Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for the last AEW Dynamite of 2019.
Tonight’s show will be headlined by the non-title match between Chris Jericho and Jungle Boy. This should be a fun match that gets Jungle Boy over in a big way, but I’d be shocked at anything other than a Judas Effect ending.
The other big match tonight is the AEW Tag Team Championship bout between The Young Bucks and SCU. This match has barn-burner written all over it but, fingers crossed, we see some story developments rather than just swap the belts for no reason.
Cody will get a chance at redemption tonight against The Blade and The Butcher, but this time his partner will be Darby Allin. This program is kinda boring and just a stop-gap to bide the time until February when Cody faces MJF. That said, the match last week was good, so I’d expect the same here.
The rest of tonight’s Dynamite will include Britt Baker Vs. Kris Statlander, and Kenny Omega & Adam Page Vs. The Lucha Bros. So it’s a match heavy episode of Dynamite to get us through the end of the year. Follow along on Ringside News’ free app, and on our Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy the show!

AEW Dynamite

The final Dynamite of 2019 opens with The Lucha Bros coming to their ring, followed by their opponents.

Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page Vs. The Lucha Bros

We’re gonna kick off this match with Kenny and Fenix – the fans are split down the middle. Kenny takes a wrist but Rey flips out as only he can. Omega counters and Irish whip and chops Fenix. Kenny catches Fenix in a hurricanrana attempt and tries for the One-Winged Angel but Fenix avoids it. Kenny follows-up with a Kotaro Crusher. Again Kenny looks for the One-Winged Angel but Fenix gets out and leaps to tag Pentagon Jr.
Hangman tags in as well and comes face-to-face with Pentagon, with the fans split chanting for both. Pentagon takes off the glove and throws it, does the zero fear taunt slower than ever, then shoves Hangman. Page takes off an invisible glove, then shouts “cowboy $hit” and shoves him back. Pentagon chops the chest of Page, then they fire back and forth until Page forearms him. Whip from Page but Pentagon delivers a swift kick. Page retaliates with a big kick of his own and tags Omega.
Omega chops Pentagon, then Page swings for a chop but Jr. ducks it. He does the no fear taunt again and gets chopped by both Kenny and Page. Fenix runs in but gets dropped by Omega and Page, who then high-five each other. Pentagon puts Omega against the ropes and chops him, then does no fear yet again. Omega catches Pentagon with a hurricanrana and sends him from the ring. Tope over the ropes onto the Lucha Bros by Kenny, who then runs up the ramp and poses.


Back in the ring, Page tags in and forearms Pentagon, who grabs him for the double underhook piledriver but Page escapes. Page is sent to the apron and held by Fenix as Pentagon superkicks him. Page is put back in the ring and hit with a facebreaker/double stomp combo for a near-fall thanks to Omega making the save. Pentagon hits a lariat to Page in the corner, but Adam bounces right back out with a lariat of his own.
Omega tags in and takes-out Pentagon with a flying crossbody, then drops Fenix with a few axe handles. Omega gets Pentagon on his shoulders for a rolling fireman’s carry, then looks for a springboard moonsault but eats the knees. Fenix pulls Page from the apron, then gets in the ring to double-team Omega. They get Kenny from the ring and hit a suicide dive, followed by a double stomp in the ring by Pentagon for a near-fall. The screen fizzled for a second and we saw someone wearing a mask, possible Dark Order.
Fenix tags back in and kicks Kenny in the chest, then hits a pump kick. Fenix looks for a hurricanrana but Omega counters with a powerbomb and a running knee. Fenix tags in and prevents Kenny from making a tag and isolates him in the corner. Omega makes a tag to Page, who forearms Pentagon on the apron and boots Fenix. Fallaway slam to Fenix, then hits both men with repeated suicide dives. Page gets Pentagon and Fenix in opposite corners and hits both with running forearms. Page drops Fenix and hits a dropsault off of Pentagon for a near-fall.
Hangman gets kicked by Fenix, then hit a with a step-up spin kick, followed by a rolling facebuster for a near-fall. Pentagon tags in and they hit a series of kicks, followed by a wheelbarrow splash for a near-fall. Pentagon takes to the top rope but Page grabs him for a fallaway slam and Omega tags in. Kenny hits a back elbow to Pentagon, then throws Fenix into Pentagon in the corner. Fenix looks for a rolling hurricanrana but Kenny powerbombs him into Pentagon.

Page catches Fenix with a discus elbow, as well as a spinebuster, and Omega hits Pentagon with a sit-out spinebuster for a near-fall. Page pump kicks Fenix, then Kenny hits a snap dragon suplex to Fenix. Some discombobulation, followed by Hangman accidentally hitting Omega with a Buckshot Lariat. Page is superkicked from the ring, then the Lucha’s hit the package piledriver/double stomp for the win.

Winners: The lucha bros

After the match, Page and Kenny argue in the ring about whose fault that was. Page gets in Kenny’s face and Omega shoves him.
The camera cuts backstage to PAC, who addresses Kenny Omega and says he’s still waiting for an answer to his challenge. He says it’s time to remind Kenny who he is, and what he’s capable of. PAC walks off and finds Michael Nakazawa in a locker room. Nakazawa is sitting in a chair with his back turned and PAC shooshes the camera and walks off. Omega runs through the crowd to the back to find his friend.
*Commercial Break*
As usual, AEW does most of it’s actual story-telling in silent, split-screen during commercials. Kenny runs into the locker room and Nakazawa is gone. He’s then attacked by The Lucha Bros and Hangman Page runs them off.

Darby Allin & Cody Vs. The Butcher & The Blade W/The Bunny

The match gets underway with The Butcher and Darby Allin, and the big man throws Allin around like a child by the neck. The Blade tags in and exchanges reversals with Allin, who ducks him and dropkicks The Butcher from the apron. Allin hits The Blade with a springboard arm-drag and sends him from the ring.
Cody tags in and so does The Butcher. Cody takes a leg and gets forearmed in the back for his effort. The Butcher turns Cody inside out with a clothesline. He slams Cody into the corner and tags The Blade, who chops him hard. Cody catches The Blade with a snap powerslam. The Butcher tags in and kicks Cody in the head, preventing a tag. Cody is tossed from the ring, then back inside and The Butcher leg drops Cody for a two-count.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Cody is brawling with The Blade on the outside. They get back in the ring and The Butcher tags in to beat Cody down. He whips Cody to the corner, then looks for a splash but Rhodes dodges it. The Blade tags in and Cody throws him out. The Blade comes back and hits a crossbody at the same time as Cody.
Allin tags in and dives over The Blade to forearm The Butcher on the apron. Allin hits a sunset flip pin but The Butcher blind-tagged in and throws him off. The Butcher knocks Cody from the apron and then applies a cloverleaf to Allin. Cody comes in and kicks The Butcher twice but he doesn’t release the cloverleaf. The Blade pulls Cody from the ring and The Butcher lifts Allin into a powerbomb but Darby lands on his feet.

Allin catches The Butcher with a Stunner and tags Cody, who hits Cross Rhodes. The Bunny gets on the apron to prevent the referee from counting. The Blade tags in but Cody throws him to the floor. Cody and Darby hit stereo suicide dives. Thet get back in the ring and Cody hits The Butcher with a disaster kick and he lands on the apron, where Allin hits a coffin drop. Cody then hits The Blade with a Cody Cutter and scores the pinfall.

Winners: Cody & Darby Allin

Well so much for The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny’s push.
We get a video package of Jungle Boy training to fight Jericho, and it’s identical to the one from Omega Vs. Jericho – he’s wearing the altitude mask, doing push-ups with a medicine ball, running up hills, etc. Jungle Boy Vs. Jericho is later tonight.
*Commercial Break*

Awesome Kong W/Brandi Rhodes Vs. Miranda Alize

Miranda attacks Kong right away but gets dropped with a spinning backfist. Kong hits the double underhook facebuster for the win.

Winner: Awesome Kong

After the match, Kong and Brandi cut some hair from Alize and take it as their trophy.

We see a sit-down interview from earlier today with Jungle Boy and Jim Ross. Jungle Boy says he thinks of Jericho as two people: the man and the legend. He says the man doesn’t scare him, but he respects the legend. Jungle Boy says he knows of the pressure of the situation and pressure makes stars. Ross asks how Jungle Boy’s father, Luke Perry, would feel about all this. Jungle Boy says he thinks he would be proud; they used to sit and talk about the possibilities, and for him to be here, facing Chris Jericho and talking to Jim Ross, he thinks he would be proud.
Chris Jericho makes his entrance, alongside Jake Hager, and he’ll be facing Jungle Boy with a ten minute time limit, next!
*Commercial Break*

Chris Jericho W/Jake Hager Vs. Jungle Boy W/LUCHASAURAS & MARKO STUNT

The match gets underway and Jungle Boy looks for a roll-up but Jericho kicks out. Jungle Boy catches Jericho with an incredible springboard arm-drag. Jericho looks to apply the Liontamer but Jungle Boy rolls him up for a near-fall.
Jericho drops Jungle Boy on the top rope, then puts him in the corner and chops him. Y2J drops Jungle Boy with a forearm, then whips him to the corner and hits a Codebreaker. Jericho doesn’t pin him though, he waits for Jungle Boy to get back up and hits a second Codebreaker. Y2J pins but lifts his shoulders.

Jericho throws Jungle Boy from the ring and Hager throws him into the barricade. Luchasauras runs around the ring and starts brawling with Hager. Stunt jumps off the apron at Hager but gets clocked with a forearm and he’s out cold. Aubrey Edwards evicts Hager, Luchasauras, and Stunt from ringside.
Jericho puts Jungle Boy back in the ring but gets caught with an inside cradle for a near-fall. Jericho kicks the back of Jungle Boy and chops him. Jungle Boy is sent to the apron and Jericho jumps at him but nobody’s home. Jungle Boy hits three suicide dives to Jericho and there’s less than five minutes left!
Jericho gets caught with a DDT but kicks out. Jungle Boy counters Jericho and hits a backstabber for a two-count. Jungle Boy hits the ropes but gets caught with a back elbow. Jungle Boy counters Jericho and hits a Lionsault for a near-fall! Jericho catches Jungle Boy with a clothesline that turns him inside out.
Jericho lifts Jungle Boy and chops him hard, then catapults him into the bottom rope. Le Champion chokes Jungle Boy with his boot and taunts the fans. Jericho has a punch blocked, then gets clocked with a few punches. Powerbomb from Jericho and he turns into the Liontamer with about a minute left on the clock.

Jungle Boy reaches for the ropes and slowly crawls to the ropes…but Jericho drags him back to the centre of the ring and sits down deep. Thirty seconds left. Twenty seconds left. Ten seconds left and Jungle Boy holds out!

Time Limit Draw

Jericho thinks he’s won until Aubrey tells him what happened. Jericho grabs a microphone and yells that he wants five more minutes. He then beats Jungle Boy around and throws him over the ropes but Jungle Boy holds on. He comes back into the ring and hits Jericho with a hurricanrana and Edwards counts but Jericho kicks out. Jericho then takes his belt and leaves. So….a draw I guess? That was a dumb ending.
*Commercial Break*
We return to see Jericho on the stage with Tony Schiavone, who asks Y2J if he’s disappointed. Jericho says he isn’t because he told everyone Jungle Boy couldn’t beat him and he didn’t. Tony says that’s not what Jericho said and they argue. Jericho then grabs the mic and turns his attention to Moxley. He tells Moxley to enjoy Christmas but The Inner Circle will have a surprise for him on January 1st.

Kris Statlander Vs. Dr. Britt Baker

This number one contender match gets underway and Statlander, the alien, gets Baker in a wristlock. Baker reverses it BUT Statlander cartwheels out of it. The doc goes for the Lockjaw submission but Statlander blocks it and goes for a clothesline, but Baker ducks it. Statlander leapfrogs Baker, who goes for the Lockjaw again. However Statlander blocks it and rolls her up for a near-fall.
Baker comes back with a snapmare and then a roll-up for a near-fall. Baker hits a northern light’s suplex, but Statlander responds with a dropkick. Statlander goes for a axe kick but Baker moves and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker. Statlander applies a submission as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
We return from the break as Kris eats a running knee from Baker in the corner. Baker then manages to get her down and start applying Lockjaw but once again Statlander fights it off and gets to the ropes. Statlander tangles Britt’s arm up in the ropes and then nails her with a running knee. Statlaner climbs up top and hits a missile dropkick for a near-fall.

Statlander goes for a roundhouse kick but Baker rolls her up for a series of near-falls. Statlander looks for a fireman’s carry but Baker blocks it and hits a slingblade for a near-fall. Baker goes for a suplex but Statlander blocks it and hits a lariat.
Statlander climbs up top but Britt meets her up there and hits a superplex. Baker gets to her feet and looks for a normal suplex but Statlander counters into a Michinoku driver for a near-fall. Kris and Baker exchange strikes until Britt lands a fisherman’s neckbreaker.
Baker looks to follow-up with a superkick but Kris blocks it and hits a roundhouse kick. Statlander hits the ropes but runs into a superkick from Baker, who finally manages to apply Lockjaw! Statlander powers up to her feet, transitions Baker, and hits the Big Bang Theory for the win!

Winner: Kris Statlander

After the match Tony Schiavone interviews Kris Statlander and says she is now the number one contender. She responds by touching his nose. Brandi Rhodes comes out and tells Schiavone to take a hike. She congratulates Statlander, then asks her again if she will join The Nightmare Collective. Statlander wags her finger to say no, and then Kong comes out with Melanie Cruz – the girl from last week. Brandi then hits Kris with her high heel shoe. All this is just bad stuff. I mean, you can’t have three cults in one show and this is easily the worst.
Tully Blanchard is backstage with Shawn Spears, who says he is looking for one lucky AEW star to be his partner. He says AEW actually cares about tag teams and there’s money in it. Tully says they need the right guy, someone who is on Spears’ level and has chemistry with him. He says Spears needs his own Arn Anderson. Spears agrees and they walk off to look for him.
*Commercial Break*

AEW Tag Team Championships

(C) So Cal Uncensored Vs. The Young Bucks

The main event gets underway with Frankie Kazarian and Nick Jackson. A few reversals and Scorpio tags in but Nick throws him from the ring and tags Matt. Jackson sends Kazarian to the outside and goes back and forth with Scoprio until all four men are in the ring and The Bucks drop both Sky and Kazarian with a double-team dropkick.
Matt superkicks Sky from the apron, then they team to hit Kazarian with a cannonball/kick combo. Kazarian counters Matt, allowing Sky to hurricanrana Nick from the apron to the floor. Kazarian slams Matt and tags Scorpio. Nick returns and takes-out both Kazarian and Sky with a kick/bulldog combo. Nick looks for a springboard but Scorpio blocks it and climbs up the ropes with him, only for Nick to hit a hurricanrana.
Matt tags in again and hits a Macho Man elbow for a two-count. Nick tags in and they look for a Superkick Party but Kazarian pulls Sky from the ring. Nick hits a spinning dive from the top rope to both of them on the floor.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and both Kazarian and Nick get tags. Kazarian hits poetry in motion off of Matt Jackson into Nick, then drops Matt with a heel kick. The Bucks look to double-team Kazarian, but he drops both with clotheslines and they roll from the ring. Kazarian jumps over the ropes and catches Matt with a hurricanrana. Scorpio follows-up with a dive onto both Bucks at ringside.
Sky and Frankie put Matt back in the ring and hit a double-team DDT for a near-fall. Scorpio looks for the TKO but Matt counters and hits a spear. Matt tags Nick, who knocks Kazarian from the apron and springboards at Sky but gets caught with a cutter. Dragon sleeper from Sky, while Kazarian hits Matt with a cutter and a dragon sleeper of his own. Matt lifts Kazarian and slams him into the other two to break the submission.
Kazarian and Matt are the legal men and they tee-off on each other. Frankie beats Matt down with forearms, and Sky blind-tags in. Kazarian drops Matt, then hits Nick with a snap DDT on the apron. Matt rolls-up Sky for a near-fall, then Sky hits the TKO. Kazarian gets the tag and they hit SCU Later for the win.

Winners: So Cal Uncensored

After the match, creepers from the Dark Order come through the crowd and surround the ring. The lights go out and out comes Order. Evil Uno congratulates SCU but says The Young Bucks have suffered a hard loss. Any other night, they would ask them to join Dark Order, but tonight is not about recruitment, it’s about initiation.
The creepers storm the ring – including Alex Reynolds and John Silver – and beat down SCU and The Young Bucks. Christopher Daniels runs down the make the save but he gets pounded too. Omega runs out and he tries to help but gets overwhelmed. Cody and Dustin come out and they join the fight, but get beaten down. The commentators mention that Hangman Page hasn’t come to help.
Dark Order throw everyone but The Bucks from the ring, then Uno gives masks to Silver and Reynolds. He says he promised this was an initiation. They put the masks on and Uno puts his hand inside Matt Jackson’s mouth for some reason.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. We’ll see you on January 1st for the next Dynamite, but we’ll have lots more news and results before then, so stay tuned to Ringside News. Safe travels!

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