Names are everything in WWE, especially if the company can copyright them.

Drew McIntyre wrestled as Drew Galloway before coming to WWE. That is his real name. There is a pretty funny story about how WWE came about changing his name to McIntyre in the first place.

Before making his 2007 SmackDown debut, McIntyre was still going to appear on WWE television as Drew Galloway. Everything was set for his television debut. Then things changed.

Stephanie McMahon asked Drew Galloway a very important question that changed everything and sent them scrambling to figure out something else to call him. McIntyre retold this story on WWE Break It Down.

“Stephanie McMahon says to me and Michael Hayes, ‘Is Drew Galloway your real name?’ I said yeah, she said ‘uhh… [disapprovingly] we’re gonna need to change that.’ I’m on in legitimately two matches, maybe ten minutes max.”

“So, myself and Michael Hayes ran to talent relations and he told them to bring up Wikipedia and a list of Scottish names. We went from A all the way through and listened to these names with a very limited time frame to get a new name. We went all the way until McDonald first which he liked, I went, ‘Nope, I know a McDonald, that can’t be it.'”

They were looking for a name with three syllables and McIntyre was the next name on the list. Michael Hayes and Drew went with the McIntyre name and then rushed to get him back to the ring for his match.

McIntyre said they were able to get word to the ring announcer that his name was different. The screen behind him still said “Drew Galloway” as he made his way to the ring.

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