When you take a look at the most successful and influential female wrestlers of the last few years, especially in WWE, Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair almost certainly need to be situated towards the top of the list.

Both women have done a whole lot to improve the state of not only the two main divisions, but also their own personal characters. They’re still two of the most over superstars on the entire main roster, and that’s saying something.

Alexa has always been grateful to Charlotte for looking out for her ever since their days down in NXT, and after mentioning it again on WWE Backstage, Flair had the following to say in response.

There’s a pretty strong chance that you aren’t going to find all too many people that are opposed to this idea, even if it doesn’t seem particularly likely at this moment in time with both being preoccupied with other storylines.


Flair and Bliss have a bizarre sort of chemistry, with many not really knowing whether or not it’s a competitive chemistry or one that can translate into a strong and successful tag team.

There’s still plenty of time to find out with both women being in the prime of their respective careers, and we just hope that WWE gives some thought to the idea.

If not, we’re all happy to see them meet as rivals once again somewhere down the line for what should be an extended version of the feuds they’ve had in the past.

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