Hangman Page does things his own way and when he’s really on top it’s usually because he’s pulling off plenty of Cowboy Sh*t. AEW fans all over have chanted “Cowboy Sh*t” at Page and he thinks it’s a pretty catch name.

While speaking to Fightful, Hangman Page explained that he wants an AEW pay-per-view named after his catchphrase. If they held an event called “Cowboy Sh*t” it could certainly involve some unpredictably situations.

“They named the pay-per-view after the Full Gear Challenge, which is a story that had finished six months ago. I thought that was strange. But here we are. Maybe the next pay-per-view is Cowboy Shit. The stage can be just a big picture of me. It’ll just be my face. Even better, I’ll be wearing chaps. The assless chaps will open up when somebody comes out. And they’ll enter through my crotch. Not my real crotch. I’m the only one who gets a horse. [Others could get] maybe on a pony. A stick horse is also an option. Maybe the dark matches get a stick horse. Main card get ponies. I get a real horse. Maybe a trojan horse. A big mechanism pulled by actual horses…with ponies in it.

“I’ll be clothed. It’ll be assless chaps, but I’ll have trunks on. So, the trunks will (keep my junk secure) and my crotch will open up like an entrance door,”


AEW Full Gear came from Hangman Page’s pursuit to be “Full Gear ready” by his next big match. If you ask him AEW could continue with that tradition and use “Cowboy Sh*t.”

We did a search and “Cowboy Sh*t” is 100% open for whichever pro wrestling company wants to snag it first.

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