Triple H is The Game, but he won’t be closing down any bars.

During The Broken Skull Session, Steve Austin asked The Undertaker about a very famous photo from WWE history. In the process, The Rattlesnake interjected that although Triple H is in that iconic photo, he’s not a drinker

“Here’s the thing about Triple H — Triple H does not drink. Every now and then on a blue moon he will have one beer or one drink with the guys just because he’s one of the guys. Sometimes there’s that saying ‘never trust a guy who don’t drink’… [The Undertaker said he never felt that way] No — but, every now and then he would drink and everybody knew that was his gig. That was who he was he wasn’t an alcohol guy so you respected that.”

The Undertaker went on to say that it’s hard to avoid drinking alcohol ‘in this business, in this atmosphere.’ Austin concurred and said that he’s never seen Triple H drunk. That really only added to the reasons to respect WWE’s COO.


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