Nikki Bella and John Cena had a long romance that eventually did not last until marriage. They broke up, but it seemed amicable. One recent tweet from Nikki Bella made a lot of people wonder what was going on.

Bella sent out a tweet about her misery being someone else’s happiness. A lot of fans read this tweet to mean that she was taking a little shot at her former fiance.

Sometimes your misery is another’s happiness. Sometimes we come into someone’s life 2 teach them something or how 2 live, or someone comes into ours to do the same. Smile knowing u showed them how life is really meant 2 be loving, by kindness, by letting go of rules.N

Nikki Bella cleared this up in a big way on a recent episode of the Bella’s Podcast. She said that John Cena isn’t the only man she’s ever loved in the world, in fact, Cena is the fourth man she loved. The love still goes on for Nikki as well.


“I hate always talking about this, but it was bothering me, and I really want to clarify something. My ex-fiance is not the only man that I have loved in this world. I was in love three times before him. He was the fourth person I loved, and I have loved after him, and I still love.”

“Anytime I want to post a quote or I want to share words of wisdom, everyone always think I’m talking about him. I don’t always talk about my ex-fiance, and honestly, you guys, I have no reason to throw shade at him. I can’t tell you guys enough. I’m not that type of person. I wish people knew that. My life does not revolve around my ex-fiance.”

It just goes to show that sometimes fans don’t really know what’s going on in someone’s mind when they send out an ambiguous tweet. Nikki Bella felt the need to clear this up because her life doesn’t revolve around John Cena.

Thanks to Yahoo for the transcription

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