WWE Raw Results – Nov 25, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of Monday Night Raw.

Last night was WWE Survivor Series 2019 and Raw was the big loser. At the finish of the show NXT won four matches, SmackDown won two, and Raw scored just on victory. That was a pretty measly showing for the red brand, who was the undoubted least favourite with fans. How will they bounce back? Well, tonight’s Raw is oddly empty.

There are only two announced matches for tonight’s show, the first of which is Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka. During the traditional women’s Survivor Series match last night, Asuka and Charlotte had a breakdown and the Empress sprayed the Queen in green mist. Tonight, Charlotte looks for revenge.

The other announced match is, once again, AJ Styles Vs. Humberto Carrillo, with the United States Championship on the line. It’s fair to say the fans haven’t taken to Carrillo, which was to be expected when he was thrown in against fan-favourite AJ Styles. Nobody really asked for this match again, but it will most likely be fun during it.

And that’s it. There isn’t usually so little announced for Monday Night Raw, but hopefully that means we’re going to get a more unpredictable show. Remember to follow along on the Ringside News app, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw opens with the entire RAW roster around the ring, with a black-clad Seth Rollins standing in it. The fans chant “CM Punk” to which Seth says, listen, I tried to get him here but he’s more interested in sitting behind a desk in Los Angeles than being in this ring. He moves on and says tonight is about the Raw roster.

The fans chant “NXT” and Seth says tonight he agrees, last night NXT mopped the floor with Raw. And that makes him sick because he loves Monday Night Raw. He grew up watching Raw, people like Steve Austin, The Rock, DX, and more. Raw is better than that. However it has to be said, and he’s sorry, but everyone standing around the ring sucked last night. The fans boo and all the Superstars look confused. The fans chant “you suck”. Seth says he knows, they all dropped the ball. He says they went from the A show to the C show. They need to get back out there and plant the flag for Raw, so give him a damn minute.

Seth says he believes in Monday Night Raw, which is why he called this meeting. He asks anyone if they want to speak but nobody does. Seth picks-out Randy Orton and says he was the weak link last night. Orton stares at Seth, then leaves up the ramp. Seth tells him that’s fine, he’ll do it all himself. Orton makes a jack-off sign at Seth. Next Seth calls-out Charlotte and says she was supposed to be the leader last night. But she wasn’t even the last person in the match and she calls herself a Flair. Charlotte flicks her hair and walks off.

Seth motions to the Authors of Pain and says they weren’t at Survivor Series last night but maybe they should have. He says they’ve been talking non-stop for weeks but they weren’t there last night and they definitely don’t need them tonight. He tells the AOP to leave. Rollins points the finger at Rey Mysterio and says he let us down more than anyone last night. He says Rey couldn’t get the job done with a lead pipe and his dumb son. The entire Raw roster then leaves and Seth berates them, saying he’s the only one with the guts to call it like it is. Kevin Owens stays.

Owens stands on the apron and the entire arena chants his name. Seth says his name is “Mr NXT”, then ushers Owens into the ring. Rollins says that this isn’t about him, he loves Raw. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Monday Night Raw, but what does Owens do? He just shows-up and he’s a lazy piece of crap. He says Owens wants his spot, he wants to be Seth Rollins, but he’ll never be. Rollins takes a step back and says he didn’t mean that, he’s coming from a good place. Owens doesn’t say anything, he just hits Seth with a Stunner and leaves.

*Commercial Break*

Rollins is backstage and Charly Caruso approaches him. She says he didn’t get what he wanted and Seth says he was doing the right thing, trying to get the Raw train back on track, but clearly Kevin Owens doesn’t agree with him. So tonight they meet in the ring, that’s a challenge.

Bobby Lashley W/Lana Vs. Titus o’nEIL

The bell rings and Bobby hugs Lana on the apron. Lashley and Titus lock-up and struggle to the ropes. O’Neil forces Lashley to the corner and chops him in the chest. Another chop from O’Neil but then Lashley catches him with a spinebuster. Suddenly Rusev comes in through the crowd and attacks Lashley!

Winner Via Disqualification: Bobby Lashley

Rusev kicks Lashley from the ring, then pounds him on the floor. Rusev tosses Lashley into the steel steps, then into the barricade. Rusev drags Bobby up the ramp and slams him into the LED wall. Rusev then clears the top off the announce table before yelling at Lana. Rusev climbs onto the announce table but then he’s dragged off by police. Rusev is handcuffed on the stage as Lana screams at him and consoles Lashley. Rusev breaks free from the police, runs, and shoulder tackles Lashley off the stage through some tables. “Rusev Day!” rings throughout the arena as Rusev kicks off a huge lighting rig onto Lashley. Huge pop for Rusev, who shouts “I’m back!”

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and we see replays of Rusev being arrested. There’s footage from the commercial break where Lashley was put on a stretcher and taken to the back.

Author’s of Pain Vs. Hawkins & Ryder

Hawkins starts the match with Akam, with the big man hitting a takedown and unloading hands. Rezar takes in and they hit The Last Chapter to Hawkins. Rezar kicks Ryder on the apron, then drags him into the ring and drills him with repeated knees. AOP then hit stereo running death valley drivers into the turnbuckles, followed by the Super Collider. They hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: Author’s of Pain

Still to come, Seth Rollins Vs. Kevin Owens, Charlotte Vs. Asuka, and AJ Styles Vs. Humberto Carrillo for the United States Championship.

*Commercial Break*

Andrade W/Zelina Vega Vs. Akira Tozawa

The bell rings and Andrade catches Tozawa with a powerbomb right away. Andrade stomps Tozawa in the corner, then chops him hard in the chest. Andrade kicks the chest of Akira, then wears him down with an arm submission. Tozawa fights up but gets hit with a suplex.

Tozawa looks for a roll-up, then catches Andrade with a headscissors. Tozawa slides under Andrade’s legs and hits the snap German suplex. Tozawa heads up top but Andrade knocks him down, then hits double knees in the corner. A Hammerlock DDT seals the deal for Andrade.

Winner: Andrade

We see Aleister Black sitting in a dark room by himself and he talks about Buddy Murphy. He asks if Murphy knows what he did when he knocked his door last week. Well tonight he knows Buddy has a match and he plans on collecting.

Of all people, Matt Hardy comes out to a big pop! It’s regular old Matt Hardy to boot, and he’ll be in action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Matt Hardy Vs. Buddy Muprhy

The match gets underway and Murphy forces Hardy to the corner and unloads on him. Hardy kicks Buddy back and slams him into the turnbuckles head-first. Matt lands punches in the corner, but Murphy slides out from under, pulls his head down, and superkicks him.

Murphy tosses Hardy fro the ring, then forearms him in the back, and tosses him into the barricade. Murphy sends him back inside and heads up top. Nobody’s home for Murphy and Hardy catches him with a Side Effect. Hardy looks for a bulldog but gets shoved off. Matt connects with an elbow from the middle rope. He performs the Delete taunt and looks for the Twist of Fate but Murphy counters with a switch knee.

Murphy hits a running knee against the ropes, then another in the middle of the ring for the pinfall.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Murphy gets on the microphone and calls out Aleister Black. Ask and you shall receive.

Black runs to the ring and slides inside. Murphy swings but Black blocks it and kicks him. Spinning back elbow from Black, followed by a teep kick into the ropes, and a switch knee of his own. Murphy falls out of the ring and walks around it, holding a bloody nose from Matt Hardy. Murphy teased getting back into the ring but decided against it.

Charly Caruso is backstage and she talks to Charlotte Flair. Caruso asks if Flair’s behaviour last night was befitting of a captain. Charlotte laughs and says she’s never claimed to be a leader. She was the only person capable of leading Team Raw. As for Asuka, Charlotte says that Asuk is still bitter from when she took her SmackDown Women’s Championship last spring, and from WrestleMania 34 when she ended her undefeated streak. Now Asuka wants to try and blind her, well tonight she reminds her why she is the 10x Women’s Champion.

*Commercial Break*

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