Goldberg has a lot going through his mind during his entrance. He is pumped, he usually smashed his head against something hard, and he generally blows smoke out of his nose. A lot of fans also believe that he wears himself out in the process.

On his way to the ring for WrestleMania 33, some fans thought that the long walk to the squared circle would tire Goldberg out. As he revealed on the Broken Skull Sessions, he was never “blown up” on the way to the ring.

It was all an act for Goldberg. He’s psyched up and wet so he doesn’t get burned up on his entrance. Don’t mistake the bump on his head as blowing up either.

“Right when I got in Gorilla — obviously we talk about Gorilla a lot, there’s not a lot of kayfabe anymore — that walk in Orlando was flipping a mile and a half. Everyone’s like ‘Is Goldberg gonna gas himself out?’ I just get amped up people don’t understand. They say I’m all tired and sweaty before I get in the ring — hey guys I pour water on my body so I don’t catch fire in my sparks!”


Goldberg currently has no upcoming match on the calendar, but he could always pop in for another one-off match sooner than later. His last effort versus Dolph Ziggler was big redemption for him. So, odds are Goldberg hasn’t made his last long walk to the ring yet.

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