The Ultimate Warrior was a very polarizing individual. To this day, people debate the legacy that his name really represents. Jim Ross didn’t have the best dealings with Warrior, but he is still happy that he got to see his return to WWE before his passing.

On Grillin’ JR, Jim Ross opened up about the Ultimate Warrior. He didn’t hold much back, but we’re guessing there was more he could have said.

Ross said “I think he was a giant pain in the ass from day one” when discussing his dealings with The Ultimate Warrior. He went on to discuss The Ultimate Warrior’s massive ego and how his persona was created with all the bells and whistles WWE gave him.

“He had a massive ego, knowing that he was not highly skilled, knowing that his #1 selling point was his physique and his charisma that largely was created through music and lights and pyro and things of that nature.”


The Jim Ross continued where he stated that Ultimate Warrior wasn’t a good person in his view. The language Warrior used didn’t set well with JR as he would regularly use profane language in front of women.

“He wasn’t a good person in my view, that’s my opinion. I thought that he used extremely coarse and abusive language in front of women of all ages. I thought that was ridiculous, I seen it with my own eyes.”

Jim Ross then stated that “I’m sad that he passed, I’m glad that he got his moment in the sun before he died, I really am, for his fans’ sake and for his family.”

The Ultimate Warrior is still loved by millions, but others have a much different opinion of him. How do you feel about the Ultimate Warrior’s legacy? Sound off in the comments below!

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