AJ Styles Takes Aim At Randy Orton

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Randy Orton pulled off a big babyface move on Raw last night when he toppled a heel champion and helped Rey Mysterio win the United States Title. Now AJ Styles is looking for revenge on The Viper.

AJ Styles simply sent out a tweet saying: “Randy. Orton.” This seemed to parrot his short promo following his US Title loss. Mysterio might be the new champion, but Styles has his target set on The Viper.

Orton later commented on this event where he congratulated Rey Mysterio. It seems like RKO isn’t worried much about AJ Styles.

@reymysterio congrats on the #USTitle win. Also, you’re welcome. You owe me one briz.

We’ll have to see where this story ends up, but we could very well see a WrestleMania 35 rematch on our hands.

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