Welcome to Ringside News’ results for WWE Hell In A Cell 2019!

Tonight’s show comes to us after one of the biggest weeks in WWE history and there’s certainly a lot of positive buzz around the company. Which is why tonight’s PPV is quite an odd one. And that’s because, until an hour ago, there were only four announced matches for Hell In A Cell 2019.

The first of which is Seth Rollins Vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt inside Hell In A Cell. This has been the most exciting feud in the past month and thus far Rollins has been intimidated and emancipated by The Fiend. If Bray wins and becomes the Universal Champion, it will be a meteoric rise through the company since his return and after only one match. Chances are, something will happen to cause him to lose, like an Undertaker return or something. Regardless, this is the big match tonight and hopefully it lives up to the hype.

The second Hell In A Cell bout tonight is between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch with the Raw Women’s Championship on the line. This is the second match between the ladies after the first finished in a no-contest. That can’t happen tonight however, as they’re locked inside the cell and will go to war. This match could and probably will be the best of the night.


The other two matches tonight previously announced were Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns Vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, and Charlotte Flair Vs. Bayley for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. Subsequently announced matches are Lacey Evans Vs. Natalya, The Viking Raiders with a mystery partner (obviously Cedric Alexander) Vs. The O.C., Chad Gable Vs. King Corbin, and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Vs. The Kabuki Warriors.

So that’s out preview for the show. Hell In A Cell kicks-off at 6 PM with the pre-show, then the main card begins at 7 PM. Remember to download the Ringside News app, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

The Hell In A Cell Kick-Off Show begins with the panel of Charly Caruso, The Coach, Booker T, and Sam Roberts. The four of them run down the card for tonight’s show.

We see a video highlighting the Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch feud. The panel discuss the bout and Sam Roberts says nobody has backed Becky into a corner the way Sasha has. Coach asks if Sasha has made Becky desperate and Booker says no, Lynch was always willing to walk through fire.

We get an interview from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, in which they say the Kabuki Warriors have not done anything to earn a shot at their Tag Titles. Booker T disagrees and says Asuka is one of the best in the world, to which Asuka says they haven’t done anything as a team.

Lacey Evans Vs. Natalya

The first match of the night gets underway and Natalya takes Lacey to the mat with her wrestling ability. Nattie takes down Lacey again and applies a front face-lock. Lacey escapes and attempts to take control of the match but Natalya gets an Armbar locked. Lacey reaches the ropes to force the break.

Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but Lacey reaches the ropes again. Lacet goes to the outside where she tosses Natalya and then shoves her into the steel steps. Evans gets Nattie back in the ring and applies a headlock. Nattie starts to fight out but gets knocked from the ring.

Evans slams Nattie’s head into the apron. Evans gets her in the ring again and continues to keep Natalya down. She looks for the Sharpshooter but Natalya slaps her off. They have a short series of reversals but then Evans attempts the Sharpshooter again but gets knocked from the ring.

Natalya gets Lacey back inside but eats some clotheslines. Evans beats Natalya down and looks for her moonsault but nobody’s home! Natalya locks-in the Sharpshooter and Evans taps!

Winner: Lacey Evans

After the match Natalya clocked Evans with a right hand and left her lying.

We see a replay from SmackDown’s debut on Fox, with The Rock, Cain Velasquez, and Brock’s quick win over Kofi Kingston.

We go backstage for an interview with Ali, who is asked about his recent struggles. He says he aims to turn things around soon but up walks Randy Orton. The Viper mocks Ali, who challenges him to a match and Randy accepts.

There’s a video package highlighting the lenghty feud between Roman Reigns and Rowan, and now his tag partner, Daniel Bryan. We see Rowan walking backstage and Kayla Braxton stops him for an interview. Rowan interrupts her and says it doesn’t matter than Roman beat him, because this is a war, not a battle. He says Roman and Bryan think they’re tough but tonight it’s a tornado tag match and there is no rules for them to hide behind. And when they win they will get the respect they deserve.

The panel discuss the match and Booker T says that Daniel Bryan can’t be trusted, and that Rowan and Harper are hungry for success. Sam Roberts says he agrees, that both men have a huge opportunity tonight to make a name for themselves.

The panel talk a little about Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman, and announce that Fury will be live on Raw this Monday night with a microphone!

The final match discussed is the main event for the Universal Championship match. The panel don’t have much hope for Seth Rollins, citing his obvious fear of The Fiend has a huge hindrance, but mentioning he usually finds a way to overcome.

And that’s it for the Kick-Off Show! We’re going live to the show!

Hell In A Cell 2019 is live and we’re kicking things off with a Cell match. Sasha Banks makes her entrance, followed by the Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch.

Hell In A Cell

Raw Women’s Championship Match

(C) Becky Lynch Vs. Sasha Banks

Just before the bell rings and the cell is still lowering, Sasha attacks Becky and knocks her from the ring. Banks slams Lynch into the cell wall as it’s still lowering, then they go underneath. The cell finishes lowering and Banks beats Lynch around ringside, slamming her into the cage and into the barricade. The officials eventually force Sasha to stop and get into the ring, while they get Becky inside.

Lynch kicks the door into Banks’ face, then slams Sasha into the cage and puts her in the ring. The bell rings and Becky takes the chain that locks the door from the official and uses it to beat Sasha – meaning the door isn’t locked. Lynch hits Sasha with the chair around her hand a few more times, then locks the door herself. Banks kicks Becky, then runs her into the cage, but then Lynch turns the tables and does the same.

Speaking of tables, Becky grabs a table from under the ring and slides it inside. Sasha grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Becky with it, then tosses it at her. Sasha pulls a ladder from under the ring and leans it against the cage wall. Lynch returns the favour by throwing a chair at Banks, then smacking her across the back with it.

Lynch gets Banks in the ring and sets the chair up. Banks tries to steal a win with several quick pin attempts but to no avail. Lynch slams Sasha face-first into the chair over and over, then tries to apply the Dis-Arm-Her through the chair but Sasha kicks her in the face. Becky hits a Bexploder onto a chair and Sasha rolls from the ring, where Lynch hits three baseball slides, knocking Banks into the red cage.

Banks kicks Lynch away and hits meteora from the apron into the ladder propped up in the corner. Banks gets Lynch back inside for a two-count. Banks knocks Becky from the ring, puts her arm through the door, and slams the door into it over and over. Sasha puts her back in the ring and hits her now-injured arm with a steel chair!

Banks sets the chair up in the corner and puts Becky on it, then hits meteora from the middle rope for a near-fall! Sasha leaves the ring and grabs two chairs – one she tosses in the ring, the other she puts the legs through the cage wall so it’s sticking out. Banks goes inside and tries to hit Becky with the chair but gets kicked to the apron. Lynch then kicks Banks from the apron into the cage wall hard.

Banks gets on the apron again and Lynch kicks her, then tosses her into the ring post. Becky goes out and hits a Bexploder into the cell wall! The Champ puts Banks back in the ring and they tee-off on each other. Banks hits the ropes but gets hit with a drop-toe hold into a chair on its side, then hit with a bulldog onto it for a near-fall! Banks heads to the top rope but Banks kicks her, then tries to hit her with a chair but Becky his a dropkick to the chair and Banks for another near-fall.

Banks rolls to the outside and grabs a Kendo stick. Lynch follows after but gets cracked with the Kendo stick over and over. Banks grabs another Kendo and sticks both of them through the cage walls at the joint. She tries to slam Becky into them but Lynch turns the tables. Becky grabs a chair and sets it on top of the two Kendo sticks in the corner of the cage, then she adds a third Kendo stick to the mix. Becky lifts Sasha and sets her on the chair propped-up in the corner, then she climbs on the apron and hits a leaping kick! “Holy $hit” from the fans.

Lynch puts Banks back in the ring and heads to the top rope. Leg drop from Becky for a near-fall. The fans call for the table sitting in the ring and Becky acquiesces, setting it up. Banks comes up and hits a Backstabber, then takes Lynch to the top rope. Banks looks for superplex through the table but Becky fights her. Banks manages to knock Becky down so that’s she standing loopy in front of the table, then hits a huge meteora through the table…but Lynch kicks out!

The fans chant “This Is Awesome” as Banks grabs a Kendo stick from under the ring. Banks uses the Kendo to apply the Bank Statement. Lynch crawls backwards out of the ring, then uses the Kendo stick to beat the crap out of Sasha. Becky then drags Sasha around the ring but Banks reverses and whips her into the steel chair still sticking out of the cell wall! Banks puts Lynch back inside and tosses a dozen chairs in as well.

Banks gets in and hits a prone Lynch with a chair a few times. She climbs to the middle rope but Becky tosses a chair into her face. Lynch climbs up an hits a Bexpoder onto the dozen chairs. Lynch applies the Dis-Arm-Her and Banks fights it, pulls Becky’s hair, then taps!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Tornado Tag Team Match

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns Vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

The match gets underway and all four men begin brawling. Roman knocks Harper from the ring, but then Rowan knocks Reigns from the ring. Daniel Bryan comes off the top rope with a dropkick to Rowan, then hits a suicide dive to Harper on the outside.

Roman comes off the steps with a Superman punch to Rowan, while Harper – who seems to have hurt his left knee – beats Bryan against the barricade. Roman and Rowan get in the ring and Erick hits Reigns with a dropkick. Rowan looks for a splash but Reigns dodges it and hits a Samoan drop for a  two count. Roman readies for a Spear but Harper comes in and cracks him with a superkick for a near-fall.

Rowan hits an elbow drop for a two count, then they begin double-teaming Reigns in the corner. Bryan comes back in but quickly gets tossed out and Roman as well. They drive Roman into the steps, before turning their attention to Bryan in the ring. Harper assaults Bryan in the corner and chokes him with his boot. Bryan is floored with a splash and a running spin kick for a two count.

Roman Reigns breaks-up a pin attempt but Rowan knocks him from the ring. Rowan talks trash to Bryan, who gets him in the LeBell Lock, only for Harper to break it up. Rowan and Harper hit a Sacrifice on Bryan but he kicks out. Bryan reverses a full-nelson from Rowan, and dodges Erick in the corner. Bryan flips over Harper in the corner but gets caught with a Michonoku Driver and Roman breaks up the pin.

Rowan drags Roman from the ring, but Reigns drops him with a right hand. He does the same to Harper and gets in the ring, where Reigns clobbers him with clotheslines. Rowan pulls Reigns from the ring but then Bryan hits a dropkick through the ropes to him. Inside the ring, Bryan kicks the arm of Harper, followed by the Yes Kicks in the corner. Bryan pumps-up and hits the Yes Kicks but Harper ducks the last one and Rowan drags Bryan out of the ring. Roman hits Rowan with a Superman punch, then Harper hits Roman with a suicide dive – and Rowan almost took out his eye on the corner of the announce table!

Rowan and Harper take the tops off three announce tables at ringside, then some padding from the LED side of the apron. They lift Bryan and drop him face-first on the apron, then head to Reigns. Rowan hits a body slam on the floor, then body slams Harper onto Roman. Rowan pulls a part of the barricade off and runs it into Reigns, who flies over the barricade. They lift Bryan on an announce table for a powerbomb but Bryan hurricanrana’s Harper off and to the floor. Reigns then comes running across the announce tables and Spears Rowan through the third table!

Back in the ring, Bryan hits Harper with running kicks in the corner over and over. Bryan lifts him onto the top rope, and looks for a hurricanrana but Harper stays put and hits a super-powerbomb. Bryan kicks out! Harper gets mad and hits Bryan with two dragon suplexes. He looks for a third but Bryan lands on his feet. Roman his a Superman punch, Bryan hits the running knee, and Reigns hit the Spear for the win!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns

After the match Bryan and Reigns come face-to-face. Bryan reaches out for a handshake but when Reigns looks to shake Bryan pulls away. The fans boo then Bryan asks Reigns for a hug. Reigns turns away and they boo again, then he turns around and hugs Bryan. They raise each others hands and that’s that.

Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins backstage, who gets a mixed reception. She asks how he prepares for Bray Wyatt tonight. Seth says he’s been asking himself the same question and he doesn’t know. He says he’s never faced anyone like Bray and tonight will be the biggest test of his career. However he won’t any choice but to fight and survive, no choice but to burn it down. He then turns around and adds, “at least, I hope so.”

Randy Orton Vs. Ali

The match gets underway and Orton takes a wristlock. Ali tries to fight out but gets backed into the corner and chopped into next week. Ali fights out of the corner and heads to the top rope but Orton sweeps his feet and knocks him to the floor.

Orton goes out after Ali and kicks him around ringside, followed by a front-suplex on the announce table. Ali gets back inside and Orton stomps him in the gut over and over. Orton then takes Ali outside and looks to hit a back suplex on the announce table but Ali lands on his feet and hits a jumping kick. Orton then shoves Ali chest-first into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Orton covers for a two-count. Orton applies a submission to torque the mid-section of Ali. Orton transitions into a chinlock and punches the gut of Ali. Orton whips Ali to the corner but eats a kick to the face, then a few elbows. Ali knocks Orton from the ring and hits a suicide dive that sends Randy over the announce table. Ali pounds Orton and sends him back inside.

Ali dives through the ropes and hits an X-Factor for a two-count. Orton dodges Ali and hits him with a snap powerslam for a near-fall. Ali drops Orton heads to the top rope for a 450 but nobody’s home. Orton looks for the RKO but Ali shoves him off, ducks a clothesline, and hits a springboard tornado DDT. Ali heads to the top rope and again looks for the 450 but again Orton moves.

Ali rolls to the apron and Orton drags him through the ropes for the draping DDT. Orton pumps-up and looks for the RKO but Ali counters it by doing a handstand!

Ali rolls-up Randy but he kicks out. Ali looks for the rolling X-Factor again but this time he gets caught with the RKO and that’s that!

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton poses after the match and taps his chest at Ali as a sign of respect.

We see a replay of Lacey Evans and Natalya from the Kick-Off Show. They will face-off tomorrow night on Raw in a Last Woman Standing match.

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

(C) Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Kairi Sane starts against Nikki Cross and Sane takes her down before knocking Bliss off the apron. Sane and Asuka make quick tags to keep Cross away from Bliss. Cross ducks Asuka and makes the tag. Bliss hits Insult To Injury on Asuka and slaps her for a two count.

Cross tags back in and takes Asuka down to change the pace. Asuka fights back but Cross gets Asuka tied up in the ring apron, and Bliss hits her with a baseball slide. Sane attacks Bliss in the ring, then Asuka kicks Bliss in the head. Asuka tosses Bliss into the barricade before putting her in the ring for a two count.

Sane tags in and controls the match against Bliss. Asuka tags in and chokes Bliss on the ropes. Sane tags in and pokes Cross in the eyes before hitting Bliss with a sliding clothesline but Cross breaks-up the pin. Asuka tags in and applies an ankle lock to Bliss but Alexa rolls through to get out. Cross eventually gets the tag, as does Sane, and knocks down her down repeatedly. Cross heads to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a two count.

Sane comes back with an Alabama Slam that puts Nikki in position. Sane heads up top but Cross gets the knees up to counter the InSane Elbow. Cross hits a swinging neckbreaker via the ropes but Asuka breaks it up. Asuka tags in and hits some kicks before Cross blocks one and clotheslines her. Cross gets fired up. Meanwhile, Bliss gets back up on the apron and Kairi tries to pull her down. Bliss kicks Sane away, and hits a cannonball to the floor! In the ring, Asuka hits Cross with Green Mist, then kicks Cross in the head and pins her for the win!

Winners and new women’s tag team champions: the kabuki warriors

The O.C. make their way to the ring. The Viking Raiders are out next and their mystery partner is Braun Strowman!

The O.C. Vs. The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman

Karl Anderson starts against Ivar and the Viking throws Anderson around like a rag-doll before giving him a seated senton. Gallows tags in and they whip Ivar to the corner. Ivar rolls up the turnbuckles, knocks Anderson down, avoids Gallows, and tags Erik.

Erik takes Gallows out but AJ Styles comes in and knees Erik to stop the momentum. Styles works over Erik and slows things down until Strowman tags in. Braun knocks The O.C. from the ring and goes outside after them. He runs all three of them over with shoulder blocks.

Back in the ring, Styles sidesteps Strowman to send him shoulder-first into the ring post. Styles applies a Calf Crusher to Strowman but Erik breaks it up with a nasty running knee. Everyone storms the ring and hits big moves until we’re just left with Braun and Styles again. Strowman goes for a Running Powerslam, but Anderson clips the leg. Gallows, Anderson, and Styles triple-team Braun until the referee calls for the bell.

Winners via Disqualification: The Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman

The Viking Raiders return to the fray to make the save. They clear the ring and hit stereo suicide dives on Gallows and Anderson. In the ring, Styles grabs Strowman by the beard and talks trash but Braun throws him to the corner. Styles kicks him back, goes to the apron, hits a forearm, and attempts a Phenomenal Forearm but Strowman punches him in the face mid-air. Strowman balls up his fist to send a message to Tyson Fury – who will be on Raw tomorrow night.

We see The Street Profits backstage and they joke around for a moment until Carmella and R-Truth burst onto the scene. Carmella gets rolled-up by Tamina Snuka. Tamina is the 24/7 Champion. She then runs off but Tyler Breeze stops her. Tamina decks Breeze and runs off. The Street Profits then make fun of Breeze. Carmella and Truth ask which way Tamina went and they give opposite directions.

King Corbin comes to the ring, followed by Chad Gable. Before the match begins, Corbin leaves the ring and grabs a microphone. He says he’s disappointed about his reception after putting The Rock in his place. He says the fans need to show him respect and he understands they all have it bad, but Gable has it worse. He calls Gable little and says he hopes his career is like his legs, “short”. He dubs him “Shorty Gable”.

King Corbin Vs. Chad Gable

The match gets underway and Gable hits a running flip kick right away. Gable takes Corbin down with a slam, then takes his back and punches his head. Corbin throws Gable off but Chad gets him in an ankle lock. Corbin kicks him off but Gable comes back with some ground-and-pound. Corbin kicks him off and into the ring post.

Gable falls to the floor and Corin goes out to throw him into the ring post. Corbin brings Gable back inside and starts beating him around the ring. Gable looks for a springboard but Corbin drops him to the floor with a right hand. Gable climbs back inside and Corbin takes a rear chinlock. Gable fights up but gets slammed into the turnbuckles. Corbin hits the out-and-in clothesline for a near-fall.

Corbin beats Gable in the corner and sets him on the top rope. Baron climbs up and looks for a superplex but Gable fights him down and hits a missile dropkick. Gable avoids Corbin, reverses a back suplex, then ducks the out-and-in clothesline but gets caught with a spinebuster. Gable reverses Corbin and hits a basement dropkick, followed by a flurry of right hands. Gable counters Corbin and hits the rolling German suplex but Corbin kicks out!

Gable hits repeated flip kicks in the corner but Cobrin counters the third into a powerbomb for a near-fall. Gable drags Corbin under the ropes and whacks his leg off of the ring post a few times. Gable looks for a roll-up but Corbin kicks out and hits Deep Six for a near-fall. The fans are dead for this match. Corbin lifts Gable and drops him with a right hand, then again.

Corbin looks for the End of Days but Gable lands on his feet, kicks him, hits a swinging neckbreaker, and a moonsault for a two count. Gable locks-in the ankle lock but Corbin crawls under the ropes to break the hold. Gable runs after Corbin outside but gets Chokeslammed on the apron. Corbin grabs his sceptre from ringside and swings for Gable but misses and Gable rolls him up for the win!

Winner: Chad Gable

The ring announcer referred to Chad as “Shorty Gable”, prompting the announcers to bicker over the name.

This Friday night, on SmackDown, we have the first night of the latest WWE Draft. The second half of the Draft will take place on Raw and the announcers talk-up the brand split.

Before the Women’s Championship Match can get underway, Tamina is spotted in the crowd. R-Truth and Carmella come down and chase her towards the international broadcasters. Tamina users Funaki as a shield and Truth does Mr. Miyagi’s pose, then Funaki prepares to battle but Tamia shoves him at Truth, who sidesteps him. Carmella then clocks Tamina and Truth pins her. R-Truth is the 24/7 Champion. That was his 20th title win and he runs off with Carmella as per usual.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

(C) Bayley Vs. Charlotte fLAIR

The bell rings and Charlotte looks for a big boot but Bayey dodges it. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker and slams Bayley down. Flair then whips Bayley to the corner and drops her with a chop. Charlotte applies a Boston crab but Bayley crawls to the ropes to force the break.

Charlotte grabs Bayley by the hair on the outside but Bayley rakes her eyes and runs back into the ring for a clothesline. Bayley slows things down and whips Charlotte to the corner. Flair responds with a knee to the face, then drills Bayley with a forearm. The Champion drags Charlotte from the ring and drops her on the floor.

Back in the ring, Flair attacks the leg of Bayley. The Champion turns the tables and she begins targeting the leg of Flair. Bayley applies a single leg Boston crab but Charlotte kicks her off. Bayley stuns Charlotte on the ropes for a two count. Flair fights back with a right hand, then drags Bayley under the ropes and slams her leg into the ring post.

Charlotte hits Bayley with a backbreaker, then Natural Selection but she kicks out! Charlotte gets frustrated and heads up top, looks for a moonsault but Bayley gets her knees up! Both women leave the ring and Bayley dives at Flair but gets hit with a Fallaway Slam on the floor! Charlotte slams Bayley’s leg into the LED apron, then tosses Bayley inside.

Charlotte looks for the Figure Four but Bayley reverses into a roll-up to no avail. Bayley drops Charlotte and pins her but uses the ropes for leverage and the referee sees. Charlotte boots Bayley and applies the Figure Eight and Bayley taps!

Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is now a 10X Women’s Champion! She holds the record for most title wins and the announcers say she must be in the conversation for all-time greatest. Bayley is angry after her defeat and slaps the ring steps as Charlotte teases her with the title. Flair leaves and Bayley drops to the ground, crying. She tells the fans to shut-up and pushes the officials away.

Chad Gable is interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton, who calls him “shorty”. Gable says she can call him winner, and says that tonight we found at that he is the bigger man. Gable gets attacked by Baron Corbin, who throws him through a door!

We see the video package for Bray Wyatt Vs. Seth Rollins, followed by both men’s entrances.

Universal Championship

Hell In A Cell Match

(C) Seth Rollins Vs. ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

The bell rings and the lights stay red. Bray runs at Seth and grabs him, tosses him. Seth comes back and unloads on Bray, hits the ropes, but gets clobbered with a body block and rolls from the ring.

Seth grabs a Kendo stick from under the ring and hits Bray with it but he no-sells it. Bray knocks Seth into the corner but gets kicked back. Rollins dives at him from the middle rope but gets caught with an urinage. Wyatt follows Seth from the ring and slams him into the cell wall. Then again. Bray runs at slams Seth up against the cell.

Wyatt whips Seth into the steel steps and the camera man was in his way, prompting Bray to tell him to get out of his way. Wyatt whips Seth into the steps again. Bray looks under the ring for a weapon but Rollins clobbers him with the steps, then twice more and The Fiend falls. Rollins grabs a table from under the ring and slides it inside.

Rollins hits a suicide dive, then another, and throws Bray into the steps. Seth sets the table up inside the ring, then looks for a third suicide dive but gets caught and hit with Sister Abigail up against the cell wall. The Fiend screams before getting back in the ring. He looks to hit Seth with a urinage through the table but Rollins elbows him onto the table. Rollins heads up top and hits a frog splash through the table!

The Fiend gets to his feet before Seth, who looks scared. Rollins kicks Bray and hits The Stomp but The Fiend gets right up! Rollins looks for a second Stomp but gets hit with Sister Abigail for a near-fall. The Fiend punches Seth repeatedly, before lifting him up and doing the neck-break. Wyatt drops to a knee and starts laughing. He lifts Seth and tosses him from the ring, then climbs out and grabs a giant mallet from under the ring!

The same mallet that killed Ramblin’ Rabbit is dragged around the ring and uses to slam Rollins up against the cell wall. Rollins fires back with three superkicks, and a Stomp onto the mallet! Rollins gets Bray back in the ring and hits a springboard knee but The Fiend doesn’t fall. Rollins hits another springboard knee, then a superkick, another superkick, a third Stomp, then a fourth, and a fifth and the fans are booing. Seth stares at The Fiend as he starts to get to his feet and the fans cheer. Rollins hits The Pedigree, followed by a sixth Stomp and The Fiend kicks out at 1!

Rollins hits another superkick and a Stomp, an eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh Stomp. Consistent boos from the fans. Rollins leaves the ring and grabs a chair. He brings it inside and stands over Wyatt, who seems out. Seth cracks the chair over The Fiend’s head and pins him…but he kicks out at 1! Seth grabs a ladder from under the ring, then sets a chair across Bray’s face, and smashes it using the ladder but again he kicks out!

Seth doesn’t know what to do. He stands in the corner and shakes his head. He goes under the ring and tosses Kendo sticks inside, then looks around and grabs a toolbox. Seth lays a chair and a ladder across The Fiend’s head and beats him with a toolbox over and over, then sets the toolbox on top. Again Rollins leaves the ring and this time he grabs a sledgehammer. He is about to hit him with it but the referee stops him. Seth thinks it over for a solid minute, then lifts it and smashes the mound and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

Suffice to say, the fans are not happy about that ending. The cell is raised and a half dozen referees run in and check on Wyatt. Seth comes over and The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw! The Fiend chokes Seth down, then tosses him from the ring. He hits Sister Abigail on the floor. The Fiend lifts the floor padding and hits Sister Abigail on the concrete. Wyatt then chokes him out using the Mandible Claw and Seth coughs up blood as the lights go on and off and the music plays. The lights go out and the fans boo. The lights come back and Wyatt is standing on the entrance as the camera zooms in and out to end the show.

And that’s it for Hell In A Cell. Let us know if you’re as angry as the fans in the arena. And be sure to come back tomorrow for Monday Night Raw results. Until then, safe travels!

Curtis Dillion

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