Welcome to Ringside News’ live results for AEW Dynamite.
Tonight Hangman Page will team with a mystery partner to face Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. It’s unclear who his partner will be but we can rest assured it won’t be Matt or Nick Jackson. And Cody will be in action against Ortiz in a bid to set-up the rushed WarGames match between The Elite and The Inner Circle.
Tonight’s show is set to be a tag team heavy one, with the newly-formed Death Triangle having their first match, and Jurassic Express facing The Butcher and The Blade. Lance Archer was set to debut last week but it didn’t happen, however he is expected to do so tonight again.
And that’s the preview for tonight’s show. Follow along on the Ringside News app and enjoy the show!


AEW Dynamite opens with “Hangman” Adam Page being interviewed backstage by Tony Schiavone. Tony asks who his partner will be tonight and The Young Bucks walk up. They ask if that’s why he asked them there and Page says he needs a partner whom he’s known for a long time and who he can trust…so no. He says he would never team with Matt Jackson, but maybe Nick. Page says his partner is a mystery, then walks off.

Cody /Arn Anderson & Brandi rhodes Vs. Ortiz W/Santana

The match gets underway and Cody ankle picks Ortiz, then jumps over him and hits the ropes but Ortiz gets up and Cody hits a dropkick. Ortiz whips Cody to the buckles but Rhodes leaps over him and hits a snap powerslam for a one-count.

Jake The Snake Roberts and Lance Archer make their way through the crowd and Cody gets distracted. Ortiz hits Cody, then clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. Ortiz slams Cody into the barricade, but Rhodes then reverses a whip, sending Ortiz into the steel steps. Cody and Santana talk trash before he gets Ortiz back in the ring.
Cody hits a torture rack attack for a two-count, then glances over at Archer and Roberts in the crowd. Ortiz tries to get back into it but Cody uppercuts him. Ortiz grabs the referee, allowing Santana to grab Cody’s food, and Ortiz kicks him in the leg. Ortiz chokes Cody via the middle rope, then continues attacking the leg.
Ortiz hits a suplex for a quick two-count, then tosses Cody from the ring. Again he distracts the referee, allowing Santana to hit Cody in the leg with the sock. Back in the ring and Ortiz hits a running splash for a two-count.Ortiz applies a leg submission to Cody, but breaks the hold after poking him in the eye. Ortiz kicks Cody down in the corner and hits a snapmare.
Cody starts to come back and hits Ortiz with ten punches in the corner. He takes the weightlifting belt off and tosses it into the crowd before climbing the ropes but Ortiz crotches him. Ortiz looks to superplex Cody but Rhodes throws him off. Santana grabs Cody’s leg, but Brandi runs over and whips him with her belt! Ortiz jumps back up top and hits a superplex for a near-fall.


Santana gets in the face of Arn Anderson, so Cody hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive. Ortiz looks to hit one to Cody but gets caught and suplexes on the ramp. Lance Archer seemed to consider climbing the barricade but Roberts stopped him.
Back in the ring and Ortiz hits a fisherman suplex for a two-count. Cody reverses a whip and looks for the Disaster Kick but Ortiz ducks it. Cody counters a roll-up and looks to go into CrossRhodes but Ortiz knees him away. Cody uses the ropes to attack Ortiz’ leg. Cody applies a Figure Four leglock but Ortiz reverses the pressure, then Cody reverses it right back and Ortiz taps.

Winner: Cody

Santana came into the ring and attacked Cody with the sock right after the bell, so Arn Anderson got into the ring and ran him off, but not before Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega came down as well.
Chris Jericho appears on the tron with Sammy and Hager. He says Cody got lucky tonight but he needs to remember that The Inner Circle will beat the heads off “you pumpkin headed dip$hits”. Jericho says you might be wondering where Nick Jackson is and the camera pans down to show Nick lying underneath a shutter door and blood coming from his head. Jericho says he’s got a little headache then laughs and they walk off. Cody, Matt, Kenny, Dustin, Brandi, and some officials run to check on Nick.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and we see Nick being put into the back of an ambulance, and Cody, and Matt hop in a car to go to the hospital.

KRIS STATLANDER & Hikaru Shida Vs. Bea Priestly & Nyla Rose

The match begins and the heels attack the babyfaces as they’re choosing who will start. Bea knocks Statlander to the outside and beats her around, while Nyla drops Shida with a shoulder. Hikaru kips-up and hits Nyla but gets totalled with a lariat.
Nyla with a body slam, followed by a leg drop for a two-count. Priestly puts Shida in the corner and hits her, followed by a snapmare and a kick to the back. Bea chokes Shida against the ropes, then hits a running face wash.
Rose tags back in and Shida counters her, hits the ropes, but Bea kicks her in the back. Rose hits a suplex for a two-count. Shida makes a tag to Statlander and Rose tags Bea just as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
We return to find Priestly holding Statlander in a Black Widow submission. Statlander punches herself free, then Priestly botches a springboard twice, so Kris just lifts her and hits a backbreaker. Statlander hangs Bea across the ropes in her corner and tags Shida, who suplexes Statlander into Bea. “Holy Shida” chant from the fans.
Bea fires back against Shida with a kick, then eats an enziguiri, before hitting a release German suplex, and Shida hits a shining wizard. Both women crawl to make tags but only Rose gets in and she stomps Shida. Nyla drapes Shida on the top rope and jumps for a knee but Statlander pulls Shida out of the way. Shida hits a dropkick from the top rope, then her and Kris hit stereo kicks but Rose kicks out.

Shida hits an enziguiri, followed by a falcon arrow but Priestly breaks the pin attempt. Kris throws Bea over the ropes, but Rose then flips her inside out with a lariat. Rose lifts Shida up for a powerbomb but gets countered with a hurricanrana. Bea is on the top rope and Shida jumps up to hit a superplex. Rose spears Hikaru, then hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winners: Nyla Rose & Bea Priestly

Nyla celebrates after her win but Priestly attacks her. Bea beats her down then lifts her belt and holds it up, before tossing it at Nyla and leaving.
We see a replay of AEW Revolution, where Christopher Daniels revealed himself as the Exalted One, only for it to be a fake-out. Daniels then cuts a promo akin to the PSA’s The Dark Order does, and says there is no Exalted One. He challenges both Evil Uno and Stu Grayson to matches, and says beating them will prove there is no Exalted One.
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Jurassic Express Vs. MJF, The Butcher & The Blade W/The Bunny & Wardlow

The match starts with Marko Stunt and MJF. They lock-up and MJF shoves Stunt to the mat. Stunt tags Luchasauras but MJF doesn’t know. He backs up into Luchasauras and falls over. Everyone runs into the ring but Aubrey forces them back out. MJF ducks under Luchasauras but runs into Jungle Boy and Stunt on the apron, so he gets on his knees and begs for forgiveness, until Blade and Butcher run in and attack Luchasauras from behind.
The heels make quick tags to attack the leg of Luchasauras in the corner. MJF talks trash to Luchasauras, so he grabs him by the throat but MJF kicks his leg to get free and tags Blade, who tags The Butcher and they hit a double team knee drop as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*
Back live and Luchasauras is still being beaten down in the heel corner, but he throws a few elbows and hits a question mark kick to Blade. MJF tags in and he grabs the leg, while Blade grabs the other, but Luchasauras stomps over to make the tag anyway.
Perry comes in hot with forearms and superkicks to all three heels. Big lariat to Blade, a swift kick to MJF and an implosion senton. Jungle Boy with a springboard moonsault to Blade but gets grabbed by The Butcher. Stunt jumps onto the shoulder of Butcher, and Jungle Boy shoves his feet to hit a tornado DDT.
Stunt hits a suicide dive onto MJF and Blade but they catch him, so Jungle Boy dives onto them as well and they go down. Butcher joins them and Luchasauras hits a tope onto all three! Back in the ring and Luchasauras hits a double chokeslam to Blade and MJF. Standing moonsault to MJF and he covers but the Butcher throws Stunt into Jungle Boy, who falls on Luchasauras to break the pin – Aubrey basically stopped counting to allow that to happen.
Luchasauras and The Butcher headbutt each other a few times, then drop each other with lariats. Stunt tags himself in and stomps the crap out of MJF in the corner. Jungle Boy has to pull Stunt off, who shoves his friend and tells him to get out of the ring. Stunt drags MJF into the middle of the ring and Bunny distracts the referee, allowing Blade to shove Perry to the floor. MJF grabs Stunt and applies Salt of the Earth and he taps.

Winners: MJF, The Blade, & The Butcher

Tony Schiavone conducts another interview with Dr. Britt Baker. She insults Utah a few times and says she’s here to liven things up. She says the fans are fat, and have bad teeth but she can help….because she’s a dentist. She wants to remind everyone that they should pursue every dream they have. Then she says the fans all look inbred, but they too can become a dentist assistant. She’s their role model. Tony says she isn’t making a lot of fans but she thanks them and says they love her.

Big Swole comes out and says she’s hiding and that Tony doesn’t even like her. Baker says she doesn’t know why Swole is out here, the only person in her household that the fans care about is her boyfriend. Big Swole corrects her “I’m married, Bay-Bay”. Offended by the reference to her man, Baker shoves Big Swole, then runs off.
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Joey Janela & pRIVATE PARTY VS. Death Triangle

This match gets underway and PAC starts against Isiah Kassidy, but Pentagon and Fenix storm the ring and attack Janela and Quen on the apron. PAC leaps over and ducks under Kassidy but gets caught with an arm-drag and a dropkick. PAC forces Kassidy to the corner and he tags Quen, while PAC tags Fenix.
Private Party hit Silly String on Fenix, then make a tag to Janela, who comes in against Pentagon. The fearless one sends Janela to the corner but gets kicked back and hit with a spinning back elbow. Janela hits the ropes and drops Pentagon with a lariat but PAC runs in and attacks him. Kassidy runs in and dropkicks PAC, then Quen comes in and hits Fenix.

Private Party dropkick Pentagon to the outside. Janela climbs the top rope and leaps off to wipe out Death Triangle on the floor. Janela sends Fenix back into the ring as we head to a break.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Kassidy counters Pentagon and Fenix to tag Janela, who comes in with lariats to all the triangles. Janela with a suicide dive to Fenix on the floor, then sends him back inside. Joey puts Fenix on the top rope and tags Quen, who hurricanrana’s Fenix onto the shoulders of Janela for a Death Valley Driver. Quen hits a shooting star press but Pentagon breaks the pinfall and drags Fenix to his corner and tags in.
Pentagon hits a slingblade to Quen, then all members of Death Triangle hit a series of moves for a near-fall. PAC tags in and chops Quen. He attempts a German suplex but Quen lands on his feet and tags Janela, who throws him over the ropes. Janela gets on the apron and gets PAC on his shoulders. Kassidy stands on PAC’s back and leaps off onto Fenix, before Joey hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron.
Janela goes up top and hits a flying elbow drop for a near-fall. Pentagon pulls Quen from the apron, then kicks Janela. Rey Fenix hits him with a springboard cutter, then he and Pentagon hit the package piledriver/stomp, followed by a Black Arrow for the win.

Winners: Death Triangle

After the match, PAC, Fenix, and Pentagon wrap Quen, Kassidy, and Janela around each other in what is called the Death Triangle submission. They let go when Beast Friends and Orange Cassidy run down.

Dustin Rhodes is interviewed backstage and he’s in gear. She asks what he’s doing and he says he’s pissed off. He’s tired of The Inner Circle, and somebody has to step up. He demands that he is Page’s partner tonight, whether he likes it or not.
*Commercial Break*
Next week, the Exalted One will be revealed, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy will face Death Triangle, and The Inner Circle will face The Elite in a tag match, with the winners getting an advantage in the Blood & Guts match. Didn’t Christopher Daniels say he will face Uno and Grayson over the next few weeks to prove the Exalted One isn’t real?
Jim Ross has a sit-down interview with Jon Moxley. He asks how he feels and if he’s cleared to compete. Moxley says he’s beat up and he doesn’t feel good, but this has all been about getting one-up on each other and right now he’s up. He says he speaks his mind, and he told them to come face him. JR says it seems inevitable that Jake Hager and Jon Moxley will face off and Mox says Hager hits harder than anyone he’s ever met, but he’s just another guy. Ross asks about Moxley’s plans for Blood & Guts, to which he says he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He says he’s in The Inner Circle’s blind spot right now, because they’re focused on The Elite, but that should scare them.
*Commercial Break*

“Hangman” Adam Page & Dustin Rhodes Vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara W/Jake Hager, Santana & ortiz

The match begins with Chris Jericho and Adam Page, but the former Le Champion turns to tag Sammy. Page ducks a punch and chops Guevara against the ropes. Sammy leaps over Page twice, but Page stops the third jump and chops him. Tag made to Dustin and they hit forearms to Guevara in the corner.
Rhodes with a hard Irish whip into the buckles, then Page tags in. Sammy throws Page from the ring and he’s surrounded by Hager, Santana, and Ortiz. Page gets on the apron but Y2J hits him with a springboard dropkick. Jericho grabs a beer and sips it before shouting “I’m a cowboy”. Jericho looks to throw the beer over Jericho but gets punched. Page takes the beer and drinks it but Guevara hits a running kick along the apron.

Jericho and Page are back in the ring and Y2J chops the chest of Page before tagging Sammy. Page drops Sammy and hits Jericho with a DDT before tagging Dustin. Rhodes hits an uppercut, atomic drop, and a bulldog to Sammy. He hits Jericho on the apron and catches Sammy with a snap powerslam. Rhodes puts Sammy in the corner and punches him, then turns to hit Jericho. Guevara takes advantage and dropkicks Rhodes from the ring.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back live and Jericho is in control of Rhodes, and slaps his head. Jericho drops a rallying Rhodes with an elbow, and looks for a Lionsault but Dustin gets his knees up. Rhodes tags Hangman and Jericho tags Sammy. Page comes in hot with punches to Sammy and a running big boot.
Page knocks Jericho from the apron, then hits Guevara with a fallaway slam. Page dives over the ropes onto Jericho, slides back in and hits a siding clothesline to Guevara for a two-count. Sammy hits a hook kick and tags Jericho, who tosses Page to the apron. Ortiz gets on the apron but Page knocks him off. Page and Rhodes climb on the same ring post and Page flips backwards onto Hager, Santana and Ortiz, while Rhodes dives onto Jericho and Sammy.
Page looks for the Buckshot Lariat but Jericho grabs him and applies the Liontamer. Rhodes runs in and breaks the hold. Sammy looks for a shooting star press to Page but he rolls out of the way. Page goes to the apron but Jericho pulls him down. Page clotheslines Jericho on the floor, while Rhodes hits Sammy with a Canadian Destroyer. Page hits Sammy with a Buckshot Lariat and wins!

Winners: “Hangman” Adam Page & Dustin Rhodes

After the bell, Hager, Santana and Ortiz run in and attack Page and Rhodes. Kenny Omega runs down to help but quickly gets beaten by the numbers game. Jericho drops him with a Judas Effect, and hits Page with a Codebreaker.
Cody comes running down and he beats everyone down, but Hager grabs him and slams him. Hager tosses Cody from the ring, where Ortiz hits a suplex on the ramp – some revenge for earlier. Hager stomps Omega in the ring, before Jericho brings him outside and they drag Page up the ramp. They’re about to powerbomb Page off the stage when Matt Jackson runs out and attacks them. Jackson hits superkicks to Jericho, Hager, and Sammy, and drops Santana and Ortiz with a double spear. Page gets on his knee and stares at Matt, who flips him the bird. Jericho then smashes Matt with a chair, then one to Page as well. The Inner Circle then pose on the stage to end the show.

And that’s it for this week’s AEW. Let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more wrestling news. Until then, safe travels!

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