WWE has the most programming on right now than in any other time in the company’s history. Some fans don’t have time to watch everything, but who could?

The issue of over-saturating WWE programming is nothing new. Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins certainly understand this on-going dilemma.

While appearing at a recent Gorilla Position live event in London, England Becky Lynch spoke about the impossible job WWE creative has.

“Being a part of creative is so hard. We all have opinions — being a wrestling fan is hard, right? Because we all have opinions and we wanna see things a certain way. I don’t know, there’s so much content. There’s so much freaking content. There’s seven hours of WWE a week for crying out loud and that’s without a pay-per-view.”


Seth Rollins interjected by saying that it is truly an impossible task to come up with fresh content every week of the year. If you add in pay-per-view events that makes the task even more daunting.

“That’s impossible, that’an impossible gig. That’s so much content because that’s 52 weeks a year and like [Becky] said that’s not even counting pay-per-views so that is impossible. You look at any other television show 10 episodes an hour a week that’s all they do and that’s crazy.”

Fans give WWE a really hard time, but there is a lot of pressure on their writers to come up with content. It also probably doesn’t help if Vince McMahon is around to tear up their ideas and change them whenever he sees fit.

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