You never know who will show up at the Royal Rumble. Some people might provide unexpected surprises. Celebrities can never be ruled out either, especially if they’ve been known to step in the ring.

Sports Betting provides over 50 names that bettors can place their bets on for the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble match. This includes some that aren’t very likely to pay off.

That being said, if you place a bet on The Undertaker winning at 66-1 odds then you’re in the money. Interestingly enough, Edge is at 40-1 odds. John Cena and Tyson Fury are both enjoying 25-1 odds.

Other big names on the list sharing 100-1 odds include Logan Paul, Conor McGregor, Rob Gronkowski, Hulk Hogan, Antonio Brown, and Shawn Michaels.


Other notable names and odds on the men’s side are:
Tyson Fury: 25-1
John Cena: 25-1
The Rock: 40-1
Edge: 40-1
Triple H: 66-1
The Undertaker: 66-1
Stone Cold Steve Austin: 100-1
Shawn Michaels: 100-1
Antonio Brown: 100-1
Logan Paul: 100-1
Conor McGregor: 100-1
Rob Gronkowski: 100-1
Hulk Hogan: 100-1

Those names might not be the most sure thing, but if they do win then it’s a once in a lifetime bet. Also, please remember how unlikely any of those names are considering the fact that the Royal Rumble is a predetermined sports entertainment event where Vince McMahon can change his mind about anything as the show is taking place.

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