Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW on June 29th.

Tonight’s RAW will have not one but two contract signings. The first of which will see former buddies Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler put pen to paper for what should be a great match at Extreme Rules. And the second will see Sasha Banks make her match with Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship a reality. As we know, contract signings rarely go according to plan, but it will be interesting to see how they do two in one night.

Also tonight, we’re going to see Apollo Crews face MVP. These two have been butting heads for a while now, and this isn’t their first match, but this time Lashley is sure to be nearby. The only other match scheduled thus far is The Viking Raiders taking on Angel Garza and Andrade. Vega’s clients seem poised to snatch the RAW Tag Team Championships, and tonight should serve as a way to make them contenders.

The only other things WWE is teasing for tonight is Seth Rollins continuing his feud with the Mysterio family, and a segment with Ric Flair and The Big Show. So strap in for a night of wrasslin’, and enjoy the show!


WWE RAW opens with Sasha Banks and Bayley brawling with Asuka in the ring, as Samoa Joe (mediator) in the ring for the contract signing, calls for officials to help. The referees run down and clear the ring.

Joe welcomes us to the show and says the idea was for a contract signing, but as he’s talking, Banks and Bayley rush into the ring and attack Asuka again. He calls for the officials and they help separate the women again. Just as Joe is talking, he gets interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Joe sarcastically welcomes Dolph, who then introduces the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, as the most ungrateful man in the world.

Asuka and McIntyre sit on one side of Joe, while Ziggler, Bayley, and Banks sit on the other side. Dolph starts the double contract signing and asks where Drew would be without him. He says he would be telling anyone who would listen that he was the chosen one. And while he was shuffling around the indies trying to find himself, he was in WWE carrying monsters like him on his back. He knows what it takes to be Champion, and he also knows that Drew isn’t sure he can do it. Ziggler says he’s going to keep getting back up, no matter how many times Drew kicks him, and that nineteen year redemption story of Drew vanishes. He created McIntyre, and at Extreme Rules: Horror Show, he will destroy him.

Ziggler signs the contract and hands it to McIntyre, who is on his feet. The Champion signs the page and sits back down. He says those were some passionate words from Dolph. There was a time when they were like brothers. And it’s true, he was fired. During that time he went through hell, physically and mentally, to become the man he is. But now he’s the man, and that’s something Dolph has never been. Everytime he gets closer to the finish line he drops the ball. At Extreme Rules he’s going to slaughter Dolph. So, seeing as they were like family, he’ll let Dolph choose the stipulation.

Dolph starts to talk but Asuka interrupts in Japanese. She starts ranting at Banks and Bayley. Sasha says she isn’t the same person Asuka faced before. She is the boss, the leader, the blueprint, and the conversation. And after she beats Asuka she will be two belts Banks. And her and Bayley as double Champions, they will be taking over the whole damn company. The contract is signed and Asuka attacks them. Dolph swings a superkick but Drew grabs it, then looks for a Claymore but Ziggler rolls out. Asuka and Drew are left standing in the ring, holding their titles high.

We see a replay of last Monday, when Andrade and Garza attacked the tag Champions. Garza is backstage, trying to pay referee Jess with a rose. She doesn’t buy it and walks off, leading to Charly Caruso asking them what they’re doing. Vega says trying to ensure fair officiating. Charly asks if they win tonight, do they think they’re number one contenders. Andrade says he yes but Big Show walks up and says he needs Smurfette to tell Mazaratti and Ferrari that he’s pulling rank, and he’s heading out there next to deal with Randy Orton.

*Commercial Break*

The Big Show is pacing around the ring when we return from commercial. He calls for Randy Orton to come out and says he owes him a promise. Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega come out instead. Big Show says he is sorry he interrupted them, but they shouldn’t try him right now.

Andrade says that Randy Orton says Big Show is a legend, and he laughs. Big Show tells him he has boots older than him and that he’ll knock him out. Garza says there is only one of him, and Big Show says he can stand on Andrade’s shoulders if he wants to look in his eyes. Vega says they’re gonna do Randy Orton a favour and show everyone what happens when they disrespect them. She says Big Show’s days are numbered, and he can say hi to Edge and Christian in the retirement home.

As Garza and Andrade are climbing on the apron, Ric Flair’s music hits and out comes the Hall of Famer. Ric stands on the stage and says he has lots of respect for Vega and her men, but he needs to have a word with his old friend, the legendary Big Show. Ric says nobody is going to determine Big Shows career more than Randy. Orton will come whenever he feels like it. He says Big Show has been making cartoons on Netflix, and that’s great, he’s had his run. He shouldn’t play with Orton though, because he’ll be on the outside looking in. Flair then tells Vega to send her men in to have fun at Show’s expense.

Before they can get into the ring, The Viking Raiders run down and brawl with Andrade and Garza. Their match should be after the break.

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

The match is underway with Erik and Garza as we return, Vega has joined the commentary team. Erik shuts down a quick rally and slams Garza. Erik tags Ivar, and they team to drill Garza with knees. Ivar beats Garza into the corner and tags Erik again.

More quick tags, Ivar grinds Garza down with a submission, and Erik body slams Erik onto him. Andrade tags in but gets knocked off the apron. Garza uses the pants as a distraction and Andrade attacks Erik from behind. Andrade stomps Erik, then tags Garza to do some double team.

Erik drops Garza with a right hand, Andrade tags himself in and hits a running knee to Garza. Andrade shouts at Vega that he’s done and starts to leave. She runs to meet him on the ramp and tries to talk some sense into him.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and things are normal again, with Garza beating Erik into the corner. Vega denies any problems on commentary. Andrade tags in and continues the beating but Erik fires back and tags Ivar. Garza comes in but Ivar drops him and hits a running crossbody, cartwheels past Andrade, clotheslines him, and hits Garza with a seated senton. Ivar hits a handspring but Garza dropkicks him in the back.

Erik tags back in and they hit Garza with a powerbomb and Andrade a slam at the same time. They look for The Viking Experience to Andrade but he escapes and hits a discus elbow to Erik. Garza tags in and hits The Wing Clipper to Erik for the win!

Winners: Angel Garza & Andrade

Andrade walks off after the match, not celebrating with his teammate.

Ruby Riott is on her phone backstage when Peyton and Billie walk up and make fun of her. They call her a freak and say she has no friends. They call Liv a loser as well and Ruby says she zoned out for a second, that they were the ones who blew their opportunity last week. Ruby says one of them can meet her out there, and the other can lift the partner up and carry them to the back. And that will be IIconic.

*Commercial Break*

Zelina Vega is backstage with her men, who are at each others throats. Ric Flair walks up and congratulates them for their win, then asks if he can speak privately because he has a proposition.

24/7 Champsionship

(C) Akira Tozawa W/Ninja’s Vs. R-Truth

The match begins and Tozawa rolls Truth up for a two-count. Truth does some dancing and asks Akira to do the same. He does some weird hand thing and runs at Truth, who sidesteps him. Truth feigns and injury and rolls up Tozawa for the win.

Winner and New 24/7 Champion: Akira Tozawa

After the match one of the ninja’s run in and rolls up Truth but he kicks out, then runs through the crowd to escape as the ninja’s chase.

Bobby Lashley is backstage with MVP and he says Apollo Crews turning them down was a slap in the face. MVP assures him he’s done giving offers to Crews. Despite everything, he likes the kid. So he’s going to drop some gems on him before he beats him. They walk off and we see Seth Rollins standing with Murphy, holding Rey Mysterio’s mask. He says this is his most important message to date, and he has to deliver it now.

*Commercial Break*

Later tonight we will see The Big Show Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza in a handicap match.

Seth Rollins and Murphy make their way to the ring. She say that, last week, Seth and his son made a heart-warming return to RAW. Rey said nothing would stop him from returning to the ring, and he believes it. Because Rey has a duty to uphold, but he hasn’t been seeing things clearly as of late. He says Rey’s duty is to be a sacrifice for Monday Night Raw, and he has given him every chance to walk away on his own terms, but Rey defies him.

So what he must do now is very important. Seth asks Mysterio to forgive him, not for he has done, but what he will do in the future. You see, him and Rey are bound by fate and, as fate would have it, he is the Messiah and Rey is a sacrifice.

Mysterio and Dominic appear on the screen and Rey says he wants forgiveness from his son. Forgive him for what he will do to Seth. He was angry when Dom tried to fight his battles but he loves him for it. He must do to Seth something as remorseless as what he did to him. Eye for an eye. What he does will not be by fate, it will be by design. Dominic says he forgives him but he can’t forgive Seth.

Rollins says it’s clear Rey has taught Dom well, but he hasn’t taught him to be careful what he wishes for. If Dom continues to stand in the way of fate, he’ll be forced to end his career before it starts. Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo come out and Seth high-tails it.

*Commercial Break*

Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo

The match begins with Murphy and Black. Murphy runs for a knee but Black avoids it and starts kicking him. Black hits a big running kick, Seth comes in and Black drops him with a kick to the chest. Murphy backs Aleister into the corner and hits a superkick that knocks him out of the ring.

Seth gets a tag and beats Black on the floor, then gets him back in the ring. Hard Irish whip to the corner from Seth, then he tags Murphy and they beat Aleister down. Black creates some separation and tags Carrillo, who attacks Murphy. Carrillo hits a springboard crossbody for a two-count, then tosses a rushing Rollins to the floor.

 Carrillo heads up top for a missile dropkick and Murphy lands on the middle rope. Carrillo looks for a 619 but Seth pulls Murphy outside. Rollins gets on the apron but Carrillo hits an enziguiri, then dives over the ropes onto both of them!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Seth tags in but Carrillo drops him. Both men makes tags and Black kicks Seth, then hits Murphy with forearms and a flurry of strikes. Carrillo blind tags in as Black drops Murphy with a big knee, then Carrillo hits a 619 and Seth breaks it up. Rollins tosses Black outside and hits a suicide dive.

Murphy hits a big knee strike to Carrillo but Black makes the save. Murphy goes up top after dispatching Aleister, but Carrillo meets him up there. Murphy flips over and superkicks Carrillo through his own legs. Murphy lifts Humberto up in a powerbomb and Seth hits a knee off the top rope for a near-fall. Black and Murphy brawl on the outside and Humberto rolls up Carrillo for a near-fall. Rollins hits a Stomp for the win.

Winners: Murphy & Seth Rollins

As soon as the pinfall is counted, Black runs in and attacks Seth. Murphy makes the save and they toss Black to the outside, then into the timekeeper’s area. Murphy grabs Humberto and takes him to the steel steps. Murphy hits him with the steps, then Seth puts Rey’s mask on Humberto and tries to blind him but Black returns and fights them off. Seth manages to hit Carrillo with a Stomp on the steps before retreating.

Drew McIntyre and Asuka are interviewed backstage. Asuka talks Japanese and Drew translates for the “Empress of Claymore Country”. He says they’re going to have fun with their opponents. He says he let Dolph choose the stipulation because then he will have no excuses. As for Sasha Banks, she’s not ready for Asuka. The Empress smiles and says Dolph is not ready for Drew.

*Commercial Break*

We see the tribute to The Undertaker from Friday Night SmackDown, followed by an incredible video celebrating the career of the greatest to ever do it.

Lana walks up to Ruby Riott backstage and she says she can’t believe how rude The IIconics were. Ruby says shouldn’t she be off ruining someone else’s career? Lana talks about how great Natalya is and how we should all be following her.

*Commercial Break*

Ruby Riott Vs. Peyton Royce W/Billie Kay

The match begins and Kay instantly distracts Ruby, allowing Peyton to take her down and attack her left shoulder – the arm Ruby has had operated on. Royce forces Ruby to the corner and chokes her with a boot.

Ruby eats a kick and Peyton chokes her on the middle rope. Peyton applies a submission targeting the arm, then hits a back suplex for a two-count. Kay tries to give advice from outside. Peyton runs into the turnbuckles and Ruby hits some kicks and repeated forearms before and STO for a two-count.

Kay causes a distraction and Royce rolls up Ruby for a near-fall. Riott hits a crucifix pin for a two-count, then Royce hits a spinning brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Charly Caruso interviews The Big Show. She asks if he thinks tonight’s handicap match might be a trap with Randy Orton looming. Big Show says of course it is. He loved Ric Flair for years, and when he got into the business he learned that he really is the dirtiest player in the game. And now he’s with Randy Orton, who has taken out a few legends already. He challenges Orton to come out and try him. Then says Angel Garza and Andrade are getting a big angry giant tonight.

*Commercial Break*

2-On-1 Handicap Match

The Big Show Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza W/Zelina Vega

Neither Andrade nor Garza want to start the match, and Andrade tricks Angel into sliding inside. Big Show rips his shirt off and slaps his chest. Big Show drops Angel with a headbutt. Big Show tosses Angel out of the ring in front of Zelina.

Angel tags Andrade in and Big Show force him to the corner for a slap. Andrade rolls outside but Big Show lifts him inside via the head and throws him. Big Show lifts and slams Andrade, then hits a running splash.

Andrade tags Garza again and they manage to beat Big Show down but quickly fall out and argue. This time it’s Garza who leaves, allowing Big Show to hit Andrade with a Chokeslam.

Winner: The Big Show

After the match Big Show lifts Andrade up and hits him with a WMD, a message to Randy Orton.

Apollo Crews is warming up backstage with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet when R-Truth appears. Truth says he’s finally got away from Tozawa and the ninja, or did he? Akira starts sniffing Alexander, asking if he’s a ninja. He calls Ricochet Rick O’Shea, and his partner, Cedric The Entertainer.

*Commercial Break*

MVP and Lashley come to the ring. MVP says he can be an inspiration for people trying to get out of the hood, but what good is success if you don’t give back. Which is what he’s doing with Bobby Lashley, unlocking his limitless potential. And he tried to do the same for Apollo Crews. He won’t be disrespected.

Apollo comes out and says he didn’t disrespect MVP. He says they’re both self-made men, so don’t stand there and give a speech about giving back. He says MVP should have listened when he turned hm down, but he kept pushing and pushing. Because the only person MVP cares about is himself. MVP says he admires Crews gumption, but he’s about to find out that he really doesn’t want him as an enemy.

Apollo Crews Vs MVP W/Bobby Lashley

The match begins and MVP takes a headlock, gets shot off, and drops Apollo with a shoulder. MVP avoids a dropkick but misses a soccer kick and get dropped with a hurricanrana. Crews hits a military press and MVP rolls outside, then hits a tope over the ropes onto Lashley. MVP sends Apollo into the steel steps.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and MVP is on top of Apollo. Crews starts to fight back and beats MVP into the corner. Irish whip to the opposite corner and a running splash from Crews, followed by a spinebuster for a two-count. Apollo goes up top and Lashley causes a distraction, allowing MVP to crotch him on the ropes, then hit a big boot and the fisherman suplex for the win!

Winner: MVP

After the match, Apollo attacks MVP, so Lashley runs in and grabs him in the full nelson. Alexander and Ricochet run down and try to pry Lashley off, and they have to kick him to get him out of the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Ricochet W/Cedric Alexander Vs. Bobby Lashley W/MVP

We join this match in progress, as Lashley overpowers Ricochet and throws him off the top rope. Lashley shoulders him in the corner and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count. Lashley sends Ricochet out of the ring, where MVP drops Ricochet on the commentary table behind the referee’s back.

Back in the ring, Ricochet fights back but Lashley hits a powerslam for a near-fall. Lashley throws Ricochet across the ring, and he rolls out of the ring to recover. Lashley goes out, scares Alexander off, and throws Ricochet on the floor! Lashley puts Ricochet on his shoulders and drives him headfirst into the ring post!

Lashley gets Ricochet in the ring and waits for him to get up. Lashley goes for a spear, but Ricochet collapses. Lashley then sets up behind him and goes for a full nelson, but Ricochet fights it off. Lashley runs but Ricochet pulls the top rope down to get Lashley out of the ring. Ricochet goes for a cross-body off the apron, but Lashley catches him. Ricochet slides off and sends him into the ring post.

Back inside, Ricochet hits a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. MVP gets on the apron, but Alexander pulls him off. Ricochet hits Lashley with an enziguiri and brings him to a knee with a superkick. Lashley blocks a kick to the head and smashes him with a one-armed spinebuster! Somewhere along the way, Lashley had his ear busted open. Lashley follows up with the full nelson and Ricochet quickly taps out

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Cedric comes in to check on Ricochet and he too gets put in the full nelson.

Dolph Ziggler is backstage with Bayley and Sasha Banks, and he’s telling them he should take point. Sasha says the last time they saw him he was being outsmarted by Otis. Bayley assuages things and he walks off to get ready.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre & Asuka Vs. Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks W/Bayley

The match starts with the men and Dolph grabs a leg but gets lifted and thrown off. Ziggler backs into the corner and uses the referee to force the break. Ziggler shoots again but Drew lifts him and throws him. Ziggler starts talking trash but McIntyre chops him hard. Drew forces Dolph to the corner and chops him again but Ziggler fires back and hits a Fame-Asser for a one-count.

Ziggler gets tossed to the corner and Banks tags herself in. Drew must give way to the RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka, who gets into a shoving match with The Boss. Banks ducks a backfist but gets dropped with a shoulder tackle. Asuka looks for a hip attack but Sasha dodges it. They both look for their finishers until Dolph runs in, as does Drew and drops him. Asuka hits a spinning backfist and the heels roll outside.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ziggler is on Drew’s back with a sleeper. The WWE Champion throws him off and into the corner where he chops him silly. McIntyre looks for a reverse Alabama Slam but Dolph rolls down into a small package for a two-count, then hits a big DDT and both men go down.

Ziggler makes the tag but Asuka comes at Banks with a knee to the jaw. Asuka hits a German suplex and a shining wizard for a near-fall. Banks rolls outside, to Asuka gets on the apron. Bayley distracts Asuka, allowing Sasha to swipe her feet, then hit a meteora on the floor.

Back inside, Banks pins Asuka for a near-fall. Banks gets cocky and stomps Asuka, before hitting an overhead suplex for a two-count. Banks goes to a rear chinlock as Bayley tells Byron Saxton he is “almost worse than Michael Cole.” Banks hits double knees in the corner for a near-fall.

Asuka hits double knees of her own and makes a tag to McIntyre, who comes in hot against Dolph with a lariat and a biel. McIntyre hits an overhead belly-to-belly, then heads up top for an axe-handle. McIntyre kips-up and Sasha tags herself in. Banks yells at Drew that he has to get out of the ring, and he does so….after jabbing Dolph off the apron.

Asuka headkicks Banks for a near-fall. On the outside Drew gets Dolph on his shoulder and tries to lawn-dart him into the ring post but Dolph slides off and shoves the Psychopath into the post. In the ring, Bank locks in the Bank Statement but Asuka breaks free. Asuka applies the AsukaLock but Banks rolls backwards and scores the pinfall!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks

That’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news and results. Until then, stay safe.

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