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AEW Dynamite Results – March 25, 2020

We see a replay of when Nick Jackson was attacked by The Inner Circle. We cut to a clip of Vanguard 1 – Matt Hardy’s drone – and it spies on Nick Jackson training in his shed.

AAA Mega Championship

(C) Kenny Omega Vs. Sammy Guevara

The match starts with a feeling-out process. Omega shoves Sammy to the floor and they stare at each other. Guevara takes a front facelock but Kenny takes a wristlock and flips him over. Kenny hits the ropes but Sammy flips over him and hits a dropkick that knocks Omega from the ring.

Sammy hits a snapmare and dropkicks Omega from the ring again, then slams him into the ring post. Sammy sends Omega into the barricade but Kenny fires back with a chest chop. Omega counters an Irish whip into the barricade but Guevara jumps over and takes a seat. Guevara suckers Kenny and slams his arm on the barricade, before lifting a carricature of Brandi and french kissing it.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Kenny is battering Sammy on the floor. Omega put him back in the ring and drops him for a two-count. Sammy takes an armbar but Kenny reaches the bottom rope. Guevara drags Kenny under the rope and slams his hurt wrist into the apron.

Kenny chops the chest of Sammy and looks to hit a fireman’s roll but Sammy bites his hand. Sammy throws Kenny up in the air and kicks him in the back. Guevara takes a headlock but Kenny fights out. Sammy connects with a stiff lariat to the ear as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see them exchaning shots, but Kenny boots Sammy into the corner. Sammy gets up and Omega drops him with a double axe handle, then two more for a two-count. Omega hits a low dropkick, followed by a float-over bulldog for a two-count.

Omega lifts Sammy and looks for a snap dragon suplex but Sammy counters with an elbow. Kenny looks for it again but Sammy forward rolls and hits a double stomp, followed by a shooting star press for a near-fall. Guevara hits a springboard cutter and Omega rolls from the ring but Sammy follows-up with a tope!

Back in the ring and Kenny counters Sammy with a powerbomb and flips him over to hit a V-Trigger. Omega looks for a Liger Bomb but Sammy counters with a hurricanrana. Guevara goes up top but Omega dodges a shooting star press. Omega hits another V-Trigger, followed by a massive knee to the jaw after biting his hand again. Omega with a snap dragon but Guevara lands on his feet and hits a head kick.

Guevara hits a burning hammer knee but Kenny no-sells it and hits a V-Trigger, followed by the J Driller for a near-fall. Omega hits another V-Trigger, followed by a One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

*Commercial Break*

Chris Jericho comes to the ring but stops outside to grab the camera from the cameraman and forces him to sing Judas. Jericho says last week’s AEW was huge because of the debuts of Brodi Lee and Matt Hardy. Jericho says the arrogant sons of bitches in The Elite got Matt to join them. But he’s know Matt for 25 years, and he wants to give him the change to join The Inner Circle.

Vanguard comes down and Jericho says he doesn’t like the drone. Doesn’t like what he stands for, his political views, and he’s a piece of $hit. Jericho says he doesn’t like Vanguard but he respects him, so he wants him to join The Inner Circle. Vanguard turns and flies away and Jericho screams at it.

Matt Hardy is once again at the top of the arena but the camera flashes and he’s somewhere else. Hardy keeps disappearing and reappearing all over the arena instantly, then stands in the front row with his arms out. He gets in the ring and Jericho looks freaked out. Hardy says Jericho knew he’d come and Y2J says it’s been booked for a week.

Jericho asks how Matt did his teleporting and he says it’s because he’s magic. Jericho says it’s an honour for Matt to be here but he wants to explain how things work here. This is his company, he built it, organised it, and he runs it. So Matt needs to align with him and not The Elite. Hardy says The Bucks of Youth resurrected him and he owed them a debt.

On top of that, he’s seen Jericho’s tyranny. AEW represents freedom to him, and he can’t allow The Inner Circle to ruin paradise. Jericho says he resurrects careers too, he saved Jake Hager and made the likes of Sammy Guevara, Sanana and Ortiz. He tells him not to make a mistake, and join The Elite. Matt says Jericho doesn’t understand; he might recognise his vessel but there is a different entity behind the wheel. He is Damascus and he is 3000 years old.

Jericho says if he’s that old he must be really wise. He appreciates the outfit and the hair, very sassy, but inside he’s still Matt Hardy. Matt says he feels the same way about Y2J, he’s a chameleon but inside he’s always evil. Jericho says Matt has never been the man, he’s always lived in the shadow of his brother and the victim of bad booking. Hardy says he is in nobody’s shadow. Jericho asks if he’s in The Inner Circle or The Elite and Matt says Delete. They yell Elite and Delete over and over.

Matt sings a song to the tune of Judas and Jericho says there’s no one here to sing along or chant his stupid catchphrases. Matt says there are essences here, including Abraham Lincoln in 15C. Over there is Martin Luther King, and beside him is Maximillian. Jericho says he can’t see them and Matt says he knows. He needs to see the entity that will DELETE him!

Jericho says he can’t see anything except the same old Matt Hardy. Jericho slaps him but Hardy slaps him back and drops him. Jericho says Matt really is magic but so is he and Sammy Guevara attacks Matt from behind. Cody and Omega run to the ring and attack Jericho and Sammy with chairs. Matt then makes fire come from the stage and it scares the retreating Jericho and Guevara.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought of the show and come back tomorrow for all your wrestling news. Until then, good health.

Written by Curtis Dillon

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