Kofi Kingston On WWE Giving New Day ‘A Long Leash’

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Kofi Kingston and The New Day will sometimes pop off with a line that might not be towing the company’s TV-PG line at times. Those moments keep fans invested because you never know what they’ll say next.

AL.com recently spoke to Kofi Kingston about The New Day’s “meta moments.” He said those moments are not scripted nor are they necessarily approved. They are granted that privilege after years of earning trust in WWE.

A lot of times, it doesn’t get the OK. But we’ve earned our long leash. Vince [McMahon] knows that when we’re out there, people are entertained. When we’re talking about what we’re going to do and Vince has to approve it, he’ll say “I don’t get it, but if they want to do it, then let them do it,” because he has the faith that we’re going to be entertaining with our delivery.

The New Day will continue as a duo as long as Xavier Woods is out injured, but they will carry on in Woods’ absence. You also never know when Big E or Kofi might surprise us all with an off the cuff line that we never saw coming.

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