AJ Styles wrestled a career’s worth of matches before entering WWE. There were some who didn’t think that he could excel in Vince McMahon’s company for one reason or another. He was determined to prove those doubters wrong.

A lot changed for Styles after McMahon had very frank conversation with him about what he expected.

While chatting with After The Bell, AJ Styles addressed people who gave him grief about leaving TNA. He was betting on himself which is something they realize now that he made it. That is especially true for those who said he would never thrive in WWE.

“If you want to put a chip on my shoulder basically tell me that I’m not worth what I’m asking for. I feel like that’s what happened to me [in Impact Wrestling]. ‘Everything you did for us, it was great, but you’re not worth as much as you’re thinking you are.’ — ‘Okay I’m gonna go show you I’m gonna show everybody that I am worth… I’m gonna bet on myself.'”


“That’s what they didn’t understand either is that these guys who were kinda ribbing me for not being loyal to TNA they didn’t understand that not only was I leaving to go pursue something else [but] I was literally betting on myself. That’s a risk that not a lot of people are willing to take and I was willing to take that risk and it paid off.”

“Those same guys are the same who said ‘Ah, he’ll never make it in WWE.’ I will say this to their credit. They said basically that they were wrong.”

AJ Styles wasn’t going to settle for something below his worth. He fought for what he believed was owed to him and it certainly paid off for him.

There are people out there who once said that AJ Styles would never make it in WWE. Those people aren’t standing by those words anymore as The Phenomenal One was able to break out in a big way to capture and maintain a top spot on the card.

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