Other matches tonight include Apollo Crews Vs. MVP for the United States Championship, Andrade and Angel Garza challenge the Street Profits for the RAW Tag Team Championships, and Sonya Deville Vs. Mandy Rose in a hair-vs-hair and loser leave WWE match. The show begins at 6 PM EST with the Kick-Off, and the main card at 7 PM. You can follow along here and enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

We join the kick-off show with Charly Caruso, Booker T, JBL, Peter Rosenberg, and Renee Young. Caruso introduces Renee and says she paved the way for all the women like her, and Young confirms that this is her last WWE show.

We see a video package for Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. Booker T reckons Bray Wyatt has the upper hand ahead of tonight’s match but Renee feels different. JBL says, as big and talented as Braun is, he’s making a mistake by playing Bray’s game. Renee says he has to play that game if he wants to win.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega. Angel asks where Charly is, then hands a rose to Sarah instead but Vega throws it. Zelina claims again she didn’t poison Montez Ford but it hardly matters because he’s fine now. Vega then says Belair attacked her, an innocent bystander. And the WWE universe has been poisoned by her and the Street Profits.

We see a replay of Jeff Hardy winning the Intercontinental Championship on Friday Night SmackDown, and the panel talk about how impressive Jeff’s longevity is, as well as how much of an inspiration he is.

After a video package for Rose Vs. Deville, Renee says Sonya has upper her game to the next level and she’s eyeing a title. Young also says she’s disappointed this isn’t a hair-vs-hair match anymore. Booker says Mandy was the toughest person on Tough Enough, so he sides with her. Rosenberg agrees but JBL and Renee say Sonya will be kicking her into the unemployment line.

It’s time to look at Asuka and her two title shots tonight. Shayna Baszler interrupts the panel before they can talk about it. Baszler says she doesn’t care about Bayley Dos Straps, because she has next dibs on the RAW Women’s Champion. Charly asks about Nia Jax and Shayna says Nia is obsessed with her. And she’ll be happy to help Nia get to sleep when she comes back.

The panel joke about Retribution, asking who they are and if they use Amazon Prime to get their gear delivered. JBL says invasions leave incredible legacies in WWE and Retribution could lead to big things.

We get a big package for Dominik Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins, and Dom’s debut match. Booker talks about the Kendo attack from Seth to Dominik, and says that was the making of the man. JBL says he and Booker both know what it’s like to be initiated with Kendo sticks and it’s no joke.

United States Championship

(C) Apollo Crews Vs. MVP

The match gets underway and they lock-up with MVP ankle-picking Apollo and rolling into an ankle lock but Crews reaches the ropes. This time Crews takes the back but MVP takes him down and Crews reverses into a pin attempt. MVP rolls out of the ring and calls for a timeout.

Back in the ring MVP feigns an untied shoe and sucker-punches Apollo, but the Champion fires back with a dropkick and an arm-drag. MVP gets whipped to the buckles but avoids a splash and throws Crews over the ropes so he hits his head on the steps. MVP goes out and slams Crews into the announce table before putting him back inside.

MVP misses a running kick in the corner and Apollo knocks him down. Apollo goes up top but MVP slams into the ropes to crotch him. MVP climbs up with Crews and hits a superplex for a two-count. Crews catches a kick and clotheslines MVP over the ropes, then hits a tope to wipe him out.

Both men get back inside at the count of nine and Apollo unloads on MVP, battering him into the corner and hitting a running splash, then another and a spinebuster. Standing moonsault from Crews earns a near-fall. MVP counters a Toss Powerbomb and looks for the Playmaker, but Crews breaks free and hits the Toss Powerbomb for the win!

Winner: Apollo Crews

After the match Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley run down but Crews slips and dodges them to retreat.

The final match up for discussion is Randy Orton Vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship, and we get a video package. Booker says when you get to the apex of the business you can get inside your own head and believe you are the best, and he thinks Randy will get taken down a peg tonight. Rosenberg and Renee say Orton is simply unstoppable right now. The panel closes out the Kick-Off Show by thanking Renee Young and wishing her all the best.

SummerSlam 2020

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

(C) Bayley W/Sasha Banks Vs. Asuka

The opening match of the night gets underway and they lock-up, with Asuka forcing Bayley to the ropes, then grabbing her wrist before drilling her with forearms. Asuka is shot to the ropes, dodges Bayley, and hits a dropkick. Asuka kicks Bayley a few times, then applies a modified octopus stretch but the Champion gets to the bottom rope.

Bayley rolls to the apron and Asuka baseball slides her feet, then hits a hip attack that knocks Bayley to the floor. Asuka goes to the steel steps and jumps at Bayley with a flying DDT on the floor! Asuka gets her back inside for a two-count.

Asuka goes to the apron but Bayley slingshots her, then hits a leg drop to the back of her head across the middle rope. Bayley stomps Asuka, hits a suplex, and moves to a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Asuka gets to the ropes and kicks out at Bayley, but the Champion hits a Bayley-To-Belly out of nowhere, only for Asuka to kick out.

Asuka rolls-up Bayley for two, then hits a headkick and both women go down. Asuka fires up and hits some dropkicks to Bayley, followed by a hip attack for a two-count. Both women wind-up on the apron and Asuka kicks Bayley a few times but the Champion drops her knee-first onto the apron! Bayley gets Asuka back in the ring and hits a chop block for two.

Bayley applies a calf slicer to Asuka but the challenger reverses the hold. Bayley breaks free and runs at Asuka but gets caught with a Codebreaker for a near-fall. Asuka goes up top and looks for a missile dropkick but Bayley caches her in mid-air with the calf slicer again. Asuka gets the ropes but Bayley won’t break until 4.

Bayley hits a sunset flip buckle bomb, then goes up top for the elbow drop but Asuka catches her with an armbar! Bayley writhes but Banks gets involved and Asuka let’s go of Bayley to kick her. Bayley rolls-up Asuka for two, then Asuka looks for a hip attack but Bayley dodges and she hits Sasha on the apron! Bayley rolls Asuka up for the win!

Winner: Bayley

Sasha runs into the ring and attacks Asuka as soon as the bell rings. She and Bayley then hit Asuka with a double-team slam before smiling and leaving together.

We see Dominik Mysterio backstage with his father and mother. He kisses his mother and she leaves. Dominik thanks his dad for being here but asks him not to come out. He says this is his fight and he needs revenge for them both. If he’s going down he’s going down on his own. Rey says he doesn’t like it but he has his word.

A video package airs showing the recent attacks by Retribution. Kevin Owens comes out and joins the commentary team.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

(C) Street Profits Vs. Angel Garza & Andrade W/Zelina Vega

We start the match with Montez Ford and Andrade. The former NXT Champion chops Montez and forces him to the ropes, but Ford fires back with a big clothesline. Andrade goes to the middle rope but Montez hits a hurricanrana, then clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. Angel runs in, as does Dawkins, and the Profits hit him with a flapjack, then toss him out.

Ford looks for a tope but gets caught by both men and powerbomb on the floor! Andrade gets Ford back inside and stomps him down. Montez rolls to the apron and Andrade hits him with a baseball slide and tags Angel. Garza holds Ford down by the arm. Ford gets on the middle rope but Garza kicks his knee, then throws his trousers at him.

Andrade gets tagged back in and performs an armbar over the ropes until the referee breaks it. Andrade holds Ford down with the arm again, Montez fights up but gets forced to the corner and Garza tags in. Garza knees Ford, then puts him in the tree of woe for a running kick. Andrade tags in and hits a double stomp in the tree for a near-fall.

Ford counters a back drop and gets the tag. Dawkins storms Andrade with shoulder tackles and a spinning splash in the corner, but gets his headband knocked off with a spinning elbow. Andrade hits the ropes but Dawkins catches him with a great spear and both men are down. Angel and Ford get tags and Montez hits a high crossbody but misses a dropkick and Garza kicks him in the head for a two-count.

Zelina gets on the apron and argues with the referee but Garaz superkicks Ford into her and she falls off. Andrade is busy tending to Zelina, allowing the Profits to hit a spinebuster and a huge frog splash for the win!

Winners: Street Profits

Kayla Braxton interviews Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage. Bayley says this is a magical moment, and Banks says it isn’t over yet. The night is going to get even better when she taps out Asuka. Bayley says it will be a clean sweep and pulls out a broom and starts sweeping.

Sonya Deville Vs. Mandy Rose

Loser Leaves WWE

The bell rings and Sonya comes into Mandy’s face. Mandy looks for a kick but Sonya rolls her up for two and Rose knocks her out of the ring. They brawl on the floor, with Rose slamming Sonya into the barricade, then the steps. Rose drags her around the ring and beats her against the apron, then slams her into the barricade again. Rose gets on the announce table and jumps at Sonya with a clothesline.

Rose gets a table from under the ring and sets it up at ringside but Deville comes back and hits her with a steel chair. Deville methodically beats Rose and gets her back in the ring for a running knee and a two-count. Rose catches a kick and takes her down but Sonya kicks her off. Rose hits a clothesline in the corner but misses a running knee.

Deville applies a standing dragon sleeper, then transitions to the ground. Rose eventually fights out but Deville catches her with a triangle. Mandy pushes up to try and pin her but Deville kicks out. Sonya talks trash as she shoves her face but Rose fires back with right hands and a leaping knee for a two-count.

Deville rolls outside and Rose goes after, slamming her into the barricade and the announce desk. Mandy sets Sonya on the table at ringside, then gets on the apron but Sonya rolls off. Rose goes under the ring again and pulls out a table, throws it at Sonya’s face but she dodges it. Deville flips the table and runs at her for a big kick.

Back in the ring and Sonya lifts Mandy for Rose’s own finish but she lands on her feet and hits a running knee, then another, and a third! Rose lifts Sonya and hits the Glam Slam. Mandy hits a fourth running knee and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Mandy Rose

Sonya Deville must leave WWE! She rolls out of the ring, no-selling the mountain of finishers she just took, and repeatedly slaps the announce table in frustration. Otis comes running out and hugs Mandy after her big win, then puts her on his shoulder. Otis gets her to do her version of the caterpillar.

Street Fight

Seth Rollins W/Murphy Vs. Dominik Mysterio W/Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and they lock-up with Seth taking the back and slamming Dominik down. Seth laughs at him before taking his wrist and transitioning to a headlock on the mat. Seth lets him go and continues to poke fun. Rollins let’s Dominik take a headlock, and then slams him down. Seth takes the wrist again butt his time Dominik punches him a few times, and hits a tilt-a-whirl arm-drag.

Dominik hits an arm-drag, then another and kips up. Seth looks at Rey and Dominik tells him to bring it. Seth feigns another lock-up but then takes Domnik down and stomps him, followed by a stiff body slam. Seth asks Murphy for a Kendo stick but Dominik dropkicks him and grabs the stick for himself. Seth rolls out of the ring and Dom chases him around the ring, until Seth gets the high-ground and kicks him down.

Seth whips Dominik hard into the buckles, then suplexes him. Seth talks trash to Rey, then beats Dominik down and grabs a chair. We see Dom’s mother watching backstage as Seth opens up the chair and sits on it. Rey gets on the apron but Dominik tells him to back off. Rollins looks to hit a Stomp off the chair but Dominik avoids it and hits a drop-toe-hold onto the chair!

Dominik punches Seth backwards into the corner, and looks for ten punches. Seth grabs him and looks for a Buckle Bomb but Dominik counters with a hurricanrana into the buckles. Dominik jumps up using the ropes and hits a tornado DDT for a two-count! Dom grabs the Kendo stick and hits Rolling across the gut, then the back a few times until the stick shatters.

Dominik goes to the top rope but Seth punches him. Seth looks for a superplex but Dominik punches him off. Seth jumps back up and hit a superplex into a falcon arrow for a near-fall. Rollins gets two Kendo sticks from Murphy and stars unloading on Dominik, then asks for a table. Seth sets the table up and puts Dominik on the top rope.

Seth gets up behind Dominik with the Kendo stick and talks trash to Rey below, but Dom kicks his foot and crotches him on the ropes, then lifts him up and hits a Russian leg sweep off the ropes through the table! Dominik rolls to the apron and goes up top for a five star frog splash and a near-fall! Dominik rolls outside and grabs a chair, but slides it in too hard and Seth kicks it out, then superkicks him.

Rollins hits a vicious powerbomb before tearing Dominik’s shirt off and battering him with the Kendo stick. Rey gets on the apron but again Dom tells him not to intervene. Murphy gives Seth some handcuffs and he drags Dom over to the ropes. Angie Mysterio comes to the stage and Rey runs up to calm her down. The distraction allows Dominik to roll-up Seth for a near-fall.

Murphy runs in and attacks Dominik, then takes him outside and tries to jam his eye into the steel steps. Rey runs down the ramp and attacks Murphy but Seth attacks Rey. They toss Dominik into the barricade, then Rey into the apron. Rey gets handcuffed to the middle rope and they look to beat him with Kendo sticks but Seth turns to Rey’s wife instead. Murphy grabs Rey as Seth marches up the ramp.

Dominika attacks Seth from behind and unloads. Dom tosses Murphy over the barricade, then shoves Seth into the steps. Murphy comes running back but Dom back body drops him on the floor, then gets Seth back inside and hits a 619! Dominik goes up top and jumps for a frog splash but Seth gets his knees up! Rollins drags Dominik away from Rey, who climbs into the ring. Seth mocks him before hitting The Stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Seth gives Dominik the keys to the handcuffs before leaving with Murphy, a big smile on his face. Dominik rolls over to Rey and gives him the key, so Rey unlocks himself and hugs Dominik.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Sasha Banks W/Bayley Vs. Asuka

This second title match of the night for Asuka gets underway with Sasha storming her and taking her down. Asuka comes back with repeated kicks to the face, then kicks to the gut and a running clothesline. Banks rolls outside and Asuka chases after. Banks tries to hit a hurricanrana but Asuka counters into a kneebar.

Sasha gets back into the ring but Asuka hits her with a hip attack in the corner, followed by a snapmare. Asuka looks for an armbar but Banks breaks free and stomps her. They get on the apron and Asuka kicks her against the ring post but dodges the last kick and Asuka hits the pole. Banks then hits a sunset flip powerbomb to Asuka from the apron to the floor!

Back inside Banks scores a two-count, then kicks her in the corner. Banks climbs the ropes but Asuka hits a facebuster and goes into a kneebar. Sasha breaks free and they wind-up struggling on the top rope until Asuka hits a super DDT! Asuka hits a missile dropkick and scores a two-count.

Banks slams Asuka and goes up top for a frog splash but Asuka moves out of the way. Both women go to opposite corners, then run at each other and Asuka catches her with a flying armbar. Asuka attempts to transition into the Asuka Lock but Sasha counters into the Bank Statement.

Asuka breaks free and applies the Asuka Lock! Banks simply rolls out and shoves Asuka away, but the Empress fires back with a superkick. Similarly to the first match, Bayley gets on the apron and Asuka looks for the hip attack but this time she moves. Banks looks to capitalize but Asuka gets her in the Asuka Lock and she taps!

Winner and New RAW Women’s Champion: Asuka

Sasha can’t believe she lost. Bayley gets into the ring, hands her the Tag Title, and apologises but Sasha looks pissed. They’ll have to defend those titles next Sunday at Payback.

WWE Championship

(C) Drew McIntyre Vs. Randy Orton

This highly-anticipated match gets underway and Drew runs at Orton, who rolls out of the ring. Orton walks around the ring as Drew just watches on. Orton gets back inside, ducks a punch and kicks the Champion. Drew whips him to the ropes but Orton slides out and stares at him. Drew chases after Orton, who slides back in and stomps Drew down.

Orton looks for a quick RKO but McIntyre shoves him off. Drew hits the ropes and looks to leap over Orton but Randy catches his ankle and tries for an RKO again but Drew throws him off and this time he rolls out. McIntyre smile as he gets in the ring, then forces Orton to the corner and punches him a few times. Orton breaks free and attempts the RKO again but Drew throws him off, runs for a shoulder tackle but hits the ring post!

Drew rolls outside but Randy goes out and tosses him into the barricade, then the announce desk and the ring post. Orton lifts the lid off the announce desk and back drops Drew onto it. Randy does it again and trash talks McIntyre, then suplexes him off the table onto the floor! Randy gets McIntyre back inside for a mere one-count and he looks surprised. Orton goes to a headlock and grinds the Champion down.

McIntyre fights up but Orton slams him down and stomps his limbs. Randy lifts Drew and looks to whip him to the corner but its reversed. Orton looks to kick Drew but the Champion catches his foot and hits a knee-breaker. Randy kicks Drew’s knee out from him, and McIntyre has a small cut above his eye. Orton punches Drew a few times, hits the ropes but McIntyre catches him with a spinebuster!

McIntyre gets Orton in the Figure Four Leglock and he struggles to break free and not get pinned. Orton rolls to reverse the pressure but Drew rolls right through. McIntyre punches him in the hold, but Orton pulls the referee by the shirt and uses the second to poke Drew in the eye. Both men get to their feet but Drew drops him with a chop to the chest.

Drew lands a few hands, Orton looks for an RKO but it’s scuffled again, and now Drew builds a head of steam with overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. McIntyre goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline before kipping up! McIntyre slams Randy into the turnbuckle, then lifts him onto the top rope and chops the chest. Drew punches him on the top rope and busts him open. Orton knocks Drew down into the tree of woe, but McIntyre sits up and tosses him across the ring.

McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT for a near-fall. McIntyre fight Orton off and goes to the top rope again, but this time he misses the clothesline and Orton hits a snap powerslam for a two-count. Drew rolls to the apron and Orton grabs him for the draping DDT, but McIntyre jumps off and hits a Glasgow Kiss! McIntyre clotheslines Orton over the top rope and both men fall to the floor.

Orton gets back into the ring first and, when Drew tries to enter, Orton catches him with a draping DDT. Orton drops to the mat and readies himself, but instead of the RKO he lines up a punt. He runs for it but Drew counters with a powerbomb! McIntyre goes to the corner and screams for Orton to get up, then runs but Orton ducks the Claymore Kick. Orton looks for the RKO but Drew counters with a backslide and wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Tomorrow night, former NXT Champion, Keith Lee will be on Monday Night Raw!

The Fiend makes his entrance for the main event, followed by the Universal Champion.

WWE Universal Championship

Falls Count Anywhere

(C) Braun Strowman Vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

The bell rings and Strowman rushes The Fiend into the corner and punches him down. Bray laughs and comes back with punches of his own, then hits a urinage. Bray snaps the neck of Strowman twice and the Champions rolls out of the ring.

Bray pulls a toolbox from under the ring and hits Braun with it. The Fiend takes some time to laugh, allowing Strowman time to tackle him through the barricade. The Fiend gets back up pretty quickly and Strowman powerbombs him onto the edge of the table and it doesn’t break. Again The Fiend gets back up and Strowman hits him with the steel steps in the face.

Braun gets Bray back in the ring and hits a splash in the corner, followed by a running powerslam but Wyatt kicks out at one. Wyatt rolls out of the ring and Braun beats him up the ramp, slamming him into the stage LED. They fight through the curtain into Gorilla, where Wyatt slams Braun into the walls and hits Sister Abigail but he kicks out at two.

The Fiend beats Strowman back out onto the stage and slams him into the LED wall before crawling around him. Bray stomps Braun down the ramp towards the ring, and listens to his hands. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw but Strowman grabs him by the throat and runs him backwards into the apron. Braun gets him back into the ring and hits another powerslam for a two-count.

Strowman punches The Fiend over and over and screams in his face. Braun goes back out to the toolbox, and grabs a Stanley knife/box cutter. He cuts the ring mat, removing the padding and exposing the wooden boards. The Fiend is back on his feet and he hits Braun with a urinagi on the wood, followed by Sister Abigail. The Fiend lifts him again and hits another Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner and New WWE Universal Champion: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

The match ends and Wyatt gets his Universal Championship. He stands up and, from out of nowhere, Roman Reigns spears him! Reigns punches Wyatt over and over wearing a shirt that says “wreck everyone & leave”. Reigns then gets out of the ring and spears Braun Strowman. Roman shouts at Braun that he’s not a monster, not anymore, then gets a chair and beat Braun with it until it’s bent in two.

Reigns gets back in the ring and waits for Wyatt to get up before hitting another huge spear. Reigns says Bray is just a freak in a mask and not capable of being a Champion, so he holds up the title.

And that’s it for WWE SummerSlam. Let us know what you thought of the show and whether or not that was a heel turn by Roman. I will see you tomorrow night for WWE RAW. Until then stay safe!

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