Goldberg won the WCW World Title in the Georgia Dome on WCW Nitro in front of 40,000 people. They could have brought way more into the venue if WCW would have given them more notice.

While speaking to the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg told Steve Austin that he had no idea that he would be facing Hollywood Hogan on that Monday. He found out when everyone else did the previous Thursday on Thunder.

“There was no plan. I remember it was a Thursday night and I’m sitting at home and I’m looking at Thunder and JJ Dillon comes out and goes, ‘we have breaking news Monday live Georgia Dome Goldberg vs Hollywood Hogan’ — What? Who?”

“I had no freaking idea. I found out when everyone else found out. I was just a piece of the puzzle and they figured out on the fly when to plug whatever in and I just did what they told me.”


This situation is a great example of how things worked in WCW. They could have built toward Hogan vs Goldberg for a huge money pay-per-view, but instead, they popped a rating on a very short notice. Hogan might not have been 100% happy with losing the title either, but Goldberg was just doing as he was told.

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