Triple H Praises Dakota Kai Following Heel Turn

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A lot of NXT fans felt as if they could telegraph the Dakota Kai heel turn weeks before it actually happened, mainly because of the hints that had been dropped on NXT programming. In the end, they were right, but the execution of the turn went better than most thought it would.

Her actions on Tegan Nox certainly got her the sort of heel heat that she so desperately needed, and her actions against Candice LeRae on NXT last night helped to further cement her as one of WWE’s best female heels – which is saying something so early into her run.

One man who knows a few things about being a great heel, and also about how to gain heat from the crowd, is none other than Triple H.

It certainly seems to be a good thing when HHH is taking notice of what you’re doing, especially now that NXT is on a major network and has the potential to draw around a million viewers every single week.

Kai is a really fascinating character to watch and we’re intrigued to see how her development continues, mainly because she’s just so unpredictable. If she can continue to grow and develop her promos, too, then the sky really is the limit for her in NXT and beyond.

It seems like she’s there to stay in NXT for a while, too, which is going to do wonders for her development before eventually making the move over to SmackDown or RAW – which seems like the natural next step for her.

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