Corey Graves has a lot of good ideas, but he’s likely to keep them on commentary. He is not a member of WWE’s creative team, but he did briefly consider it.

During After The Bell, Graves revealed that he did briefly sit in on 205 Live creative meetings. He credited the men and women who can do that job, but he was already loaded with responsibility.

“I actually have considered it. I toyed with it briefly for about a month a few years back on the 205 Live brand. I was privy to a few conference calls and meetings and to be perfectly honest that’s a lot of work and we have a very talented team of guys and girls who work exceptionally hard tireless hours and that’s honestly something I don’t have time for.”

“Possibly someday maybe if I can carve out the time in my schedule. I think ultimately at the end of the day I’m a big crybaby and I cry if I don’t get what I want then I’m not going to be happy. So, maybe someday. Thank you for appreciating my ideas.”


Corey Graves didn’t rule out coming back to the idea of joining WWE’s creative team. It’s just not in the cards right now. For the time being commentating on Friday Night SmackDown and hosting After The Bell is keeping him busy.

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