Ricochet has received a ton of praise since starting with WWE. Even before then he was lighting up the indies and every promoter wanted him on their show.

The Rock, Rey Mysterio, and more have praised Ricochet. While on WWE The Bump, Ricochet discussed what it means to him to have people he idolized as a child say that he is the future of the pro wrestling business.

“It’s amazing man, it’s really cool. It’s something that I never thought was ever going to be possible, you know what I mean? Even when I first started in 2003 everyone’s like ‘a 200 pound kid is not gonna be main eventing RAW like Rey Mysterio.’ I never thought it was going to be possible, but now not only is it possible and it’s happening, but everything around me is kinda happening at once. It’s cool man, it’s really, really cool.”

“Another thing that is one of the best things about it is you look around the entire locker room and the entire locker room are homies that I came up through the independents the whole time. Those people that I’m with it’s really cool I see the Viking Raiders who I traveled the entire world with before I got here and I look over here and I see Randy Orton and I look over here and I see Lince Dorado and then I look over and I see AJ Styles or whatever so it’s cool to see that stuff, it’s really cool.”


Ricochet’s career in WWE is just getting started. It seems that the spotlight is not moving away from The One And Only.

He is the first to admit that he has some growing to do, especially with promo work. That doesn’t change how seriously Ricochet is taking the praise that he’s received from guys he’s looked up to for years.

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