WWE Raw Results – December 9, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE Raw, one week from WWE TLC 2019.

That’s right, tonight’s Raw is the last before TLC; the final PPV of the year. That being said, tonight’s show is much like last week’s in the sense that very little has been announced ahead of time.

Rey Mysterio battles AJ Styles with the United States Championship on the line. These two have been trading back and forth for a few weeks now, but tonight AJ gets a chance to reclaim his title. Chances are this match won’t end clean and serve as a set-up for a ladder match or something at the PPV.

The only other announced segment for tonight is the big divorce between Rusev and Lana. Their split becomes official tonight but of course things aren’t going to go smoothly. As ridiculous as all this has been, the segments have been some of the most entertaining in the past month.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s show. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with Jerry Lawler in the ring with a table and chairs.

Lawler says that, for the past few weeks, we’ve all been witness to the demise of the marriage between Lana and Rusev. King says he came here tonight hoping he could offer them some reconciliation. But, unfortunately, they’re past the point of no return. So for the first time ever, he’s to preside over a divorce hearing. The King then introduces Lana, who comes out with a lawyer.

Lana’s lawyer hands Lawler a letter that states Rusev’s restraining order has been put on hold until this proceeding is over. Lawler then introduces the husband. Rusev comes out looking he’s been dressing from the Mick Foley closet – a rather baggy suit, white trainers, and a Donald Duck t-shirt.

Lana and Rusev take their seats and it’s the Bulgarian who speaks first, saying hello to the crowd. Lana tells him not to interrupt her, then says he needs to know that she used to love him. When the entire WWE Universe hated him, she loved him. She says that, when Rusev became rich and famous, it got to his head. Lana gets to her feet and says the entire WWE Universe is also to blame for the downfall of their marriage. Rusev stands and tells her to calm down and says now everyone can see how his marriage was.

Lana yells at him to stay back or he will go to jail for a very long time. Rusev says that it’s him who has been getting attacked, and he has a fun video to show everyone. We see footage of last week when Lashley and Lana got arrested. She says he’s horrible and that he will never find anyone like her again. Rusev says he can barely stand her, so why would he want someone similar. Lana screams and says he always makes everything about him. He chose Rusev Day over her and it’s his fault their marriage failed – the last part she yelled comically.

Rusev says this is getting out of hand, so let’s sign the divorce papers and he gets excited. The fans chant “Yes”, and Rusev grabs the papers to sign them. Lana rips the papers away and says she wants to sign first. She says the bottom line is that she will sign first because she comes first and he’s a loser. She says she will get the dog and he refuses, saying the dog was a present to him. They yell about the dog and she calls him a “Bulgarian son-of-a-bitch” and he tells her to shut up. Lana signs the divorce papers, then Rusev stalls and says he needs something from her before he signs it. She asks if he wants sex again in the elevator, in the ring, right before the redeye, the doctor. She calls him sick, just like all the fans. Rusev says no, what he wants is a match with Bobby Lashley.

Lashley makes his entrance and Rusev takes his jacket off. Lashley says this all ridiculous, that Rusev is trying to make a joke out of them. Bobby says he’s going to ask Lana to marry him once the divorce is finalised. Rusev says that he can take Lana, he doesn’t care. “She’s just bad.” Rusev says he just wants to live happily on Rusev Day.

Rusev says he wants to fight Lashley in any match on any day, because every day is Rusev Day. He signs the papers and Lashley slams his head into the table. Lashley knocks him from the ring and slams Rusev into the barricade. They get back into the ring and Rusev hits Bobby with a Machka Kick, then belly-to-belly’s him through the table in the middle of the ring!

We return to the announcers, who show a video of the Author’s of Pain attacking Kevin Owens last week. We’ll hear from Owens after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens is backstage with Charly Caruso and he says he blames Seth Rollins for what happened last week. Owens says Seth came out two weeks ago and berated everyone as the unappointed leader. He says he was the only one who stood up to him and he thinks that is why the AOP attacked him last week. They just do whatever Seth tells them to. He was lucky to get away from them last week but he did get away, and tonight he’s going looking for them.

Owens walks off and soon runs into Rey Mysterio. The United States Champion says that if Owens needs some back-up, he and his homies would be happy to help. Owens thanks Rey but says he needs to do this on his own. Rey says he misspoke, he meant his “homie”, and hands KO the steel pipe he used to beat Brock Lesnar. Owens thanks Rey and walks off slapping his palm with the pipe.

Matt Hardy comes out for a match. Drew McIntyre is out second and he cuts a promo on the way to the ring. Drew says that Raw tonight has been depressing, so let’s cheer everyone up. He tells everyone that Matt Hardy and his wife had a third son last week. And he’s heard he’s a little cross-eyed but that just means he’s definitely Matt’s son. Drew then says Matt is accomplished in the ring, but outside of it he hasn’t always made good decisions. So him reproducing might not be the best idea. He then offers Hardy the chance to leave the ring with his tail between his legs but Hardy attacks McIntyre before he can get inside and hits a Twist of Fate. Drew rolls to the outside.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre Vs. Matt Hardy

We return and the bell rings to start the match. Hardy attacks Drew and beats him into the corner. Hardy ducks a clothesline and knocks McIntyre to the outside.

Hardy goes after Drew and looks to hit a Twist of Fate on the outside but gets pushed into the steel steps. McIntyre sends Hardy back into the ring and pounds him down. McIntyre lands a huge chop to the chest in the corner, then whips Hardy into the buckles.

McIntyre misses a shoulder tackle and hits the ring post, then Matt follows-up with a Side Effect for a two-count. Hardy does the DELETE chant, then looks for another Twist of Fate but Drew counters. Matt lands a backslide but Drew reverses into a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre takes to the corner and hits a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Still to come, Rey Mysterio Vs. AJ Styles for the United States Championship.

We see a replay of last week when The Kabuki Warriors defeated Charlotte Flair in a handicap match. We get a video from earlier today, where Charlotte approached Becky Lynch in the locker room. She asks Lynch if she would like to be Becky Two Belts again, and Lynch asks if she needs help. Lynch says she would rather take her chances against the two of them alone and collect and old debt. Flair sarcastically wishes her good luck.

*Commercial Break*

We see Kevin Owens approach Mojo Rawley backstage and ask him he’s seen the Author’s of Pain. Rawley points to his right and KO starts walking but then Rawley says it might have been the other way. He dicks him around, so KO slaps him hard in the face and tells him which direction he just went.

The Viking Raiders come to the ring and say that they’ve been looking for worthy challengers for weeks but only been fed chumps. So tonight, they extend an open challenge to any team that feels they can take their titles.

*Commercial Break*

We’re told that Batista is the first announcement for the 2020 Hall of Fame class.


(C) The Viking Raiders Vs. The Street profits

The match gets underway and Montez Ford dodges a running Erik, who drives his knees into the turnbuckles. Ford dropkicks Ivar off the apron, then tags Dawkins and they slam Erik. Dawkins hits Erik with a spinebuster, makes a tag, then Ford hits a spinebuster for a near-fall with Ivar breaking it up.

Erik avoids a double foot stomp from Ford and tags Ivar. Montez and Ivar both do carthwheels but then Ford dances and screams while shaking the ropes, so Ivar drops him with a spin kick. Ivar and Erik beat on Ford in their corner, making quick tags. Ford rolls under Ivar and tags Dawkins.

Angelo comes in with a t-bone suplex to Ivar for a two-count. Tag made to Ford but Ivar knocks them both down with a dropkick. Erik comes in and hits Angelo with a flip knee, they then knock Dawkins from the ring. The Vikings hit Ford with the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

After the match, Angelo and Montez climb to their feet and Erik and Ivar give them respect via forearm bumps.

Seth Rollins comes out and stomps to the ring while the two tag teams are still there. Rollins says he doesn’t mean any disrespect, he just has some business to take care of and they’re welcome to stick around. Both teams leave.

Rollins says he has unfinished business with the Author’s of Pain. He says he doesn’t care if he has a broken hand, doesn’t care if he has no arms, he wants to fight them right now. Instead of the AOP though, he gets Kevin Owens.

KO says that Rollins knows the AOP aren’t here tonight, Seth knows that and that’s the only reason he’s calling them out. KO says that he wants to know when they’re coming so that the three of them can beat the crap out of him. Rollins denies any association with Akam and Rezar and starts arguing with Owens, but then we see an SUV pull up backstage and out they step. The AOP start walking to the ring as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Owens is still in the ring with Seth. KO points the pipe at Rollins and says he might as well take-out Seth before the AOP get here. Rollins climbs out of the ring and says he’s going to have to leave because it’s the right thing to do and prove to everyone that he has no association with AOP. Owens says we’re all heartbroken. He says he’s coming to find Rollins after he deals with Akam and Rezar.

They appear on the Titantron and talk in their native languages. Owens says “all strong points, can’t argue with any of that.” He tell them to get their asses out here, preferably one at a time, but let’s just do it.

Out come Sami Zayn with Mojo Rawley. Zayn says that he knows everyone is surprised to see him but he’s allowed to get around the rules but getting a managerial licence. Sami says KO knows him better than anyone and he’s not a manager, he’s a liberator. He sets people free. And he knows Owens better than anyone and he’s a prisoner in his own mind. Zayn says he doesn’t judge Owens about anything, but what he did to Rawley backstage was out of line. He can’t even begin to help Owens until he admits he was wrong, so he wants him to apologise to Mojo.

Nothing happens, so Rawley yells at Owens to show some respect. Samy tries to calm him down and says that he shouldn’t piss-off KO when he has a steel pipe in his hands. Rawley asks why, because everyone is a tough guy with a steel pipe? Owens says he wants to test that theory and throws the pipe to Rawley, then hits him with a Stunner! Sami slowly backs out of the ring and leaves but KO is still calling for the AOP.

*Commercial Break*

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