Kenny Omega is regarded as one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet. Jim Cornette has to disagree.

Cornette recently fired of a slew of tweets at his long-time friend Dave Meltzer. This was all over Meltzer’s defense of Kenny Omega and how highly he regards The Cleaner. Cornette tweeted out:

Dave I’ve been sick all week so f*ck it. You call this Harpo Marx motherf*cker a goddamn “genius” at match layout, better’n Flair/Steamboat, blah fuckin blah. He wrestled sex dolls & kids, he’s a phony clown & embarrassment. F*ck him, quit swinging on his dick or f*ck you. F*CK!

It’s a goddamn embarrassment to me I’ve told people for years you’re a smart guy about wrestling & now you got these phony play rasslers so far up your ass that you’re making an idiot out of both of us. If kids playing video games in the ring is what wrestling is now let it die.


Jim Cornette continued as he said that Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat “never wrestled sex dolls.” He then continued to rail on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer over his opinion of Kenny Omega.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I apologize for ever defending @davemeltzerWON against people who said he was an idiot. Dave, I hope the Balding Fucks & Olivier sucking up to you are worth you looking like a lunatic. Better than Flair-Steamboat? How about smellier than my dog’s shit? #F*CK

Dave you’re f*cking senile. It’s not “too many spots”, it’s blatant phony silliness and mocking of the business right out in the open, and you KNOW that, but you can’t get off Olivier’s jock and just admit it. For f*ck’s sake act your age, not like a Japanese schoolgirl. #RIHO

Dave Meltzer finally replied after leaving so many tweets from Cornette unanswered. He said: “You mean like a manager with a tennis racquet and a tag team that crawls on its hands and knees to the manager to hug in the middle of a fight? How come that doesn’t happen in boxing and MMA?”

Cornette didn’t like hearing this at all so he responded effectively ending a long-time friendship with Dave Meltzer.

More like an asshole who lies cause he desperately wants to hang out with the cool kids so people don’t say he’s “out of touch” , and sacrifices all his credibility to say Harpo Marx is Frank Gotch. You know he sucks Dave, and I guess you do to. Fuck you, lose my number.

This tweet from Cornette was also replied to by Dave Meltzer as he said:

“Lies? You only have name calling to back you up. I only resort to facts. You’re getting more and more desperate here. One of us does a modern business analysis of the value of demos and rights fees. The other screams AEW will be out of business by the end of the month.”

“One of us understood the marketplace. The other was clueless. I had hoped every week you’d come around but now you can’t because you dug yourself in a hole. Please dig up and escape rather than continually dig deeper. You have a lot to offer and your hatred is throwing it away.”

We’ll have to see if Dave Meltzer and Jim Cornette will be able to make up. It seems like they have a lot of work to do if they want to stand a chance at mending their friendship.

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