Joey Janela Refusing To Attend AEW Dynamite & Hints At Problems With Booking

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Joey Janela was The Bad Boy long before he arrived in AEW. He has received a spotlight, but hasn’t picked up very many wins. Now he wants answers.

The AEW star tweeted out that he’s not getting on the plane to Chicago this week for Dynamite. He claims that his elimination from the match last week was never addressed and he’s losing the momentum he built through 14 years on the indies.

Didn’t get on my flight for @AEWrestling Dynamite tonight, I’m not going…. Nothing was addressed about the way I was eliminated from the match last week, I’m losing all the steam I created on my own through 14 years of hard work, right these wrongs and answer the phone..

It seems like Joey Janela might be a bit frustrated with how he’s been booked since AEW started. He might have even tried to contact someone about it.

We’ll keep a close eye on this situation. It might just be a clever way to explain why Joey Janela went home for Thanksgiving. Either way, it doesn’t seem like fans should expect to see Joey Janela on Dynamite this week.

Update: Joey Janela has since deleted the tweet, but you can check it out below.

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