WWE Releases Official Merch For Cesaro Cowbell Bit

If you want more cowbell, then you’re in luck.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro were holding a protest concert on Friday Night SmackDown a couple of weeks ago. Some fans really enjoyed Cesaro’s cowbell work, and WWE’s merchandise people seem to be in that section of the fan base.

The cowbell was getting far more than it should have. So, Cesaro threw his cowbell down after hyping it up a bit. It was a great move to gain heat for the Swiss Superman.

WWE Shop now has a “We Can Use A Little Less Cowbell” t-shirt. It was a pretty great moment to get heat and now fans can relive it on a t-shirt.

You can check out the t-shirt and the clip below that inspired this new merchandise. You can also watch the original Will Ferrell SNL sketch with Christoper Walken that inspired the WWE segment.

Written by Felix Upton

Boom goes the dynamite!

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