AEW Coach Jerry Lynn Has Surgery Scheduled

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Jerry Lynn had a long career full of bumps and bruises before he signed on as a coach with AEW. That time in the ring caught up with him in a big way and he recently needed to pull off of the road.

Lynn said he had to go home due to a medical issue. He had an MRI scheduled and it appears they have figured out what is wrong with him. Jerry Lynn updated fans to let them know that he has a bulging disk and surgery is scheduled for November 29th.

Went over the MRI with the doctor today. Getting surgery for a bulging disc on Nov 29th. Good news is 3 to 4 week recovery!

We are continuing to wish the best for Jerry Lynn as he prepares for this procedure. Hopefully, this won’t keep him off the road for very long because he is an influential component backstage in AEW.

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