They say that nothing is really new in pro wrestling because everyone has tried anything they can to get over. This includes shushing the audience.

Chelsea Green recently tweeted someone out to hopefully squash a rumor she’s been hearing about herself. Ever since Leva Bates debuted in AEW as The Librarian, Green hasn’t been able to “shhh” fans without people claiming that she got the idea from Bates.

This is why Chelsea Green had to shut down that rumor mill as she posted a picture of herself from 2016 with an informative caption.

My Impact photo from 2016.
Twitter trolls want to come at me for stealing a “shh”, gtfo of here. This has been mine since I started wrestling.
Fact check or shut up.


Hopefully, that will do the trick and let fans know that they can stop tweeting Librarian pictures at Chelsea Green. She was doing the “shhh” thing long before AEW was even a company, but then again, people have been shushing crowds for years before that as well. Green just found a very unique way to do it.

Felix Upton

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