Dana Brooke Honored For New Magazine Feature

Dana Brooke has been given the opportunity to speak her mind a few times. She has used her platform to inspire and continue her brand. Now she is getting a big chance in front of many readers.

Hers Magazine featured Brooke in a recent issue. You can read the article here. She was honored to have the space to speak about her life and career. The article also focused on the untimely death of her boyfriend Dallas McCarver and how she overcame it. She sent out a message on Instagram saying:

Honored to be FEATURED in @hersmagazine !! – “Knowing what it is like to experience such tragedies and being able to overcome the trauma associated with them, Brooke passionately works to help others realize that they can do the same. “So I think that’s the most beneficial part is being able to try and help people that are going through a similar circumstance,” she said.

Her message to people is for them to find their passion. She explained that once people have done this, everything will fall into place. “Once I’m in the gym and I’m training. I feel great,” she said. “I feel refreshed. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulder–and any stress that I have. I’m going to the gym. I lift [and] I train. I leave it all in the gym, I come out of the gym feeling, you know, like a new woman.”- THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE MY PASSIONATE STORY & allowing to carry on @dallasmccarver legacy

The article also discusses how Brooke opened the Dallas McCarver Foundation in memory of her late-boyfriend. She certainly went through a rough patch, but Dana Brooke is using that circumstance to turn it into the the most positive thing she can.

Written by Felix Upton

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