The novel coronavirus is a big issue and it is coming back after efforts to slow the spread seemingly ceased. Now Florida is infested with the highly contagious virus and that includes those in WWE.

Renee Young came forward and revealed her positive test for COVID-19. Adam Pearce followed her and stated that he did not ask for coronavirus for his birthday. Alexa Bliss didn’t reveal the results of her test, but the procedure is something she certainly would like to avoid because it’s awful.

The swab test goes to the back of your head through the nostrils. Bliss described this feeling with an animated gif of Danny DeVito biting someone’s nose as the Penguin from Batman Returns. Obviously, it’s excruciating.

In response to hearing that a COVID-19 test can feel like a tickle, Bliss further explained that: “My first one tickled, I nervous giggled and shot snot out of my nose haha this one … not one giggle.” She didn’t have a good time at all.


To make matters even more frustrating, the swab test that WWE is administering has a very scary inaccuracy rate. Click here for those numbers.

We will keep a close eye on this on-going story right here at Ringside News. WWE Superstars, staff, executives, and production will need to get used to coronavirus tests. They will not have to do them prior to each taping now.

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