Chelsea Green has yet to make her official debut on NXT. She is still quite popular within the IWC and it is well known that she is dating Zack Ryder.

Some fans have no boundaries and will tweet horrible things at strangers. This includes Chelsea Green and Zack Ryder. Some fans also believe they have a right to chant things at them in public.

The Hot Mess recently spoke out on Twitter about some of the abuse she’s been receiving. It sounds like she’s tires of it, and this also includes chanting Ryder’s name at her during live events.

I don’t think people understand how disrespectful it is to undermine my hard work. Tweeting about my partner, calling out his name or chant while I’m wrestling, etc… is doing just that. I’ve said this before but clearly it needs to be said again – stop!


Chelsea Green really wants this trend of bringing up her relationship with Ryder to stop when she’s trying to work. Green was a pro wrestler well before meeting Ryder, but for some reason the two are immediately associated with each other.

It’s not always a bad thing to have fans think of someone’s significant other when they see a Superstar. In this case it is getting quite annoying for Chelsea Green.

Felix Upton

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