Goldberg experienced an interesting return to the WWE Universe which saw him holding the Universal Title. He lost that Championship to Brock Lesnar in a WrestleMania re-match, but Goldberg enjoyed it every step of the way.

While speaking to Steve Austin on the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg revealed that the went into WrestleMania 33 with a different outlook. He was going to enjoy his time in the ring and it seemed to work.

“So, I have this mental thing going on I’m like, this is going to be different. This is my last one, ever I’m gonna try to enjoy some semblance of it. I was smiling man, I had already headbutted something. I got blood working I’m doing my thing. I’ve got to be that apex ass kicking person. It’s not easy I can’t just turn it on and off I have to have twenty seconds or thirty seconds, give me a little bit of time.”

“But, I walked in there [at Gorilla before his match at WrestleMania in Orlando] and I’m like laughing and I hug [Triple H] and I’m like ‘hey man it’s all good I’m gonna have fun this time’ and he’s worried. Completely worried, right?”


“I go out there and I take a couple of steps and I look down at people and I smiled and for the first time, truthfully, for the first time walking to the ring I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being in the moment at that time and I enjoyed being given the ability and opportunity from whoever it was from to be able to be in the situation I’m in and provide something for my family that a father and a husband rarely gets an opportunity to do.”

Goldberg very likely hasn’t wrestled his last match in WWE. He could come back when he’s needed for a one-off appearance. Odds are he will continue enjoying his experience in the ring as he is able to perform as an older, but wiser version of himself.

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